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I just became a legit adult! Yaaaay! ^_^ No, I didn’t do grocery shopping with a list or arranged my socks into different color piles, but I managed to do something very special! I was passing by some dudes when one of them asked for directions to our supermarket and I……..wait for it……………gave…………….the……………RIGHT……………directions!!!! O_O
Or at least I think I did which in my book is a victory! Honestly, this is a first and deserves to be mentioned and forever written down into the Internet’s archives, right next to “Other useless facts about Keit” and “That video of a sneezing baby panda”.

Seriously though, why are directions and generally even knowing where you are, such a hard thing! Once I got lost in my own hometown which is as big as a hen house! We were celebrating a friend’s birthday and I had one too many drinks, because my name isn’t Katerina if I hadn’t drank alcohol at least twice the amount of my own weight. One of my friends had to go to work and drunk Keit decided to play the gentleman and walk her to her workplace and all was fine and dandy until after I sent her to work, I got lost and continued to search my way back, scrambling around like a deranged drunken homeless person. They even sent a search and rescue team to retrieve me, but I managed to find the birthday friend’s home all by myself………after some 45 minutes or so……
Receiving directions is as hard as giving them, I always seize to listen to what the person is saying and just nod understandingly and then proceed to be confused and lost. Getting directions is the same as how I approach studying and learning.
My extreme willingness to understand the person’s directions is so strong I keep thinking how crucial it is to concentrate and listen very hard, and during this line of thought ironically I stop listening and loose whole words and even sentences. Orientation is not my thing, yeah…so female of me! But my sister is a female and she knows her way through any kind of terrain, she even knows how to read a map! She must have taken the good genes, all I’m left with is the gene for useless short memory and googly eyes.
I am curious though, how are you guys at orientation and path finding? Are you a bad ass calculating robot? I bet you are! Sigh…..
Phew, all these ramblings have left me parched and craving for some fashion juice, so let’s proceed to some clothes talk!
I ordered this gorgeous fringe skirt from Choies alongside with my leopard flats and was initially thinking of combining them together, but I like this version more. 
I have to say, I’m still not completely sold on the suede trend, I remember when suede was very unfashionable and I don’t like how the fabric itself looks on mah body. I think a more thick suede material would be better than what I own, and what I currently own are thin suede stuff that outline your underwear and I don’t want my granny panties to be that obvious! You should buy me a few drinks first! 
What do you guys think of the suede trend? 

So I was somewhat skeptical when I ordered this skirt, but as it always happens in my life, I was wrong! The material is thick and cozy enough even for the cold weather and I love the appetizing wine color. It also comes with a belt with lots of holes, and this is an awesome perk, since I always plead the boyfriend to drill more holes into my belts since I’m skinny, and he always replies: “Uuuuuugh…”.
I styled the skirt more autumn appropriate with cozy fur, purple ankle booties and my fuzzy white sweater.
It was raining kitties and doggies when we shot these photos, so excuse me if my hair looks horrid, but I was in a hurry and combed it into a fast messy bun + the rain and cold made it all frizzy and voila! I know you’ve probably heard this excuse 5 times already, but I feel like I need to explain to the world why I look like I just got out of bed after a night of being captured by aliens or something…
I didn’t have the time to accessorize so I just slapped on my JORD wood watch and then regretted this decision, because watches and water don’t go well together….Thankfully I remembered the watch is water resistant, so once again the battle against nature was won by me! Muahahaha!

I’m super excited about the new cozy autumn wear in Choies!!!!! These guys have so many suede goodies, not to mention fat, juicy jumpers, trendy duster coats and fancy shooooooes!!!! *_* Need… everything!

I’ve been thinking of finding a new faux fur collar since this one is too yellowish for my taste. Something brown would be better, or even fiery orange. In fact, any type of color that looks like some sort of real animal and would make PETA throw spit and red paint on me, would be great! Anyone know any good shopping places where I can buy a cheap faux fur collar? Just remember, I live in dodgy Eastern Europe, or to be more precise – Bulgaria:
Wine Red Suede Fringe Skirt – c/o Choies, Purple Ankle Boots, Fur Collar & Fuzzy Sweater – Second Hand, Red Sandalwood Watch – JORD
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29 thoughts on “Wine Red Suede Fringe Skirt & Faux Fur Collar”

  1. Giving the right directions, then getting lost by yourself. How adult-like! <3 As in, my way of being an adult.
    As for the outfit, I adore all the textures – so different, yet they all bear the same fluffiness!

  2. I want you to know that I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I have spent a significant amount of time in Denver specifically. And I never have any idea where I am. My boss literally told me a few weeks ago not to go anywhere unless she gives me directions first because I get lost so easily. My best friend has bought me a GPS because he is sick of me calling him to ask where I am. It's a sickening curse. So I chalk this up to an ultimate victory in which you deserve metals and candy.

    Love the skirt and the fur. It's so wonderful and so borderline politically incorrect. I have several real furs that I got from many grandmothers. I love them but I am always terrified of someone covering me in red paint if I wear them. Which is highly unlikely since I live in Colorado where mountain people are aplenty.

  3. I so relieved!!! so I'm not the only one who sucks at giving directions!!! I'm really helpless when it comes to it:)

    Anyhow, congrats for managing to give good directions. I got lost a few times in my home town when I was younger…all due to drinking. I know the streets in the old town i.e. palace of Roman Empire are tricky but I never had problems finding my way there silver…not that I'm particularly good at orientation but I know those streets…unless I'm intoxicated…

    Back to fashion…….I love suede…and I love that skirt…and I loveeee that fur collar. I loveeee your style! I wish I could visit Bulgaria and stalk you and your ingenious outfits.

