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I wish there was a website like Yahoo Answers, where you could post photos of your outfits and an expert at fashion would tell you what kind of style you have. Cthulhu is my witness, I have no fucking idea what my style is!

Sometimes it really bugs me, because I dress with whatever feels pretty and smells better, and what kind of a freakin style is that? Sure, I can pull a decent amount of terms out of my ass, like- mix of bohemian, with a dash of art deco and sprinkle of whatever, but it doesn’t quite feel right.

Sometimes I think of myself as some sort of a chameleon, who’s style is a blend of every fucking thing in this world, in other words, hobo. Maybe I can call it that, just hobo!

I’m curious though, what kind of style do you consider yours to be? 

Fashiony Part

I have a confession to make! I’ve had these plaid pants for years, but couldn’t decide how to wear them. I usually clean up my wardrobe every few months – before the pile of clothes reaches a threatening size and consume us all – but I didn’t have the heart to throw these pants away. They remind me of my sad, friendless childhood and I didn’t want to part with them just yet. 

These plaid pants look weird with almost everything, so I decided to take a risk and wear them with a dress. Don’t know if it’s my desperation talking, but I quite like the result!
Grunge and feminine is my favorite kind of mix, so I paired them with my off the shoulder lace dress from 6ks, camel leather bag and chunky boots. 

What do you burritos say? Yay or nay?

            Making sexy faces again!

Plaid pants and leather bag- thrifted, Lace Dress- 6ks.
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12 thoughts on “Wide Leg Plaid Pants”

  1. Rawr, sexy faces! 😉
    Bahaha, oh man, if they ever invent such a site/app/thing, I will be among the first to use it. I honestly can't define my style either. I'd only recently settled on bohemian rocker, but then, in an ironic twist, I'm lately leaning towards more feminine and classy aesthetics. Ugh.
    Sooo yeah, my style is chameleon! 😉
    Anyway, I saw wear whatever you want and screw having a specific label for your style! It's YOUR style!
    These plaid pants really are fantastic, though I would have trouble finding what to wear with them. I'd be all boring in a black tank. What you did with the white crochet dress was smart and definitely stylish. I love it! <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I love the pants, they sing! But they are looser than your normal style. The pairing with lace is lovely and unexpected. I also have no idea what my style is, but I like that. I think it's only in magazine fairyland they can put style into a box. Feminine grunge? Not sure it sounds too flattering 🙂 whatever you are doing keep doing it. You may not have a name, but you certainly have a style!
    XO JJ

  3. Hahahaha, well, I know this 'which one smells better'-decision-thing. And hours later at work, I realize that I somehow look quite strange. 😀 BUT I love your combo here – the pants are precious! <3

    XX, Sara.

  4. ahaha it's totally okay! No one can define my style either or they end up struggling about it! I love your style it's so cool like the way you mix your clothes up is way cool! I love your plaid pants with your lace top. It's like a preppy boho look!

  5. Haha. You're not a hobo, dude. I would say your style is eclectic. I never know what you're going to do, but I know that whatever you end up showcasing, it will have your personality all over it and it will look great. 😀 Rad pants, by the way! I love that you wore something soft and feminine with them. My first thought when I look at those is: "destroy!" Haha. Which basically means, I'd wear them in the grittiest, darkest way possible. Way to mix it up, kid! 😛

    – Anna


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