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Guess what! I have another question for you girlies! What was the worst insult somebody has ever said to you? 
was a few years ago, while I was happily sitting on my chair at
University, contemplating committing a suicide. We were talking with a
colleague of mine, and out of the blue he said” You know, you really
look like a guy I know”.
I can accept insults like “whore”, “you look like trash”,”lesbo”, “anorexic bitch”, “good for nothing”, “stupid”,
“flat as a board” etc.. I’ve been called all that and those are fine
and acceptable, because they were meant to be hurtful and offensive and
were from people you don’t give a fuck about. 
But this guy didn’t even mean to offend me in purpose, he genuinely wanted to tell me
how much I resemble his guy friend. I tried to gulp it down and take it
like a man, but it felt like a shot in your stomach with a log. After a
few minutes I recovered from the trauma, and was okey dokey, until a
few days later I saw THE guy. And let me tell you, he was a very unattractive person.
I would have lived happily ever after,
knowing that I looked like Brat Pitt mind you…But alas, the Universe
wasn’t so merciful.
Fashiony part: I dag this vintage skirt from a long forgotten black hole in my wardrobe and it felt so right for my crappy cropped top. I know it would look much better with heels, but I harbour a slight resentment towards high shoes. They hurt like hell and make moving from point A to point B seem like a pointless task, considering you can just sit on the coach for the rest of your life.

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29 thoughts on “Worst insult ever and Cropped turtleneck”

  1. What an awful thing to say – and the worst part is, the guy didn't even realise he might offend you! Personally, you remind me of Rooney Mara, the actress from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. The worst thing someone ever said to me was that I deliberately chose to get into bad relationships because I wanted to have material to write about. I had just turned down the guy who told me that, so I know he was trying to be mean and spiteful, but it was still awful to hear.

    Love your colourful skirt!

  2. First of all this outfit is absolutely awesome!!! you look damn good!!!
    second, there were two insults. But then, first was insult, second was fact -.- First on – bitch!! well, I don't get to upset when I hear that, I just don't care. Those are mostly guys that i turned down for a date:) second – hm… i don't know how to explain to you on english… let's say it like this . hairy. I was hairy all over my hands,legs… and I was really ashamed of it… especially when I was 13. -.- but now, thank God for waxing 😀


  3. Dude, what? That's just cruel. The only man you could ever look like would be Alexander Skarsgard or someone ridiculously hot and feminine like that. I'm sorry they said hat so casually, too. That's the worst.

    Last semester a girl in my class told me out of the blue, with no prompt from anywhere, "You know, even /you/ aren't perfect. You have a really crooked nose. Like a bird." I didn't even say anything about being perfect or anything relating to perfection and she just said that as a start to a new conversation, apparently. My nose is crooked because a frisbee hit my face in the 7th grade, chick!! Araargg!!

    Sigh. Anyway, people are jerks, and I think you're pretty damn hot, so please ignore yo hater guy friend.

    That skirt is so cool. It reminds me of Salvador Dali's painting with the melting clocks for some reason! Love ittt!

  4. First off, that dude is a fucking douchebag. Yeah, I'm just going to go straight ad hominem. It's Friday. I'm tired. Hehe. You don't even look a dude. If anyone looks mannish, it's me. Haha. Plus, I'm OK with it. Don't worry. As you said, he wasn't trying to offend you. Clearly, he just doesn't know how to talk to women. Since, I'm pretty sure a lot of woman don't take kindly to being compared to men..especially UGLY men at that. What a douchenozzle.

    Anyway, THAT skirt! I love it! How awesome is it to dig around in your closet and find treasure like that? :DDD This whole outfit is wonderful. It's so you. I hope you submit this one to Chictopia, because it should be in the Style Gallery! <3

    P.S. – I played Jazz Jackrabbit, too! You are officially, the coolest girl I know! http://youtu.be/b16upFloYak




  5. I love this skirt so much! It is really graphic and cool. You wear crop tops so well-I love that it's a turtleneck which makes it very classy too. What a perfect look!

  6. In hindsight, I think that some of the worse insults just make the funniest stories after. It's definitely the people that aren't trying to be insulting that make it worse. I don't remember my worst insult, but this came up recently: "Have you ever thought about having a sex change? I mean, it wouldn't be that different considering how you have nothing in the chest area anyway". Ohh, people…


  7. No! You don't look like a guy. Your face looks very feminime 🙂 Don't worry!
    – love the outfit! especially the skirt, would definitely wear it <3

    xoxo ♥

  8. I love this outfit! I can't really remember the worst insult for me… i guess i tend to block them out of my memory ^^ i used to get called vampire a lot though hahaha

  9. Въпросното момче явно е имало нужда от очила. Ти като беше с къса коса преди изглеждаше по-момичешки от някои момичета с дълги коси, грим, рокли, токчета…

    Преди години в училище един съученик се заяждаше с мен пред половината клас, че съм му седнала на мястото. В отговор на въпроса ми защо не се държи пона малко като джентълмен той каза:
    "Че ти момиче ли си та да се държа джентълменски с теб?"

  10. Well, my point here is: you have one of the most feminine faces, I have ever seen. And if this guy was talking about your body – your body is to die for. =^.^=

    The outfit is amazing – the skirt, the cropped top and the sneakers – you're clashing the styles again and I love it!

    Have a rocking' weekend, girl!

  11. Oh phooey on him. You don't look like a man. If there was anything as opposite as looking like a man, I'm sure it would be you. That skirt is wonderful, by the way, and I love how you used it as a neutral. 🙂

    The worst insult I ever got? To be honest, I don't get insulted to my face a lot. I generally only hang out with people who like me and I'm not into hanging out with nasties. I'm sure there is plenty that gets said behind my back that I'm not privy to. This one time a girl I thought was my friend started getting cozy with an ex of mine and when he expressed feelings of wanting to go back to me, she snarkily reminded him how much of a bitch I was, how egotistical I was with all my singing, and how I would never put out for him so he should just try my sister instead.

    I think that said a lot more about her than me. But I digress. There's a reason we're not friend's anymore nor will we ever be.



  12. Ouch! I sorry he said that to you! Some guys are kind of stupid like that though..
    This skirt is beyond amazing. I love the funky print, and the way you mixed these prints is genius!! <3

  13. Yea, I would say heels or boots would be a better match but you know what, as long as you feel comfy in it, who gives a shit.
    LMAO! I'm sorry to be laughing so hard after reading what you wrote but yea, I don't mean to offend you but it's really funny! Gosh, I think your friend needs a new pair of glasses.

  14. worst insult/question/accusation i have got/still get – you won't ever find a husband because you are so fat.
    fuck you to those people i say,quietly.
    i love the skirt.i have a solid aversion to heels.i can't really walk in those..i love love love the skirt..oh i just said that..i love the whole look.

  15. Long sleeve crop tops are my fave!

    Hmm…worse insult…off the top of my head I remember getting asked to prom by a guy who phrased it this way, "My Mom asked who I was taking to prom this year and I was like, 'Nobody' because all the good girls were already taken but then she was like,'Well, what about Mollie?' and I was like, 'Yeah, okay'. So do you want to go?"

    I don't know how I kept a straight face.

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