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So I have been slowly consumed by the faux fur madness. This is strange and new to me, because I’ve never been drawn to fur, or animal prints, or even sequins! This blog has ruined me! So, a week ago I succumbed to my new addiction and thrifted this white vest and eeeek, it’s so fluffah I’m gonna diiiieee!!!!! But the best thing about it is the “Keep away from fire” printing on the label. 

Have you ever noticed the absence of “Keep away from fire” label and then immediately thought “Man, I should jump into a fire with this”? Me neither! I know printing this on the label is standard procedure, but it always cracks me up. Keeping away from fire is valid for every fucking thing on this planet, either clothes or your ex-boyfriend. It’s just common sense!

Anyways, the vest is size L, wraps around the body like a Hugh Jackman, or so I wish, and it’s a crispy white color. It’s perfect for layering over a coat and I’ll be showing various ways to style it in the next “How to Wear…” series. 

I wore this for another visit to the dreadful Mall to buy presents for my sister. For this outfit I wore a simple gray sweater underneath, a thrifted clutch and my Chelsea camel booties. It’s pretty basic and boring, but the thought of going through yet another Mall crowd made me homicidal and the least creative.
Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? 

Faux Fur White Vest – Second Hand, Clutch – Bianco Gear (second hand), Chelsea camel booties – Stradivarius. 
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30 thoughts on “White Faux Fur Vest”

  1. Haha did it really say keep away from fire?! Now you know someone sued the company because they had no idea…People man, people. And you thrifted that?! That's an awesome find, and it looks flawless with your chunky sweater and tan boots. Speaking of your boots, I didnt buy a pair just like that recently to try and stay thrifty and now im MAJORLY kicking myself over that.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Sooo fluffaaaayyyy! Haha, I'd be dying in it's warm embrace too. So glad you succumbed to the furry trend 🙂
    Bahaha, and yes, warning labels are the most humorous things today. Though perhaps they really should print those lables for certain ex boyfriends…
    I'm done with my Christmas shopping, thank God! Just got to wrap them and I'm completely finished! 😀

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Никога не съм предполагала, че ще те видя с елече от кожа с косъм… но ето че се случи 😀 Изглеждаш супер, разбира се! Обаче погледът ми е най-най-силно привлечен от колието!!! Страхотно е (inlove тотали!) От къде е и какво точно представлява? :))


    1. Извинявай за късния отговор, но тотално забравих! Взех си кристал от един фен шуи магазин. Вързах го за кожена каишка и воала! 😀

  4. yay, I absolutely love that look! everything looks just perfect here and your new snow white fluffy vest goes wonderfully with those classy blue jeans. I love that colour scheme! oh and you look super happy here. Christmas does that, am I right? when it comes to Christmas shopping then yes, we are done with that. but all the presents need to be wrapped and it's kind of scary to even think about it 😛 maybe tomorrow I will deal with it. but just maybe, haha.

    Part of me

  5. That vest is out of this world awesome and I love the close-up shot of you! I can better see your amazin hair color. Also I'm totally doing the DIY Christmas card from your last post, even though I'm an artist I'm a lazy bum creatively at the moment so your post helps a ton 🙂

    onacruz blog

  6. Damn, that is a lovely hairy piece! It's look pure and match really well with the necklace and grey sweater! It's the kind of thing I would throw on my bed when It's hot enough, and when coming back to it, I would think It's a cat for a few seconds = flufy test passed!
    This label story is beautiful xD I never noticed it before, but I would think something similar for sure! Btw, the ex-boyfriend may be one of the few thing we hesitate about throwing in a holy fire, and where a warning may be recommended, just sayin' :p
    Have delicious holidays too!

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