Why Lookbook.nu is broken

 I know you’re very scared from the huge content of this post, so here’s a photo of me pretending to be an anemic leopard. Hope this gives you enough motivation to keep on reading! XD
For a long time, Lookbook has been a source of inspiration,  a fashionable community of thousands of girls, sharing their love and addiction to clothes. It was the only website incorporating street style with a gorgeous web layout and a fairly easy way of sharing your passion with others. Most of you are well aware of it’s existence and purpose, so I’m not going into that. This post is dedicated to explaining why lookbook is broken like your granny’s teapot. It is an outcome of my recent frustration and confusion of how this website works. 
1. First, let me get things straight. I’m not one of those girls who plead for hypes or follows on their blog, I try my best to acknowledge and appreciate everyone who took the time to hype, comment, fan me. Sometimes my time is limited and if I wasn’t able to give you the appropriate feedback, I’m very sorry and would very much appreciate it if you don’t take it personally. 
2. Second, I want to explain why hypes on lookbook are actually important. The whole website works on a psychological basis. You take the time to think off an outfit, you go out and plead someone to take a photo of you, or you take it yourself in home, because your friends are jerks like mine. You download the photos on your computer, maybe edit them and finally you post a look. In this case hypes and comments are the only two things resembling a feedback for your work, and people need feedback. People crave feedback and acknowledgment of their effort. People want feedback, because there is no other possible way of knowing that what you are doing is good, and if it’s not good how to change it. Hypes are important, because they tell you two main things- your style sucks, or your style rocks. Comments on the other hand are usually always positive and loving. Few people will decide to write something negative. I myself would never comment on a look I don’t like, why even bother? Everyone has a different sense of style, different taste, so why should I cram my understandings and negative criticism up your face? Live and let live!
Many girls would say, stop staring at those hypes, you’re all so fixated, it’s just a damn website. Yes it’s a freakin website, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. We live in a virtual world and in this world hypes mean you are acknowledged and people like you, they like what you do, and when you see that, you’re pleased with yourself. Girls are not searching for the meaning of life on lookbook, they don’t think that more hypes will make them famous or happier, they are searching for people like them. It’s a normal state of mind and existence, we need feedback.
3. The knowledge of karma filter is NONE. I joined lookbook with a strong desire and fascination. At first I only saw the prettiest looks and girls. I didn’t knew about the karma filter for months, until I saw a topic about it on the forum. Many people don’t take the time to read the “FAQ” or “About” section of the site and naturally many don’t know about this filter. And naturally, hundreds of good looks are being thrown down the drain, without being seen, ever. The newcomers hype the hot section, the hot section doesn’t give a damn about the newcomers, newcomers get buried under tons of photos, other newcomers come hype the hot section and the circle goes on.
4. Don’t get me wrong, karma filter is not that bad. It’s a good tactic, you have to be friendly, to comment, to be active, in order to stand out. It worked in the past, but now it’s just bullshit. I used to have very few fans, with time they grew and grew, they’ve reached 720 now, and as this number grows, my hypes shrink. Mathematically this is a very wrong phenomena. Hypes grow if your fans grow, it’s that simple. Even if half of my fans are inactive, I would still get at least 200. But that’s only if the website works as it should. But it doesn’t. For two months now I don’t get any new feeds from people I fanned, they don’t get feed from me, people who were on the strict filter, now are nowhere to be seen. The website broke really bad and no one is trying to fix it. Why should they? With millions of followers, a thousand lost is a number that can be swallowed with the help of an olive martini. 

5. I really like the hot section, the girls are confident and gorgeous, the photos are professional and mouth watering, outfits are original and creative. But many of the girls there are damn blind. I’m well aware of the fact they don’t have time and blah blah, but come on, you have 2000 fans, you can’t find at least 50 of them who’s style you like? Really? Really??? A little appreciation of the people who support you and who got you on the top wouldn’t hurt. But why bother again, the website is designed in a way that people on the hot section will always be there. There will always be the same girls, not giving a chance of others to stand out. I’m not saying I deserve to be on top or hot, I don’t think I have an ultra original style, it’s pretty simple actually, but I’ve seen so many girls who deserve to be there. And they’re not, because lookbook doesn’t let them, because it promotes the same damn people over and over again.

Take a look at Chictopia, the design of their site is kind of confusing, but they’ve managed to build a community that has an equal chance to stand out. There is no filter, no discrimination.
With that said, I want to accent on one thing: Lookbook is a great site, it gives opportunities many sites don’t, but if it keeps neglecting it’s user’s base, it’s going to loose a lot of them.
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73 thoughts on “Why Lookbook.nu is broken”

  1. Wow i thought i was the only one thinking the same thing #lol,i don't know why some street style website promote only the famous bloggers that don't give a hoot what any other blogger does,is annoying sometimes when you see the same people on the front page of this websites everyday,even the worst outfit are seen as the best coming from them, i have seen bloggers who dress better but the chances of being on the front page are slim,it's really not fair but then again that is how the world works, people are too blind to see the real thing, i care less though i only focus on sites that am comfortable with:)

  2. great post! i'm the newcomer on lookbook and agree with every your word!
    a lot of amazing looks of newcomers have just few hypes because of karma filter.
    and some outfits from hot section have hypes only because of popularity and fans.
    i alway switch off karma filter and seek for new looks and faces.


