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You know what I don’t understand lately? Why do people excuse other people for being assholes? I’ve stumbled upon sayings like: “Be good to the person who behaves badly, you don’t know what fight he’s fighting“…. The what now? I’m having all sorts of fights everyday and I don’t behave like a douche. It’s not that hard really, to  behave humanely, even when you’re feeling like a lump of dirt throughout the day. 
And when you behave good, you’re reinforcing the bad behavior, like: “Hey I can be an asshole and people would just deal with it, silently“. NOUP! 
Ah well, maybe I’m just having too much free time on my hands and thinking stupid shit instead of being productive (as always) but hey, if I didn’t share every insignificant crazy thought I had with you guys, this blog would be called “Beauty In Randomness”. 

Speaking of randomness, this lace dress is everything but that! (I’m getting better and better at this topic transition thingies!)  I received an invitation for a new sponsorship from “6ks” which is an online retailer for women’s clothing. When I took a glance at the dress on their website I almost choked on a cracker I was munching. It’s playful, comfortable, breezy and perfect for Summer- the dress, not the cracker! 
The shipping took 14 days, everything was neatly packaged and the quality is great. 

I wore this for a leisure beer day with the boyfriend, ate a hot-dog, perched on a sunny bench and listened to the annoying sounds of nature. I kept the styling at the bare minimum. It was still too cold for bare veiny legs, so I wore my leather-look tights and black patent boots.
I got one more item from “6ks”so stay tuned for another post soon! 

White Lace Dress- 6ks, Bag- Nowistyle, Tights and black patent boots- random Bulgarian store. 

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23 thoughts on “White Lace Dress from “6ks””

  1. Толкова си красиваа, Кейти! Третата снимка отгоре надолу в близък план е прекрасна <3 нямам търпение да ти видя красотата на живо, хаха 😀

    1. отговарям си сама, за да допълня, мда… Напълно съм съгласна с поста и това за total douche хората. Те са енергийни вампири… Имах такава приятелка, добре че вече нямам нищо общо с нея. Живота й бе труден – нямаше почти никакви пари, семейството й бе ужасно и винаги си го изкарваше на околните с обиди, агресия и дори насилие. А всички се опитвахме да й помогнем, най-вече аз… Какво ли не правих за нея, за да е по-добре, а се е стигало дори до удари по мен, защото се скарала със сестра си по-рано през деня… Достатъчно я изтраях 4 години и не понесох повече… тормоз. Не си заслужава. Мразя хората да се държат така, особено когато се опитваш да бъдеш толерантен и съпричастен с техните болки. Ами че всеки си има проблеми да му се невиди, ако всеки се държи така и си го изкарва на другите всички ще се избием. Дай и аз заради своите да почна да тероризирам хората… Нее, не понасям такива хора, те не си заслужават, само ти пият от енергията и щастието и ти влияят на настроението/живота/деня/държанието и всичко. То е като една безкрайна верига – ако днес на нея й е криво заради караницата със сестра й после ще си го изкара на мен с обиди и удари, после аз бясна ще се прибера, ще си го изкарам на нашите за деня, после те ще се ядосат и ще си го изкарат на съседите или колегите и така до безкрай… Както обичам да казвам на хората "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR NEGATIVE BULLSHIT" 😉

  2. I was always taught that – not necessarily by my parents, but just by noobish people – that if someone is being a jerk you should be nice, like what uhm bye. Anyway! You're looking flawless, I love your dress and accessories!

    onacruz blog

  3. Oh, I totally agree with you! My mom has this horrible coworker who behaves terribly and like a child at work, but she never gets reprimanded because she 'had a bad childhood and we need to be understanding'. Lots of people have been through crap, that doesn't make it alright to treat others badly!
    And how cool is that dress?! Sort of light and fun , but the shoulder cutouts make it a bit edgier (that could be the boots doing that too 🙂 haha). Love the leggings too.

  4. On your first topic, I totally agree! I mean, you shouldn't be super shitty back, but you should let the person know they're being shitty! I was in H&M the other day and the dressing room attendant asked this woman to bring out her clothes (like you're instructed BEFORE entering the dressing room). Well the woman immediately got an attitude and upon returning with her 2nd pile of mangled clothes started on this rant about how she had to go get more sizes since nothing fit and that she expected better customer service. I stood up for the attendant and said "Look lady, she's making minimum wage!" We have a saying in America that the customer is always right, but really it's just led to a country full of spoiled brats who expect special treatment even when they're buying cheap, sweatshop shit.

    On the second, more pleasant note, that dress is everything I want to wear this summer! Off-shoulder, draped baby-doll style, and white & lacy! I just bought a dress at a thrift store that is most of those things. I'm still looking for a white baby doll dress, though. You picked well, my friend!

  5. well, that's a cute look, Keit. the dress looks super girly and even those massive booties don't reduce its girliness. I definitely love the whole thing. the combo of white, red and black is always beautiful. oh and some people just can't behave humanly. they think that if they're having a bad day/week/year then they have the right to act shitty with everyone else. I know people like that really well unfortunately and it's super annoying. if you're having a bad day and acting bad with everyone else then it's just a huge pile of bad and how can that be good or useful, right?

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. I think that's why douchebaggery runs rampant in my country and especially in the political sphere. No one wants to call people out on their bullshit. People should be made to feel embarrassed and accountable when they say and do stupid/hurtful things.

    On a lighter note, you look so fantastic in that dress! The shiny boots are perfect with it! <3

    – Anna


  7. I love this! This is so awesome and I love that owl pendant too! I agree with you too. I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt but I also agree that just because you are going through crap it doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. I've been through lots of crap, painful stuff, heart breaking stuff, and never ever stopped being cheerful and friendly to people. I am not capable of treating people badly. I am inclined to hold others to that same standard.

    Can I just hang out with you and pretend to be aswesome by association? Oh that OWL!!

  8. I love how you pinpoint the logic behind your blog name ^^
    You thought really relieve me; there are still people aware of their impact (don't know if it's education, being polite, having a correct behavior, respect or a mix of all of this and control). I can't be more upset when someone who had a bad day feels it's ok to evacuate his rage to the first person he meet in a douchy way like 'if I am going through this, so everyone should'. If we'd all do this, this would be an endless circle, making each people we come across angry/sad/upset etc…
    Congrats for the sponsorship =) I love how you mix this dress with the other outfits; the contrast is great. And I must admit I've been stucked on these tights, they are really fancy and unique.
    Have a good day!

  9. Keit, you beauty, that dress is AMAZING! and yes, if only everyone would think less of what others think of them and more about how they treat other people, the world would be a far nicer place. But hey it's Friday – so things are already looking up! Have a great weekend x

  10. Dude, I so agree! I mean obviously the world isn't sunshine, rainbows, and clouds that rain Skittles, and I get that people don't need to bottle up their emotions, but but it's totally possible to suck it up and be a smiling person for simple errands and tasks! Plus I think that whole making yourself smile will make you feel better theory has some truth to it.

    MmMmm these pictures are so delicious, Keit!! That lace dress looks sO CUTE on you and especially against that hawt pink background. Work it. Work it real good.

  11. hahahaha the annoying sounds of nature- I literally laughed out loud. that was so unexpected. also, GET OUT with that dress. it's gorgeous! i'm so tempted to buy it, but I literally bought another pair of shoes yesterday and i miiiiight feel guilty getting more goodies. ugh, why don't i have a trust fund. definitely bookmarking this though! for those weak moments 😉

    xo marlen
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