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Since I was able to understand what the word sex means, I’ve been intrigued by how it is portrayed in movies. The best part is watching a sex scene with your parents, while awkwardly trying to move along the conversation, desperately trying to make it less awkward, but perfectly understanding this is a feat of impossible merits…Apart from this, I’ve always enjoyed the “after sex” scenes, the “amber sunrise, prepared breakfast, wearing the man’s shirt” kind of scenes. I love the white, basic huge shirts women wear (turns out 99% of the male populace has a white shirt in their wardrobe), it just looks more pretty and cozy next to a coffee mug. This is one of the reasons I’ve been on the lookout for an oversize men’s shirt.

You may wonder, why don’t I just wear the boyfriend’s, but he dresses like a beer potato chip and doesn’t own any shirts + I have no intention of looking like a beer potato chip.

One of the items I chose from Yoins to review, is exactly the white shirt I wanted. It’s comfortable, flowy and light. Since I couldn’t photograph myself wearing it with just my underwear, like a movie cliche, I opted for comfort and took my shirt for a visit to the boyfriend’s workplace.   

It was cold and windy, so I brought my aztec scarf and fuzzy socks to keep me warm. The brown bag is a vintage find which I tore apart and now it’s metamorphosed into a clutch. I know my scrunchy is disturbingly ugly, but I didn’t have a more fashionable one. My motto is “If it’s on the back and I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!”. Main reason why my hair on the back is almost never combed…

That’s it for Sunday’s post. I’m off to kill some dragons! Let me know in the comments, what do you think of those movie cliches and do you like the basic white shirt! ^_^

White batwing sleeves shirt – c/o Yoins, Chelsea camel boots – Stradivarius, Jeans – New Yorker 
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23 thoughts on “Yoins White Oversize Shirt”

  1. Love your white shirt so much! Yeah I totally understand that struggle right there. The awkward eye exchange you make with your parents when watching a sex scene with them… it's also pretty awkward watching one with your older brother too ahha

  2. Your posts always crack me up. The movie cliche of the morning after sex where the woman wears the white shirt is such a joke – my husband owns lots of white shirts; he's a well-dressed guy, as they go. But he's also almost a foot taller than I am and his shirts, rather than making me look cozy and glamourous, make me look like a little girl who got into her dad's closet to play dress up. That's reality, I guess. Good things there are brands like Yoins to step in and rescue us from it 😉

  3. My trick during childhood was to always have a magazine handy in case the movie the family was watching had a sex scene – if you hide behind the magazine it isnt happening.
    I love the oversized shirt – Ive tried to wear them myself, put I look like a child dressing up in their dad's clothes, but you seem to rock it as usual Keit! Damn you!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. God dammit. I really love that bag. <3 I remember one time my parents went to a movie that was rated R and they had to take me and my brother with them, because we were too little to stay home alone. There were some…shall we say….adult situations and I remember feeling HIGHLY irregular about the whole matter. I didn't have a choice back then, but now, I would never voluntarily put myself in such a mentally scarring situation. Haha. I don't care that "we're all adults." It's just…not…happening. Heh. I have as of yet to have my breakfast made and to be offered an oversized shirt after sex. Does that ever happen? Haha. Anyway, I think you did a great job styling that shirt. I would do all kind of things to cover it up and complicate it, mainly because it's so hard for me to wear a shirt like that in a simple look and make it pop.

    – Anna


  5. well, those movie cliches are annoying because every movie has the same ones and I find it boring. but your outfit is a complete favourite. I love it! those reddish pants, snow white shirt, cool scarf and of course the awesome bag are all just perfect together. so yes – love love love it!

    Part of me

  6. I love the basic white shirt especially if it is 'man-size'. Love your white shirt with those denims. Such a cute look, Keit. And, yes, oh, yes I'm a sucker for after sex scenes. I pay attention to the details. 😀

  7. I like the batwing feature of your shirt. Adds a touch of design difference.
    Loving flowing fabric too. I also love crisp, ironed white shirts…but being ironiphobic means we never have any here.
    Should I be imagining you without the trousers and scarf, just the shirt and boots? Or am I just twisted!?:-D xo JJ

  8. Колко готин есенен вид! Много ми харесват цветовете… носят ми приятни топли усещания 😀 И чантата е страхотна, изобщо не е грозна!!! Аз никога нямам такъв късмет с винтидж находките 😀

  9. It does always look so cozy and somehow stylish in movies, just the white shirt. Somehow I dont think it would look like that on me though. Maybe pairing it with jeans is the right idea! You look great anyway!!

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