Winter Mustard Poncho

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Best way to isolate the cold? I say A HUGE BLANKET! 
Just like our sharp, insightful little boy Linus ( from the Peanuts) I too have my own security blanket. It’s huge, it’s ugly, keeps me hidden, but most of all it’s fluffy!!!
In -15 degrees cold, fluffy begins to have a whole different meaning. It’s suddenly transformed into a magical word.  Fuzzy and fluffy keep you alive and sane, with all your limbs intact. 
This is why my ugly cape will stick around, until it starts dissolving from over exposure to fresh air.
Fashiony part: Mustard cape- some store from my hometown, Vintage jeans- second hand, mustard socks- La Redoute.


I’m starting to realize I’m pretty good at something. You know what it is? It’s that game you draw ugly shit and people have to endure brain damage in order to guess what it is.  “Draw Something”, yup that’s the one. If anyone wants to draw with me (this sounds so pathetic) you can find my username- Keiti Dontcare. 

Any suggestions on how to make my smile less awkward? O.o

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40 thoughts on “Winter Mustard Poncho”

  1. Леле, останах без думи.. изглеждаш толкова свежо и красиво!
    Много бих се радвала да видя на улицата толкова цветен човек!
    Пончото е невероятно! Пожелавам ти весело посрещане на новата година 🙂

  2. Ohh no way, this cape is sooo lovely on you!! And it keeps you warm – so its perfect!
    The mustard looks so amazing with your hair.

    And haha I started with DRAW SOMETHING too!! Its soo funny, i def. will add you, cause i wanna see your brain damaging drawings lol 🙂

    Thank you so much for your comments, and for actually reading my texts <3 Loved to hear your opinion.

    Much Love,

  3. Keit, these photos are gorgeous ad this has to be my favorite outfit of yours (I think I say that a lot to you… Oh well!). The mustard cape and socks are so perfect. You would never go unnoticed in this awesome outfit. 🙂

  4. I LOVE the mustard yellow cape+the pop of colour during winter…Happy New year Keit…Not to mention your super cool briefcase/bag…AND your smile is not awkward at all x

  5. Yikes, I think we sent our really cold weather over to you! Brr! (And weather like that, a big fluffy blanket is the best thing for warding off the evils of winter and cold weather. Take that below zero temperatures!) And dude, you so don't smile awkwardly, I think I've got the monopoly on that. You just look like you have devious things in mind, which is always a good thing. 🙂

    I do hope that you got to have a fun New Years Eve, or at least one filled with lots of delicious junk food and bad movies! Happy New Years dear.

  6. When it comes to cold weather, big, fluffy blankets are neccessary – and yours looks very warm and comfortable indeed 🙂 As for your smile, I think it's cute; but I know what you mean, we're all our own biggest critics.

  7. Beautiful colorful outfit! nice job girl 🙂

    my blog

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC, FB,Twitter or Bloglovin´?
    Will be my pleasure 🙂


  8. haha, I like your smile! Well the fantastic color of lipstick doesn't hurt that 🙂 It looks just perfect on you. Aaaaand I so agree with you on the fuzzy/fluffy thing! It is very important to wear fluffy things in the winter, for sure. I love your fabulous cape!

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