Why Instagram Feels Like an Episode from Black Mirror + A Tangerine Fluffy Sweater

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Lately I have been trying to breathe life into my forsaken social accounts, starting with the dreadful Instagram. If you are like me, a person who doesn’t photograph their strawberry and oatmeal breakfast and if you skip a day without showering, Instagram can be a drag.

Like every fellow blogger, I tried taking snaps of my day to day life and like every person obsessed with their dog, my Instagram is filled with blurred photos of stupid things my dog does. Not surprisingly my Instagram is not very popular. At first I was kind of sad my content was not considered worthy and I kept wondering how I can make it better. I thought about being a cookie-cutter blogger and posting only photos when it looked like I have my life together, but we all know my life is as put together as a pile of socks, so that didn’t turn out very well. 

I decided I should read about the topic and after I spent a questionably long time reading through articles on how to become rich and famous on Instagram, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a Black Mirror episode. 
If you’ve never heard of it, Black Mirror is a series of short movies, unrelated to one another, which depict the future as over-consumed by technology which is making our lives miserable and empty in the long run. It shows a dystopia where people are obsessed with internet, and one episode really manages to stand out and represent Instagram as the source of all evil.
Now, you might think this is going over the top, but more and more I come across people who are feeling left out and unhappy, because they can never reach the likes they think they deserve, they feel left out.

I know this, because I felt it too. Even a cynical bastard like me has feelings and when you put a lot of effort into something, which  is just ignored by the whole world, you feel like an outsider, you feel not good enough. I’ve tackled this topic with Lookbook’s website few years ago, and I feel the same is happening with Instagram now, it is filled with perfect lives, perfect faces, perfect relationships, perfect perfection. And then there’s me, the person who’s phone makes potato photos.

Even if your content is worthy you still have to be a social fuck and like, comment, follow, put an ungodly amount of hashtags so people can find you easier, it’s all constructed in a way which makes Instagram grow and devour. It’s algorithm is magical when it comes to making the app more popular, but it’s broken when it comes to normal, everyday lives of people. I feel like there’s got to be a way in which Instagram can be more centered and focused around people who don’t have perfect skin, who don’t travel to Dubai, who eat cereal straight from the box, where the hell are those guys? I want to connect with other couch potatoes, but how can I, if I don’t even know they exist?

It’s an ongoing battle with Instagram, one I most probably will never win. I’m thinking of starting a new trend there – People with generic lives. I can be their leader!
 What do you guys think of this app?

Fashiony part:

This is probably one of my favorite outfits lately, since I am a sucker for fluffy sweaters! I snatched this orange mouthful of joy from a second hand shop and decided to style it down with basic black jeans and velvet pumps.

I am still learning on how to incorporate more basic pieces into my style and I think I’m getting pretty good at it *pats herself on the back*

I also really like how the boobs are outlined with this sweater, it almost seems like I have them which is a nice break from my flat routine. Do you guys likey?

Orange Fluffy Sweater and Leather Back pack – Second hand, Velvet Pumps – Reserved, Black jeans with zippers – Zara (old collection).
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7 thoughts on “Why Instagram Feels Like an Episode from Black Mirror + A Tangerine Fluffy Sweater”

  1. I'm not a blogger, but as a civilian I hate Instagram too, for all the reasons you mentioned. I only ever use it to post photos of my dog, mainly because she is way more photogenic than me, but I really hate the whole "likes for likes" and "follows for follows" crap. Over half my "followers" are just bots, I suspect, for random companies trying to amass followers. And another third are assorted, erm, "dashing" middle-aged men who are, I suspect, spam accounts aimed at women. Anyway, for what it is worth, I really like seeing photos of your fabulous dog and equally fabulous outfits. It's just a merciless battle of the egos out there in the virtual world…

  2. That fluffy sweater is adorable indeed. I love this outfit from head to toe. Perfect pants and backpack….How cute are those heels! BTW I would totally join that generic app you're proposing.

    You have some really good points here. Social media has actually been proven (scientifically) to make people miserable and yet we all seem to be increasingly depend on it. What is its attraction? Is it as some psychologist warn, just plain voyeurism? Most social media has both advantages and disadvantages.

    While I wouldn't call Instagram the root of all evil, we must admit that there are many worrying trends born there.

