What too much beer can do to you…


Well, apart from the deep wholehearted talks about the Universe and the meaning of life, accompanied by the usual blurry eyes and waving hand gestures, alcohol  can make you do weird stuff. Like this:

And then this:

Don’t know why, but after watching my cat eat its paw for 10 straight minutes I decided to paint my hair pink. And you know what guys, it’s really not that hard. I came across 20 websites about dyeing hair in pink and all of them were: “go see your hairdresser, don’t bleach your hair alone” blah blah.
But you all know my inability to be responsible and my ability to do things half-assed, so I bought blonde and pink dye and here’s the result. All you have to do is get a nice blonde color if you’re darker like me, so the pink would be more vibrant. I didn’t use bleach, just typical blonde from Palette. But you may have to paint it a second time if the blonde isn’t light enough, plus it all varies from hair to hair. Obviously my hair absorbs everything like a sponge. We don’t have “Manic Panic” here, which is one of the best dyes for rainbow colors, but we do have Stargazer, which did the job pretty well!
So, hope you guys like and sorry for the upcoming dark outfit posts, but pink really goes great with black! XD

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51 thoughts on “What too much beer can do to you…”

  1. i don't think that is weird at all!! you are pretty no matter what hair color you are in.

    check out my blog? and maybe follow each other 🙂

  2. You're a real fashionista! Only a few people can dare wearing pink! I've always wanted to do that too. wear you hair pink and rock some dark clothings. Looking forward for your outfits.

  3. Ah, so that's how you get your hair pink. (Had no clue about the having to dye it blonde before hand, but it makes sense.) I really like the bright pink layered like that, it's fun and shocking!

  4. haha, well-at least with our beer induced decision impairment you still managed to do a killer job with that dye. the pink looks so cool. it's a great way to shake things up a little bit. i've been debating trying to do something a bit more colorful with the bleached ends of my hair, but have so far kept myself from biting the bullet. inhibitions are waning after seeing this post though…

  5. ооооо колко яко! И ти стои страхотно! Сега искам и аз да си направя косата някакъв странен цвяр… тюркоазена например 😀

  6. I dye my hair at home all the time and yes bleach messes with hair. Mine's still recovering. Your pink hair looks lovely. It'll make black outfits pop.

  7. Oh, my God! Your hair looks so amazing, I love the pink! I also do at-home color jobs. It really isn't that hard, and you get quite a lot of self-satisfaction when it turns out well!

  8. ahahhahah……I LOVE to ck out your post….you are SOOOOOO funny….your sense of humor are CRAZY!! just like me:)…yea, I agree when you are drunk you always did crazy stuff….but I never did that with my hair!!!…BUT I do love to try pink hair color like later:) to be honest…I love your eye color…it goes well with any hair color!!!! jealous!!!

    much love <3<3


  9. При всички случаи съм впечатлена от смелостта ти да направиш това. Аз винаги съм искала да правя всякакви експерименти с косата си, но така и не пристъпвам към решителните действия. А на теб определено ти се получава :)))

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