When People Say You Don’t Need Money To Travel + A Tropical Outfit from Choies

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When I hear people say you don’t need money to travel I want to punch them in the face! The hell I don’t need money! Just the flight to Japan would cost me a lifetime of surviving on cat food, what the fuck do you mean I don’t need money!?
We’ve all met this particular breed of delusional human beings who are constantly doing their “soul searching” by traveling around the globe, taking gazillion photos of their crooked feet tucked cozily in the warm sand of the Bahamas and at the same time, whether because of self denial or just plain lack of basic knowledge of how the world works, they keep telling you how important is traveling, how amazing is traveling, but most of all, how you don’t need money to be able to travel!

These humans ignore the laws of nature, in particular, the laws of survival which distribute your paycheck towards necessities like bills, food and shelter. They ignore them because they don’t obey them. They make their own rules. In their head jam-packed with mojitos and massaged with deluxe jasmine shampoos, traveling is a no biggy! 
You don’t have to think twice about your
boss dispatching you like an old tampon, because you had a sudden urge
to “find yourself” and leave the firm for two weeks. You don’t have to
survive on pretzels so you can save a few bucks in the jar with the
sticky note dramatically titled: “MIGHT TRAVEL SOMEDAY, MAYBE”, then
actually use the money you saved for the stupid electricity bill,
because some idiot (your wife) didn’t want to die of hypothermia.
You don’t have to book the cheapest flight, which goes around
the planet a dozen times before it comes back to your actual
destination, and who’s passengers are mostly crying kids, a few cows and
that asshole who just stole your laptop, hey give that back!!! You
don’t need to stay in that low-priced hotel which is included in the book of Guinness Records for its highest
percentage of homicides and you don’t need to think twice about eating
that suspiciously looking cheap burrito. Oh no, now you have stomach
ache and no money for medicine or a doctor…Never mind, just lie on the ground and wait
for the Grim Reaper to take you. You did manage to see the Great Wall of China though,
totally worth iiiiiiiiiiit!!! 

I think that people who say that you don’t need money to travel are people with money! So when they say you don’t need money to travel, they actually mean: “I’m rich and I have no concept of the real value of money”.
Now, IF you travel like a hobo, what they say may be true. If you sleep in a tent and
don’t go to hotels, cook your own food or buy cheap food that would most likely kill you than keep you alive, travel with a train or hitchhike,
don’t buy ANYTHING, not even a fucking ugly magnet you’ll put on the
fridge to never look at again, then yes, you don’t need money to travel! But the types of people who say that, stay in hotels which have the word SPA in them or visit exotic places where they “experience the culture” by shopping and trying the national cuisine at a restaurant where the meals are named something like: “A la merge with veal, cherry tomatoes, saffron and larpegenfequesomethingfancy”.

I know traveling broadens your horizon, makes you richer, blah blah, but if your traveling includes a hotel with a handsome elevator dude and pasta, don’t be all “I’m an independent spiritual seeker, it’s amazing you should try it!”
If you don’t feel like reading this wall of text, here is mah favorite video by College Humor, which basically sums up this whole post. Is funny cause is tru!!!

Now for a little fashion talk! 

I recently got a few goodies from Choies and boy these guys never disappoint! I thought I’d send off August with an appropriate middle finger (HATE SUMMERRRRrrrr!) and so I styled an outfit inspired by the tropics. Everything is from Choies except for the glasses, clutch and watch. 
I styled this outfit around my new floral tropical skirt with a side split. Thought I’d give it a sporty nudge and add a snazzy green muscle tee.

Also added these gorgeous lace up ankle booties. These babes are so comfy I can actually run to catch my bus with them. Yay! The laces were a pain in the ass to put on, but that’s just because my hands coordination is nonexistent.

I’ve always adored chokers, I had one in High School with big pointy
spikes (think I’ve mentioned it several times) and imagined a fairy tale scenario where the boy I liked, who was
also into metal music, would see my choker and instantly fall in love
with me. That’s what movies taught me! The boy didn’t fall in love with me, think he turned out gay at one point, but my sentimental spike choker fueled my love for this type of jewelry even more. So, one of the things I also ordered from Choies is this moon pearl necklace and I absolutely luv it! Into the tropical outfit you go!
I also added my blue mascara, but because of the
stupid sun the camera didn’t catch it. Ah well, this is just something
I would have to live with! Be strong Keit, be strong!
So that’s it for today! Let me hear your thoughts on the traveling drama, do you think you don’t need money to be able to travel?

Floral side split skirt – c/o Choies, Moon pearl choker – c/o Choies, Tee – c/o Choies, Lace up ankle boots – c/o Choies
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18 thoughts on “When People Say You Don’t Need Money To Travel + A Tropical Outfit from Choies”

  1. you said it sister! One does need money to travel and stating otherwise doesn't make any sense. I absolutely love that tropical skirt and I imagine you looked quite dashing running in those ankle boots. Fabulous look, from head to toe!!! loved your text so much<3

  2. THIS. SO MUCH THIS. It's even harder in the blogosphere here, where everyone seems to be super duper rich (most often because of their rich parents, not their own work). And I'm just standing here, feeling like the only poorfag in the world of Polish style bloggers! Honestly, for the past six years, I've been travelling only within the 120km radius between my hometown and the city I live in. Which makes me kinda depressed, to be honest. I'm like, ONE DAY I'LL BE RICH AND SEE ALL THOSE FANCY PLACES IN THE WORLD. Let's hope this will be the case…!