  3. I've never used lookbook myself but I do see a lot of people on facebook sharing their lookbook photos and asking for hypes, it can get annoying :/
    But I see why hypes are important to the person who uploaded the photo, after reading #2.

    Wow, I actually learned a lot about lookbook through this post! I thought of it as just another fashion photo site but seems like there's a lot more to it. I see why you're not happy with the site!

  4. I think I've just too many sites for my own good. But I rarely ever function in any, but this is good to know incase I change. Chictopia has been the easiest for me to understand so far. ;). My lazy brains don't need to ponder anything too tasking, but I did observe what you talked about.

    Cute top, btw.

  5. I think I've joined too many sites for my own good. I rarely ever function in any, but this is good to know incase I change. Chictopia has been the easiest for me to understand so far. ;). My lazy brains don't need to ponder anything too tasking, but I did observe what you talked about.

    Cute top, btw.

  6. I'm one of those newbies that got lost I think when I joined lookbook.
    I got no hypes at all with around 15 outfits, and it knocked my self confidence.
    Then I joined a smaller outfit inspiration site What I Wore Today and I find it so much more user friendly and with a much greater sense of community!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  7. haha, I read through the whole story although I don't care about Lookbook, I don't have an account there and I'm not interested in it. in my eyes it's pointless 😛
    but I found something from your story.. the fact that everyone should appreciate the attention (comments, likes etc) the get. it's stupid to think everybody has to comment on them and their answer is "they're busy". to be honest I can't see being a fashion blogger as a full-time job, it's a bit ridiculous. and I don't read blogs like that because I find it boring.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  8. Да, да, ДА!!! Всеки път, когато преглеждам lookbook (когато успявам, че постоянно ми забива и ми зарежда по 83827387 часа), си мисля същото нещо. Едни и същи "hot" people, всеки ден, отново и отново. 30 снимки след твоята за около 10 минути и тя отива някъде надолу, където никой никога повече не я вижда. Доста демотивиращо. Даже искрено се учудвам вече за 3-ти път, когато в chictopia-та си видя аутфита в 'top today'.

    Защо не изпратиш този пост на администратор? Може пък някой да му обърне внимание..

  9. I had the same problem with lookbook at the beginning and it was really frustrating. I even gave up on it for about one year. Now I came back (without asking for hypes or fans) and things got better.

  10. I'm so glad to read that someone else feels this way about lookbook! As much as I appreciate that the community has a lot of great things to offer, overall, even since it became an open community, it has stayed what it has always been… a private club where the tall, skinny hipster in torn clothes goes for adulation, and the rest of us remain anonymous forever.

    1. I love this one "a private club where the tall, skinny hipster in torn clothes goes for adulation" So true! I always wondered how come they are all the same.. Now I know thanks to you Keit! Thank you for opening my eyes!!
      Love from Toronto,

      Please check my blog if you get a chance, I'm following you 🙂

  11. wow..I don't use lookbook and have never heard about anything regarding filter and stuff. I normally would took the time to read everyone post though, and some people felt so surprise. I mean for me I hate people leave me bullshit comment!!! So I tried not to do that to other people!! I love how you express yourself regarding a media/community. It's always good to hear some voice. AND with you on not commenting on the look you like. I mean when I saw people leaving ridiculous comment, it just ridiculous.



  12. I just started out with lookbook and I didn't know it's that complicated there. I understand what you mean though. It seems that lookbook has become a place where only the popular flourish. I probably should try chictopia then.

  13. Hmmm, I'll admit Ive never been to Lookbook, just because I'm worried it will be more more thing that takes up my time. But I see what you're saying and I think it applies to many of the websites like it, from Chictopia to even Blogger. (Granted I'm crazy lazy about going over to Chictopia, but I've noticed much the same thing happening over there and it really puts me off. I like building relationships with people, but its hard if everyone just looks at the people who make the main page and that's it.) And don't even get me started on the blogs, unless you're a compete blog whore, you're screwed. (But again, I'm a lazy blogger who just does it for fun and for getting to talk to awesome people like you, so it's a moot point.) I always like coming to your blog because you have such a strong point of very and are so funny and witty. (and you wear the coolest things. It would be so fun to go to the thrift shops with you!)

  14. I totally agree with this. Actually I was wondering the fact: why some HOT girls, who have more than 20.000 fans get only 1000 hypes? What are other 19.000 fans doing this time? And know what? If you check them, those fans are not real, just generated followers with 0 karma and 0 looks joined at the same day.
    Why would someone do it? I think it's dark PR.

