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No, I did not die, and no I did not meet Hugh Jackman and we finally got happily married. In fact I split up with my boyfriend of 6 years, I had a medical condition that threw me into a big, juicy plump, depression where I could barely function as a human being, let alone take photos of my outfits, which consisted of a draggy sweatshirt and a dash of unwashed hair for good measure.

At that time blogging was starting to be a chore, rather that a hobby. I had a lot of breaking points during that period, some were like in the movies with an epic soundtrack and a strive to better myself, some were just your stereotypical breaking point, where you lie in bed and cry yourself to sleep as days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, and you soothe yourself with fried potatoes and barbecue sauce, lots of alcohol and bad decisions.
After this period of misfortunes and a shitload of bad decisions, I looked like a mosquito with button-like green eyes,a stable job and freedom. Freedom to be an asshole, freedom to be good, freedom to be everything, because once you’ve hit rock bottom and start digging deeper, and reach China, and all you’re left with is the oil-dripping Chinese fried bread, you start to realize you might as well enjoy this stupid fried bread while you’re down there.

I started gradually to enjoy this bread. I lived my life like every day was the last day. Shockingly most people post quotes on Facebook to live your life this way, but lemme tell you, when you live your life this way people get annoyed.

So yeah, after making a lot of people angry, confused, sad, distressed, disappointed, intrigued and after a bunch of more bad decisions, I thought: “Hey….I miss blogging.. I miss standing in a snowy blizzard with a sequin dress, I missed this stupid blogger version that always bugs out and makes me smash my keyboard, I missed wearing clothes which appaled humans and sometimes their domestic cats, but most of all, I miss my friends. YO guys, this is for you!
All of the people who kept writing to me even after an year, this is for you. I am sorry I did not get back to anyone and forgive me for being a rotten potato, but potato, potato potato…? 
Honestly, I have no excuse for this, I just wanna say sorry. *if someone exclaims “aaaaaw” during this heartfelt sentence, please tell me and I will provide you with a potato dipped in glitter.*

Aaaaanywhooo, I missed blogging. So behold, the one and only, worst blogger of 2017 *drums and booing occurs*…… Keit!

*Narrator from the oscars*

 “Keit, also known as worst person in the world for leaving her blog, seems to own a dog now, also had blue hair, then purple, then blue and purple again, seems she also has a boyfriend (sorry guys, this piece of juicy pizza is taken), also has a new home and lots of new friends!…Nope, scratch that, she’s a lonesome fuck as always, either way, she’s back!.”

*booing occurs again*

Come on guys gimme a break, lets talk clothes to get those consumerism juices flowing.

I bought this fluffy pink t-shirt from Zara, when I had a sudden urge to waste money on things I CAN NOT AFFORD.
So,I bought the red shiny booties and the t-shirt on a bright sunny day, when Zara’s store in the center of Sofia, was filled with pleasant happy people… Is anyone here believing this?
I swear, at that time in Zara’s was a bloodbath. Women screaming and arguing with the cashiers, men who have sunken into deep depression, cause they wish they had been to the football game, instead of this female massacre, clothes were scattered everywhere and such handsome clothes as well, my heart was bleeding….
I managed to dig my way through the chaos and snatch both these beauties before I loose a tooth.
The boots are extremely comfortable and go with practically any outfit I come up with.

The faux leather skirt with the slit is from Remix.bg, the online second store I’ve mentioned a couple of times here and the one that makes my paycheck cry and commit suicide. 
This is a really basic outfit which I would usually wear at work. The weather was extremely hot for 25th of December, global warming seems to be kind towards fashion bloggers *Said Keit while been drowned by an ocean of mutated jellyfish*. 
Current hair status is purplish-blue? I wanted to make my hair lavender or unicorn style…… at home, DIY, while my dog was feasting on my legs and boyfriend was shouting how much people suck at his game, alas, initially I got red hair, pink hair, green hair, everything but my dream color. 
If you want something done proffessionally, cause you lack basic skill for it,  you gotta pay the price, which is 60-70 bucks for the hairdresser. For Bulgaria this is a hefty price, one which I am still not prepared to give away without a fight. I’ll probably try and dye it myself again and then terorrize the Earth with my bald head and prickly eyes.  Woopdidoooo!!!!
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11 thoughts on “Why I left the Blog for More than an Year”

