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This weekend was the equivalent of watching paint dry, while stuffing my face with muffins. I went to see my crazy parents and spend a few days there, overeating. I think I’m 5 pounds heavier…doesn’t matter, had food! ^_^ I even brought some home – sweet delicious home-cooked food! No more ramen for this special lady! My mom is a gold mine! Anyway, while I was there, I took the opportunity to take a walk through our foggy London-like streets. My home town is called Lom, but I call it Lomdon, because it’s always raining and foggy. I’m as creative as a jar of pickles!
Fashiony Part:

Nothing much to say, except that I have been crazy for Winter, snow and Christmas. I bought two types of Christmas lights already and placed a whole lot of Christmas boxes under the tree. My Christmas craze is showing in my outfits too!

I received this dress from my new sponsor Yoins and it’s everything I want from a winter dress. It’s slightly oversized, knitted from a warm and soft fabric and it’s the perfect length. I’ve been trying to incorporate more basic pieces into my wardrobe, don’t ask me why, I have no idea! Maybe it’s a midlife crisis! I found this dress and thought it would be a great canvas for my other, not so basic accessories. 

This hat is a new second hand purchase, (I know I placed a shopping ban on myself, I’m a weak person…) and it feeds my color cravings like nothing else! The bag is a second hand find, the sister gave me, jut for this walk only. 🙁 If anyone knows where I can get something similar, for the love of all chocolate, please, tell me!

So that’s it for today’s post, I hope you liked the outfit and see you soon! ^_^

Stripe knitted dress – c/o Yoins, Hat (Louche) – Second Hand, Scarf and Bag – Second hand. 
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25 thoughts on “Yoins Knitted Stripe Dress”

  1. Must. Own. This. Dress. I LOVE how it's casual but fancy all at the same time? I dunno but it is. And just like you I've been wanting more simple pieces in my closet– they're just more eye catching to me right now. You seriously find the best friggen things.

    And yaaay for binging on muffins! I'm all about that.

    xo marlen
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  2. So amazing, you did such a good job of mixing patterns! I usually hate that but this looks amazing. You're dress looks lovely can't believe it's also warm, what a great addition for winter. Lucky!

  3. This outfit is so fun!! I would have never even thought to put those patterns and colors together. They work so well! I think basics are on everyone's mind. Have you heard of normcore? If not, look it up!

    Thanks for always leaving such awesome comments on my blog. You're my favorite 🙂

  4. Hi Katerina! I love people like you who wear colors in autumn and winter. You look very energetic and positive person! I like it so I follow you! See you soon xx

  5. oh I'm already thinking about Christmas presents so Christmas must be around the corner!
    and your pre-Christmas ensemble looks really pretty! those geometric patterns look so cool and effective and the colours match perfectly as well. great job, Keit. as always 😀

    Part of me

  6. ohhh, that outfit looks so cool! I love the geometric patterns. What I love especially is that your outfits are so colorful… I'm always wearing black, white and sometime pastel colors.. but somehow I never dare to wear shocking yellow or other colors (except pink 😀 ) 🙁
    xx Linnae at LinnaeDesign ♡♡

  7. You just know how to put pieces together and very well too =)
    I can understand the Christmas mood! LOL! I'm getting there as well but not as hard core as you yet. I've no Christmas tree not boxes under it but I shall do that soon =D

  8. Чантата наистина е много красива, а помпонът на шапката ти ми напомня на връхче на мъфин, посипан с разноцветни захарни пръчици *_* или нещо подобно и сладко за ядене

  9. Keit I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! The dress is just so cute and I love the scarf and in general I just love it! I'm always a little iffy with colours but this is just adorable! 🙂 xo

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