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Finally finished watching “Berserk”…..I was planning on writing a huge rant, but I’m so damn angry right now, I think I won’t be able to construct coherent arguments, without using the word “fuck” a couple of hundred times.
I was so looking forward to this anime, it had the whole package. Interesting story line, character development, great soundtrack…and last couple of episodes it all turned into crap. Why would you ruin a series like that? I bet the manga is awesome, well great, but it still doesn’t make the ending suck any less!

Have you ever been completely immersed in a movie or TV show, until the ending just ruined it all? (I’m looking at you True Blood! This show has gone downhill, like my male preferences when I’m drunk).

Outfit! This dress reminds me so much of Waldo it’s creepy. Never though I’d feel sexee in a Waldo outfit. I’ve been staying away from turtlenecks my whole life. They make it hard for me to breathe, because I’ve convinced myself that big necklines = more oxygen. The dress may be the biggest step towards embracing turtlenecks. Do you guys like turtlenecks? Or do you prefer deep necklines showing more meat? 

Dress- Nowistyle, Bag and booties- Second hand. 
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29 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?”

  1. I must say that if I like some series / movie, I will accept the ending, whatever it may be 😀 ! Love your dress. I sorta like turtlenecks, but my head looks like a ball if I wear one.

  2. Oh my, I haven't worn turtlenecks since high school I think, but you sold me on this one. I'm a sucker for stripes so I could't help but love the dress. Also, your tights/leggings are so rad <3

  3. Oh yes, you make an incredibly sexy Waldo! I rather like turtlenecks on you! I think it complements your cute, short hair so well. 😀 I think turtenecks are pretty grand–I'd very much like to have some sleeveless ones because I think they're strange and snazzy. 😀

  4. Have you watched Twin Peaks?? The first season is absolutely brilliant and then midway through the second season, it falls apart completely and totally sucks. And then after that, it was cancelled, so it could never redeem itself. Which is very depressing. But anywho, this look is super cute. I love that you're wearing a pocket watch as a necklace. 😉

    1. Never saw it, but I keep hearing people getting all crazy about it, so maybe it's about time I try it out. (only the first season of course 😀 )

  5. I try to steer away from turtle necks. Unless I'm really really cold. Otherwise it just feels like I'm being choked. I love love love your outfit! You look like a rock star! And red is definitely your color.

    A lot of Animes are like that. Evangelion for instance got me feeling really sick after the ending.

  6. Well, you nay be feeling like you lack oxygen but you look stunning (so it's worth it, especially since it's all just a feeling, not what's really happening)! And I'm also fascinated by your tights, where from?

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  8. Aaaaand that's why I've refrained from watching anything until something very very good comes up… and also it's the reason I gave up on watching Mad Men somewhere in the middle of the third season, because I'm afraid they'll ruin this show with this amount of angst (it almost crosses the line). Your dress is lovely, but the leggings are THE BOMB! I love them, the sides are kinda unexpected 😀

  9. oh no, I hate when a series goes to crap! i always wonder why the writers don't feel like it's going down a bad road lol. and i literally GASPED when I saw this outfit! It's SO amazing- i love that bold dress and your bag is so pretty and vintagey. I want all of this, gimme.

    xo marlen
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