Yellow neon hat and going crazyyyyiieee

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We had an earthquake again…And I felt it! Give me a prize, so I can buy more shoooes! 
Seriously though, the earthquake we had was so small, I barely sensed a movement of my chair, and later disregarded it as “going crazy, because of eating too much potatoes lately”. But then people started calling, saying there was an earthquake in Greece, and asked me if I felt it, and I said “yeah…” and they were all so thrilled, as if I’ve done something no other man can do. 
-Wow, did you hear that, Katie sensed the EARTHQUAKE! 
-Oh, really, she did? WOW!

People are weird… 
Now, for the fashiony part:  My box from nowistyle was so crammed with pretty stuff, I don’t have time to wear them all. Sad part is, I don’t have an occasion to wear them all. So going to the near store to buy some crackers is a cat walk for me!
I got this hat, which looks very weird on my short hair and tiny head, but I loove it. 
Neon hat- nowistyle, denim jacket with studs- DIY, scarf- H&M, dress-nowistyle, bag-second hand.

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44 thoughts on “Yellow neon hat and going crazyyyyiieee”

  1. That happened to me once with an earthquake – I was sitting at my desk at work, and our building always shook a little when trucks went by, so I thought that was all it was… turned out to be the smallest earthquake pretty much ever 🙂 I love the way your neon hat looks with your pink hair, the contrast is really daring and fun.

  2. I love your neon knit hat and your gorgeous scarf! I remember my first earthquake experience it was in San Francisco, but it shook a few things at out work. Glad everything is okay where you are. /Madison

  3. Too many potatoes? Psh. You totally have earthquake sensing powers. You must use them to save the world!

    People are weird, though. But that's ok. Sometimes that's what makes people so much fun.

    I do love your neon yellow hat! It's so floppy and neon. Also, the fact that your accessories match your hair is too perfect.

  4. Haha.. We occasionally get earthquakes here in Melbourne, and I NEVER feel them. I only ever know they've happened when I log onto Facebook and there's about a million status updates like "OHEMGEE I JUST FELT THE EARTH MOVE :0 :0 :0"… It's always so dissapointing.
    Also you look super cosy and adorable. And I love the spikey shoulders. And the beanie 🙂

  5. Haha, you physic girl you! You'll have to sense the next one and warn us ahead of time. 🙂 (But glad to hear it was a small one none the less, those big ones are scary!) You did get some killer stuff from that package, I think the bright yellow looks really fun with the pink hair and hey, easy to find you in a store now! (Ooooh, it's the studded jean jacket again, aka most awesome diy ever. I still need to do one like that.)

  6. Since my country is along the circle of fire, you can be sure earthquakes are as common as typhoons especially where I live. I hardly notice them.

    I absolutely love that neon hat by the way. But i think I love the bag more. I should really do some thrifting. The best bags I had are from thrift-stores. haha

  7. Lovely post + pictures! I love your blog. I'm your newest follower 🙂 Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

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