    As for your outfit, this shade of green is a very difficult colour to style, but you've done it perfectly – it matches your hair&eyes as well as your funky outstanding personality!

    Seriously, I have huge dreams of travel, but reading all the "You Don't Need Money to Travel" articles makes me roll my eyes and want to strangle the person who wrote it/said it. Seriously??? OF COURSE YOU NEED MONEY TO TRAVEL, YOU DOLT! While the serious scrounging and hardly being able to enjoy yourself in the sole name of traveling is (kinda) admirable, that's not how I want to do it…I'd like to travel and appreciate the nicer things while I'm there too…which only rich people get to do of course.
    Haha, and yes to that College Humor skit! It's so accurate…I've seen it before and it never gets old xD
    Anyway! LOOOVE the tropical vibes here (if you can't travel to Hawaii, just dress like you're there, right?)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  4. Hi Keit! I know exactly what you're talking about, woman! It is ridiculous to say that travelling is doable without money. Which planet are these people from again? But since you're asking us (me) if it is actually possible to travel without the moneyzzzz, I'll be pedantic and say that yeah, I do that all the time. I travel out of the door and into the front yard and sometimes to the my back yard for hardcore bird-and-cat-watching excursion and this may also involve a whole lot of intense nature-ogling session where I'm in my super stylish house clothes and my feet snug in my slippers, basking in the warmth of the sun when it's about to set at no cost at all. Sometimes I travel into the deep dark corners of my mind for free too. I'd say that ultimately it depends on the person's subjective definition of the word 'travel'. If it's to Rome and he or she is practically a total hobo who lives on cans of tuna half-way across the world, then the idea of travelling without money might just be realized by being randomly kidnapped by human-traffickers who happen to go to Rome. BTW, you glow in your tropical outfit and the laces on your booties, though – how long did you take to tie them all nicely? Hahaha. Love your ranty rant, girlfriend!!! Moowah!!! =D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  5. Hee hee hee! Hit a nerve?
    That green is the best on you!
    And I adore the boots and choker. Just finishes it all off.
    How dare the sun ruin your mascara shot! Naughty sun!
    Have travelled a fair bit in my life…yes, it needs money! Will show Mr Artist your video. He is into imitating hipsters at the moment.
    Your writing just topped itself (got better, not committed suicide 😉 xo Jazzy Jack

  6. I agree with 'Just the flight to Japan would cost me a lifetime of surviving on cat food, what the fuck do you mean I don't need money!?' xD Flight to Japan costs 1 semester private college tuition fee…Plus the hotel, the munchies, and blah blah blah.
    I travel a lot tho, eventhough Only to 'neighboring countries' or just to other provinces, but ikr traveling costs lots of munnYY!!!:<

    I've always wanted to travel to Japan and Hong Kong or Thailand (because, yknow…fashion heaven!!CHeAP CLOThESSS!!) but I haven't make my own money yet and I don't come from rich family so maybe it will come true in 5-10 years more…*sobs*

    I often saw people share their backpacking experiences, and I just wonder 'how the hell they can survive..' or 'how the heck they hitchhike what if the person is a bad person and kidnap you!?!?!' ….maybe I'm not suited for being a backpacker lol x)

    By the way, I loooove your skirt, so summer-ish!!!:D

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  7. Haha I agree so much with this post! It's these same people who tell me things like "you're a writer, start a travel website!", "don't worry about money, you'll make money on the way!", "what are you talking about, there is no such thing as race, anyone can go anywhere!", "girls just need to stop thinking all men are dangerous!" bahahaha!

  8. Katerina, if you write a book, I'll buy it 😮 (and how can you be so good at writing in an other language?! Teach me sempai)
    Your point on travels is awesome and realist, and this video so funny.
    Travels are so expensive (a real one, with a flight, beaucause you don't have a month in front of you and you want to see further than your country borders ofc), they need organisation, they are time-consuming (teleportation researches should be a priority nowadays!).
    Outfits wise, you look radiant; this skirt is a beauty!
    Have a good day =)

  9. Hahahaha you are so right, I'm always shocked when I read stuff where people say you don't need money to travel. I mean, if it was that easy we would all be on the road 😐 Except if you decide to walk to every destination you intend to visit (which clearly is impossible) you can't say you don't need money. Even if you crash people's home and share rides with strangers, you'll have to spend something, well anyways.. Most of the travel bloggers get paid for that, and even if they don't get paid they have money hence why they don't feel like you need money.
    Anyways, that's a very pretty skirt you got there 🙂

  10. I love the skirt. And you know I feel the same way on the topic of traveling. People who say that travel costs nothing aren't keeping in mind the responsibilities like families, jobs, debt, and the need to secure a future that lasts longer than one's 20s–responsibilities that most normal people have to consider, in one way or another.

  11. That skirt is absolutely stunning! The colors are so vivid. Also, those boots! Ack! I want! <3

    I think that it's possible to have an adventure on the cheap. I'm kind of an expert at the whole staycation thing, these days. Hehe. You'd be surprised at the opportunities for discovery that exist not that far from home. 😉 Plus, I truly believe that an adventure can be whatever you want it to be. So, that helps. Hehe.

    – Anna


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