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You know, sometimes rules are meant to be broken. And no, I don’t mean get back to drunk driving, or flash your naked sausage in public. I mean all those rules no one needs, but are there, because someone wanted to feel useful for once in their miserable life, and created them.
I was watching a volleyball game the other day (for like 5 minutes total..) and it made me remember of my own volleyball experience. We used to have gym classes in University. People were saying that the classes were like concentration camps, but I never believed them. So I got myself signed up for volleyball. Biggest mistake of my life!

There was a handsome, extremely tall guy there, who I kept staring at, until he approached me and we talked a little. So me and my vagina, were looking forward to those classes!
I don’t know why, but I always thought, that volleyball meant “try to hit the ball, without breaking your arm” . So this is what I was basically doing my whole life and it was fun as hell. 
But of course, as most things in life, when you have high expectations, they’re quickly and painfully demolished, and you’re violently smashed into the cold and salty ground.

Everything went, as smooth, as my social skills when I’m on my 4-th beer, until we had to actually play some volleyball.
The teacher, with a bored and tired expression,  kept shouting out all of the rules on how to properly play the game, but they were so many and so boring, I couldn’t keep track of them.

Place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, your weight should be forward on your toes, bent the knees. Bend the elbow, stretch your hand, straighten the elbow, hit the ball. No, we don’t do that! We don’t hit the ball with the bone, this is wrong! Okay, now learn  to attack. Go on, attack! You mean you don’t know how to attack? Basically you have to run to the ball, bend the knees, stretch your palm, straighten the legs, stretch your back, make a slight 180 degree, hit the ball . The ball should make a sharp triangular trajectory…. ”  etc..etc..

At first I tried to be productive and do as the woman says “Bend the
knees, stretch the…what now?…serve the ball… I wish I was at home eating doughnuts..
.”  I tried to have a glance at other people and this made me slightly happier, because no one knew what the fuck they were doing. There were some girls that were prancing around like beheaded chickens, a guy who was venting all his anger and frustration on the ball and kept hitting it with such might and ferocity, I thought he would kill an innocent bystander, the handsome tall guy was a professional obviously, but he was one of the few.

Needless to say, after seeing my abilities, he was majorly disappointed. He must have thought I was someone who did sports and lived healthy…don’t be too quick to judge mate! After the game, he did smiled again, but there was this specific look in his eyes. A certain look your parents make when they see you laying drunkenly on the couch with vomit all over your shirt…the look of disappointment.

Have you guys ever had negative experiences with some kind of a sport? Do you like sports? Are you good at them? 

Anywho, time for fashion! 
My mom jeans are getting really useful during the cold winter days. I got this sweatshirt from Nowistyle, which is perfect for layering. It has a zipper on the side and you can unzip it to uncover a floral button-down, a chiffon top, or a plaid shirt underneath. It works with everything!
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15 thoughts on “Zipper Sweatshirt + Volleyball for loosers”

  1. Love your outfit, the sweat is really cool! I tried to play volleyball, but didn't care for it much. I danced ballet for 12 years and absolutely loved it, almost flew to Paris to a ballet school as a teenager, but than regret it as I wasn't ready to live far away from my parents:) In high school and university I played basketball and enjoyed the hell out of it:)

  2. hahahahah oh my gosh, Keit, your posts never fail to leave me laughing! Especially the naked sausage part. You have such a darling way with words. I actually have had a negative experience with a frisbee… it hit me in the nose, leaving it crooked and difficult to breathe out of one nostril, and now I am forever afraid of frisbees.

    I lurve that hat on you, Keit!

  3. I used to be a skilled tennis player during my middle school days (yes, really!) but I kept using too much force while serving so one day I twisted my right wrist. I've learnt to play with my left hand, because that sport was such a big part of my life and stuff, but the habit of trying to outpower the opponent stayed so… soon I injured my left wrist, too :C The bones healed in the end but it's been nearly 8 years and I'm still unable to play tennis (there are small bumps on wrists reminding me of those injures, ugh!). As for your outfit – the boyfriend-like jeans are wonderful, lately I've bought a similar pair of Levi's in sh and I can't wait to wear them!

  4. well, I started volleyball trainings and found out it was too boring so I stopped going. that's the whole story with volleyball 😀 years later I visited gym almost every day and loved it (that was during university). but today I mostly work out at home where I have a running machine, elliptical cross trainer, dumbbells. and youtube videos, of course! since university I love working out, before that I hated it 🙂
    ps. your sweatshirt is really really cool!! I like the texture.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Beautiful mix in textures and patterns! Loving that secret side zipper! 😀 <3

    P.S. – Despite the stereotype surrounding black people and basketball, I was terrible at the game. My height helped very little in my coordination and I do remember scoring a basket for the other team during a home game with my mom watching, sooo…Hahaha. Yeah. Definitely not MVP in high school. 😀 I loved track and field though. That was (still is) my passion and what I was best at.

    – Anna

  6. Lol. U have a funny way of recounting events. Does skipping ropes count as a sport? I'm good at that. Tennis is my next love but I'm yet to perfect it. Mr. Handsome may just be one of those guys who are quick to put one on a pedestal. One you have to keep trying to live up to.

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