White sneakers for pathetic days

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We have a car wash right in front
of our block, and every day I go somewhere, I pass that particular car
wash. I’m usually always alone, and I think that the people who work
there, might have figured out that I must be a lonely, cat lady freak.
days ago though, a friend came to visit me, so once again we passed the judgmental
car wash, only this time I was not alone. And it’s the weirdest feeling, I felt very proud of myself, as if I’ve achieved
something of incredible difficulty.
I bet no one even noticed us, but I was growling with happiness : “See? I’m a person! I have friends!”.
Can’t get more pathetic than that!

Fashiony part:  Pathetic days call for comfortable outfits and this is what I came up with (knitted Mango sweater, tote bag from nowistyle and white sneakers).
If you ever see me dressing like that, know that I’m feeling slightly more pathetic than usual…

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32 thoughts on “White sneakers for pathetic days”

  1. Haha, I feel that way on FB sometimes. Whenever someone posts a photo of me doing something with someone else, I feel slightly proud for some reason, like it makes me appear just a tad bit more normal. πŸ˜‰ Love the bright red and stark white!

  2. Hahaha! That's just great, Keit. I'm proud that you showed off your friend!

    That sweater looks super awesome and cozy. The knit on it is simply faaaabulous!

  3. Aha, if you're a cat lady, then you must be the most stylish cat lady ever because you make white sneakers look good! I wear white sneakers and people ask where my mini van and soccer players are. You just look cool and I bet those car wash people are just really jealous of your awesome boot collection. (I know I am.)

  4. Ohh I am the same. Only my "friend" is almost always my sister. But we only look pretty much exactly identical so maybe no one will notice!!!
    You look both comfy and adorable, so screw them and their car wash, whatever!

  5. Aaaw, you look like you have this inner smile, somehow! I like this casual look and the combination of your hair-color and the sweater.

    Have a great weekend, girl!


  6. Ahaha that bit about looking like you have friends is hilarious, I know I've definitely been there. Could you be any prettier? I just found your blog, definitely following!

  7. You still look perfect, in just the simplest of outfits! How do people make sneakers look so great? I LOVE those! Haha, I always go places alone too-introverts unite!

  8. Don't think I can tell whether it's your pathetic day or not because I still see the stylish you! =D
    I like your red sweater.
    Btw, lately Bloglovin and Google reader had their stuff going on and I decided I'll follow you in Bloglovin too. So count me as your Bloglovin follower now too =)

  9. Honey, how can you call this your pathetic day outfit?
    It is freaking zesty and colourful! And you can never look sad, take it from me. What you feel is your business πŸ˜€

    Your pixie is really growing out to look adorable!
    Shubhi's Revels!

  10. Hehe.. there's nothing wrong with having only a few friends. Really good friends that you completely trust and that you can count on are rare. It just sucks when most or all of them live far away and you don't get to see them often (which is my case). :/ I totally get what you're saying, though.

    Even your "boring" posts look cool. Haha. It's impossible for you to be pathetic. <3 My favorite item is the blood red sweater. It's wonderful!

    – Anna


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