    Next, the active factor becomes just a way to gain more and more hypes (hype me and I will hype back, fan me and I will fan back). There are millions of newcomers there and the lookbook is overfloating of pictures. So the chance to be really seen by others is miserable.

    ANd the last one: lookbook posesses itself as a trendsetter or trendfollower, they want to show edgy and stylish (somehow weird) content at their main page to show the fashion world that they actually know the fashion world ) So it's just easy to put 50 "propely dressed" boys and girls at HOT section and just enjoy other people efforts. What I am saying: if you want to be at Lookbook main page you should dressed the way THEY LOVE, not the way you want. No individuality, just follow the rules )

    I know what I am saying coz I was at HOT section twice with almost 1000 hypes: both times with a little bit weird looks which are really trendy but not actually my true ladylike style.


  15. I've read your post and I got say I agree in a couple of points… the hot section has ALWAYS the same people every single day, it's quite annoying to be honest. I never cared that much about Lookbook (I like to search inspiration for outfits but it's not my sort of community) and the truth is I have never standed out on Lookbook. On Chictopia, on the other hand, I've been already in the style gallery and once in a while get higher votes, it gives a much better feedback! oh and by the way, I found you on Chictopia (just saying!) 😉

    Drawing Dreaming

  16. Hey, I love your style, I found your blog from a friend of mines blog. I'm looking for some new blogs to follow, so if you'd like to follow each other, leave me a comment and from there I'll give you a follow 🙂 mine's http://www.elly-vickere.com

    Hope to hear from you soon lovely!

    P.s: I am trying to make more fashion posts, if you could give me some advice on how to take some like yours, where you can get your whole body in the picture, I would be ever so greatful!

    1. by the way this is a little secret of me. i always leave feedback to everyone that really read my post. i mean regularly. i love how they like to read my posts.Having followers with boring comments are not challenging. i love your style and article. hope we can really keep in touch. really hard to find someone that has the same way to think like me and like you !
      cant wait your next post

  17. You are absolutely right dear!! Lookbook servers are often not working as they should. I have a feeling that they have built a website which has grown too rapidly than expected. Now they lost control on it. This social network has become really boring at last. How long at all might be interesting to somebody/something that does not give a chance??? People need feedback – you are absolutely right!!!
    Great post!

    Greetings from Berlin


  18. Мда, Hot страницата бълва не само едни и същи хора, но и едни и същи тоалети! Някой популярен решава да носи дадена дреха и много скоро останалите започват да публикуват такива. Така според мен се губи смисълът – да, тенденциите са тенденции, но има толкова неизвестни хора, които имат страхотни стилове и остават незабелязани.

    Има хора, които с 10тина тоалета успяват да се сдобият с четворно повече фенове, отколкото други хора с над 100 тоалета. И не става въпрос за хубав тоалет, ами фотошоп, кльощави крака и хубав background.

    Не разбирам хората с много фенове, които дори не си правят труда да разгледат поне част от fanbase-а си. Също така и хората, които публикуват тоалети без никакво описание на дрехите – нали целта е като като си харесаш нещо да разбереш, евентуално, откъде е.

  19. Oh my gosh, thank you!! I never even bothered with making a Lookbook account because I knew it was practically corrupted! Finally it all makes sense. It's an excellent source of inspiration (and also a source to make me feel sad about my lack of pretty clothes but still), it's a shame it's like that. Excellent post and I love your hair in the photo!


  20. Yes, that was a long post but you know what…it's totally relevant to all of us bloggers and I 100% agree with you.
    I could go on and on about why I agree with you but you basically covered it all…and honestly, I don't think people could take two long reads on one page.
    Thanks for posting this.

  21. Абсолютно съм съгласна с всичко казано по-горе. Започнах да пускам снимки в lookbook преди два месеца може би и отначало почти бях на път да се откажа. От няколко аутфита, които по мое мнение имаха някакъв поне малък потенциал, не получих нито един коментар, нито един hype, никакъв отзив… Чак после прочетох правилата – ако нямаш рейтинг, хората въобще не виждат снимките ти. А идеята на обществото не е точно такава. Равен шанс за всички или?

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  23. Such a great post! I agree with you 100%. I looked at joining Lookbook but after reading their rules and FAQ, I decided it would not be worth my time. As a newcomer to their site, it seems almost impossible for anyone to see your photos. And, you are right, it's always the exact same people being featured, which can get quite boring. You have a wonderful blog, and I'm now following on Bloglovin.

    xo Jenny

  24. your point of view couldnt be more right on, its funny bc I was researching something that happened to me and found myself on your blog again 🙂 at this point I cant decide whether to stay or not and I have been a member myself for quite a while. I also declare lookbook is broken, so sad bc the potential for greatness is there but is too often overlooked for the same same same.


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