  4. I find that men tend to like directions that are 'go 2km north and then make a left at the intersection" and women like directions that say "go past the red brick building to the intersection and make a left; you've gone too far if you see a big blue house". It's difficult for women to follow man directions and difficult for men to follow woman directions. Big generalisation here, but it seems to hold most of the time.

    I love your outfit -when do I not- and have decided you are better than Vogue. Funky, creative, colourful and not typical but still achievable style! Suede was out of fashion? I never knew. I love suede and would employ it regardless. The fringe skirt looks fantastic with a fuzzy sweater. You are really good at combining textures. Of course I adore those boots. There is plenty of real fur to be found at thrift shops where I live-usually dark brown or black, sometimes a mid brown. Usually they are big coats. I agree with you about the yellow tone. I'd be inclined to pick something a little deeper coloured for you. Or totally fake bright like magenta faux fur. Are there any fabric/sewing shops you can get to? They might carry faux fur and you could just have a piece cut to the size you want. xoxoxoxo

  5. Hahha, I thought you were going to say "I bought a mattress!" for some reason, I always think of buying mattress as the most grown-up thing there is because who wants to spend money on that? (Or mayyyybe that's just me.) I don't like it when people give me directions like "turn left at the red house, go five hundred feet and do a U-turn and rocket over the interstate then turn left again at the purple house and…." that confuses me so much, use street names!
    I personally love suede with a burning passion, it feels so nice to me but I get what you're saying. I think for so long it was hard to find suede garments in modern cuts, everything seemed super dated and suede use to be so heavy and thick it was really hard to modify things you'd find at the thrift store. But now, there's so much nice stuff, I'm really happy it made such a come back! you also look super cool in it, a colorful fringe skirt somehow seems so you, especially with those awesome shoes.

  6. Hahahha, that video clip, though – I need to catch the film, that was 28 second of sheer horror and my heart was pumping. You're such a cutie, but you must already know that. I love that you went so textural with this cozy Autumn look, I wish I could wear layers here but alas, Malaysia is devoid of the 4 seasons. We now have haze to smother us all to an early death and the official season here is rainy with a lot of hate directed against the government. But what else is new, eh? Oh and I'm pretty good with maps actually as long as I have time to get familiar with the directions and I'm blessed with a photographic memory so I will remember your googly-eyed face for life =D xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  7. Oooooh that fringe skirt and the boots! Keit, you nailed it with this look <3 LOVE
    Bahaha, and oh man, yes, that is going in my book as signs you're an adult. Because it's so true. I hate when people ask for directions from me. I get all stressed out and try to palm them off to someone else even though I wish I could help them. I just know I'd end up hurting their cause even more though xD
    I actually had a dream recently where I was a shape shifting owl and even then, I got lost! Lol there I was, swooping over this huge forest and the thought: "Wait, where am I going? I'm supposed to head to Lake Cleveland and that's on the other side! Where was I going??" Bahahaha!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Win a free of glasses on my blog!

  8. Your fringe skirt is pretty cute. I love the look and feel of suede. I also suck at giving and receiving directions. It feels good to know that I'm not the only one who could get lost in her own backyard! lol!

  9. I love this, it's a romantic outfit without being stereotypically girly. Just found your blog (I forget from where, I think chictopia) and I'm having a bit of a crush. 🙂 You have a style so much your own, with so much variety. It's very fun to look through your posts, and as a bonus your writing is honest and cracks me up. Kudos!

    – Torre

  10. YOUR TEXTURES ARE SO AMAZING, KEIT! I love those boots,your fur, all the fun things going on… I just want to dress like you every day and be overall more amazing at what I do and how I write. You realize you're like one of my biggest inspirations, right?

    I love that you get your boyfriend to drill holes into your belt. I used to just take to hammering a nail into it, but then I got a little chubs, so now I don't have to worry about that LOL.

  11. Why do you think I backpacked around Europe for 2 years? Ahem…I was bloody lost!
    But seriously I have no sense of direction at all, it's so much a problem I'm amazed I'm not divorced due to the horrendous arguments my husband & I have in the car trying to find our way.
    I don't think giving correct directions makes you an adult i think it makes you a man! Teeheehee SOZ 😉
    You look super sweet, fluffy & sexy all at once. Love the outfit Keit xxx

  12. haha, that video is pretty priceless! but Estonians do travel to Bulgaria (mostly Sunny Beach, Burgas) because of your beaches and cheap prices. even we have had a serious plan but so far things have gone differently.
    anyway, reading maps is not my strongest ability but I can do it pretty well if I really try. my husband is better though so when we're in a foreign country for example I let him do the map reading. just in case, you know (and then I have someone to blame when we go to the wrong place 🙂
    now, about suede. I can't say I'm a fan. I've been trying to give it a chance but I just can't buy a suede piece for myself because the material feels so bad when I touch it. it can look pretty but just feels too artificial maybe… you still rock it though. you put together a fuzzy sweater, some fur, some suede and a pair of platform shoes and look like a true fashionista. totally effortless. that's a talent, Keit!

    Maiken – Part of me

  13. Oh Keit, please come back. We forgive you for being directionally-compromised – you're still adult-like and always and forever precious to us….Hope November's treating you will all sorts of good stuff! 🙂

  14. I know what you mean! I used to ask for directions and get super lost afterwards because I couldn't remember anything! Now I'm much better, yay! And the suede trend is awesome I love it, I used to have so many suede items when I was younger, I guess it was 'in' back then as well so it's cool that it's back. You look so fabulous and like rad/fancy omg!!

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