  1. Kitty Keit, I'm so happy you are back. I mean you never left Earth but you get me. From the blogging sphere. I've missed your sharp wittiness and your kawaii sense of dressing. I'm sorry to hear about your medical condition and I think you're one strong woman for saying it like it is and making no excuses about nothing! And living your life like it can be taken from you any moment is truly AWESOME because you shed loads of unnecessary negativity. I love you for coming back. I remember thinking about you every few months (okay maybe that's too over the top) but you get it and I thought you've married the Prince of Bulgaria and living somewhere with no stupid Internet! I hope you can see how excited I am to follow the next chapter of your blogging adventure. Stay precious! Happy holidays and thank you for making me LOL! Bye….. <3 xoxo

  2. Omg omg omg, Keit! <333 You look fantastic. I'm so glad everything is OK! Missed you SO much! <3

    I'm so sorry about the breakup. I really am. Being with someone for so long. It changes you. When all of a sudden that person is no longer there, it's so difficult to figure out who you are and who you used to be and how to reconcile those two states of being. It's a real shock to the brain. So, yeah. I'm happy that you're getting through it.

    Oh and you have a fluffy pooch, now. Omgosh! Soooooo adorable.

    Hey, I ended up moving to Canada. Yeah. I live in Canada, now! :DDD I also have a second cat. She's just as miserable as the first one. Big mistake. Stuck with them, now. So. Oh well. 😉

    – Anna


  3. Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog. I am loving your hair and style! I have also been known to take some big blogging breaks, it's often quite needed! Hope this new year brings some amazing things your way! 🙂

  4. I had a feeling you were absent for more than a year, that's how much I missed your blog and your writing. I'm happy to see you're back, sharing your style and your entertaining meditations with us.
    I have also been absent from blogging for about 4 months because of medical problems so I totally understand. However, even when the reason for disappearing is something like that, it still can be refreshing to get that feeling of 'missing the blogosphere'. When blogging becomes a chore, it becomes less fun. So being away from it for a while can be good for us:) and even make us want to blog more.

    I love your new hair colour. I know that lavender was what you were going for, but this looks pretty awesome as well. The outfit is gorgeous. That pink fluffy top is so adorable and it looks great paired with that skirt. Perfect boots as well. Your dog is adorable!

    P.S. you're just as beautiful as the girl I illustrated, if not more. If I find time, I will do one illustration of you.



  5. Oh I missed you so much and I really did wonder if you were dead, cause my mind works like that. I was worried, and I suspected something awful. I should have known that you are a survivor though. I have struggled with blogging and whether or not to blog and I stopped reading other blogs for a long time. It became too overwhelming trying to write something to everybody all of the time and I realised that I only have 3 friends in real/offline life whom I only see once a month or less because I can't manage so much social stuff so why did I think I could constantly communicate with 2o bloggers? I am exceedingly attached to a few of those bloggers though and you are one of them. Who doesn't love you? I am so sorry for your difficult times and all that shite. You are fierce. You are strong. And courage does not exist without fear, it's only stupidity then. So happy to see you back giving the world a some sass and glitter. xoxo

  6. This is a joy to see you again around here! I didn't dare to let a comment or write a mail, but I came back regularly to check on you without being intrusive (a great fear of mine x) ). I guessed you had your reason to have a break, and I'm sending you a (shy but) warm hug for the time you went through! I'm glad you are feeling better to persevere. I love your fried bread philosophy <3
    You rock these purple hair, I feel like you had it before ^^ I feel you about some nice pastel colored hair! The care (as the price, I agree for France too) often stops me from going crazy! This skirt is looking quite fabulous too!
    Your plush.. dog! looks like a good boi, with a good amont of fluffiness, so cute!

    Have a great day o/

  7. I was kind of ready to give up on the idea of ever seeing you back here and today came to look for some funky inspiration for my next thrift.. and then i see the dates and start crazy scrolling through last month to see what i've missed. I'm at work, but have my cup of coffee and plan to spend the next hour here! so glad you're back

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