What the pixie cut has taught me

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Growing out this bitch of a hair, has been a slow and painful journey, filled with resentment and “I’ll just lie in bed and die” kind
of whining. After tuning this:

into this:

I can gladly say: good riddance!
I love short hair and I love girls with short hair, and maybe someday I’ll cut it again, but right now I’m as happy as a clam. So I
decided to give my pixie the appropriate burial, and share with you
what she has taught me throughout this year.  R.I.P pixie hair!

Men genuinely loose interest in your shaved head. (maybe it’s not the
hair, maybe I have the charm and intellect of a box of old smelly socks.
Never mind that, I’m perfect, blaming it all on the hair)

2. You can be a smelly hobo and go on without washing your hair for days, and not feel bad about it.

3. Combing is for pussies, I’ll just use my fingers.

4. Your pillow is your worst enemy.

5. I’m invincible to nature’s majestic powers. Wind can go fuck himself.

6. Hats make me look like a cancer patient.

7. Headbands are your best friends.

8. Hair clips are your best friends.

9. Sack of potatoes over your head is your best friend.

10. You can dress in baggy pants and people will think you’re a lesbian (stereotype much?).

Ok, back to fashion: these photos are so crappy they hurt my eyes. Without the appropriate lightning and motivation, it’s hard to make something look decent. This is one of those outfits I would wear every day, until it starts smelling of moldy cheese and rancid onions, and even after that, to stop wearing it would be questionable. 

T-shirt- nowistyle, studded shorts- nowistyle, socks- La Redoute.

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27 thoughts on “What the pixie cut has taught me”

  1. Ah yes, the bad idea haircut! Well, I love your pink hair now, it suits you perfectly! (Or at least the online personality that I have come to know.) But your pixie cut showed off your lovely long neck and collar bones quite nicely…it wasn't as bad as you think.

  2. Aah I feel your pain about growing out one's hair…I've had my share of awkward hair phases…I love your outfit…I love ordering stuff from le redoute…pixie cut or pink hair Keit you are gorgeous xxx

  3. Invincible to wind… Man, that sounds nice. Haha, your list made me smile so much. Especially the sack of potatoes over your head being your best friend. Totally sounds rad.

    I'm loving your yellow socks. They definitely make this outfit!

  4. Твоята коса поне е права, при мен дори и със сегашната ми дължина възглавницата все още ми е враг 😀

  5. I love pixie cuts, they look so nice and effortless and like you said, take that wind! (But you look really pretty with both hair styles, you have such fabulous bone structure so you can totally pull of anything.) I think the best thing about really short hair is you don't need very much shampoo, I remember that it use to take me six months to get through a medium size bottle where now I end up having to use half of the stupid bottle. (And the shedding! Arg, I hate how long hair sheds.)
    I do have to say, the pink hair is sooo pretty on you. I love it at this almost bob-length, it's super stylish on you.

    I wanted to say thank you as well for your really kind words the other day, it was really sweet of you and it really did help so much. Thank girl, you're awesome. 🙂

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