    I don't see anything problematic with people who do Instagram for a living, neither do I mind that people use it to get attention to their work, blog or whatever. I do that too, I guess. What I don't like is this constant need to portray our lives as 'perfect'.

    Instagram fame is the oddest kind of fame to me. Most 'influences' are incredibly needy of attention, they constantly crave it, invent stories and use emotional manipulation to get attention from people, some are even worse than celebrities. They just can't get their act together. One day they're crying, saying how hard their influencer lives are, the next they are pretending to live a jet set life. So, not a fan of how many people use Instagram at all.

    Maybe that is why I post mostly my drawings on Instagram…to avoid all that lifestyle craziness.

  3. I'm loving that orange sweater. The colours and textures are perfect. <3

    I get what you're saying about Instagram. I guess it depends on what people want to get out of it. If getting likes is the equivalent of someone's self worth, then yeah, I can see how they'd be an emotional rollercoaster and that's no bueno.

    I've found that I just really have a need for people to know me. I want people to see who I really am. It's a liberating thing. I've also gained awesome friends and found other bloggers as a result and I'm sure it had to do with all of those pesky hashtags, but I come from a generation that used IRC to connect with people, long before there was a Facebook or Twitter. Hashtags are just an extension of IRC. Each tag is a "channel" and you'll find that people who frequent those "channels" want to connect with others who have similar interests. So, I'm not as annoyed by (meaningful) hashtags, because it's the only way to reach out and find people who are interested in the same stuff as you are. 🙂

    So yeah, it's really all about perspective. If you go into it with the wrong mindset, then it will be a bad experience for sure!

    – Anna


  4. You look fantastic in your normal clothes + crazy stuff. I like this combination and I think pairing the fun items with something 'basic' makes it pop even more.

    I don't do Instagram as my life is so not photogenic and I totally suck at fakery. I even have trouble with usernames on websites, like I'm so stupid I won't answer unless you use my real name. But, I do know what you mean about feeling like your online self is supposed to be achieving, if not fame then at least a ton of loyal followers. I don't have a brand, I can't stick to one topic and I don't sell myself well at all. I want to reach people somehow, feel as though what I am doing benefits people in some way, connect with people without having to touch them. 😉

  5. Hey, you're not alone! I do feel tired of instagram when all I see are glossy magazine-like photos and I just take a break. I do follow awesome people though because why use an APP when our feed is CRAP. I'm happy to have a phone that takes potato photos because I don't need to upgrade when the old phone is doing just fine. I took so many selfies for someone who doesn't even post them on the Grams that the phone has stopped updating itself. I really don't get why everything must be updated about a gazillion times a day! And I need to watch Black Mirror because I've been a snail when it comes to TV shows as I feel that hours just pass by with a billion things to do like taking care of myself, I never got a chance to sit my bum down and chill like a potato. Random rant aside, don't take the Grams seriously. You know it's just a tool. You can experiment and put up those type of pics that will get LIKES or you can just do your thing and post real-life moments that are far from polished. I'm going to post a picture of my cat but I'll be honest I like to do the hashtag spam hehehe. Just keep it real, Keit. BTW, I am on Lookbook and my photos are whatever but I like to be there to find rare gems like you! I love your outfit btw and especially your hair and face! The flat game routine comment was FUNNY hahahahha. I relate 😀 xoxox

  6. It reminds me of a really interesting documentary I saw on french TV about the effect of screens (eloquent on children who stand too much in front of it who have a smaller frontal cortex – speaking about the studies written in "glow kids" US book), and also about the app's corporations which kind of "drug you" with an accomplishment/succes/recognision/pleasure (releasing dopamine) feeling when you get likes/badges.
    I find it heavy to deal with. I'm almost overwhelmed thinking about the accompts I have on the websites I use, knowing I try to limit myself, but that I also don't want to be invisble because of my freelance work mostly (not my main job now, that's why I kinda let it all die… which is also frustrating x) ).
    But that's why I love Black mirror! It makes us think, be alert and conscious of changes.

    On the fashion side, I love it a lot! Two statement pieces, some good ol' simple black pieces to make it stylish n' chic, I buy ^^ It suits really well your hair color and create a mix of punk and classic: I'm all about contrast <3

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