What I wore to London Fashion Week. Day 1

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Bahahah, naaah, I’m just messing with you guys. I don’t have the money nor the desire to go to London Fashion Week, go figure, right? Anyways, this is an outfit I wore for a very unglamorous occasion- just going out.

The fuzzy cardi is extremely soft and cozy. I thought it would be quite demanding, because of the specifics of the fabric and the color, but it is actually very versatile. Versatile…man, this word makes me feel like a pretentious medieval  Lanselot.
I know I said in previous posts, that I would try to dress up more grungy, but I completely forgot. Life made me do it, I swear! Now that it’s colder, slouchy hobo grunge would be the best solution for my skeletor body. 
What is your favorite styling technique for keeping warm during colder days? 

Fuzzy cardi- c/o MIIA, Grunge top- c/o MIIA, skirt- Chicnova, Shirt- Cichic.

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25 thoughts on “What I wore to London Fashion Week. Day 1”

  1. how do I keep myself warm these days? well, the weather is not that cold yet anyway but when it gets chilly I just layer. an oversized cardi or sweatshirt or a leather jacket always helps.
    by the way, your furry cardi is pretty insane. I haven't seen anything like that before 😀 you rock it of course, there's absolutely no question about it!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I was kind of wondering about that title… like dang, she must be super excited! But nah. Too much work to go there, right? 😉

    I adore this outfit sooo sososoo much. Especially your top. I would just love to raid your closet one day, Keit… steal your boots, steal your shirts, steal your cool patterned things and grandma sweaters… 🙂 dreamy sigh.

  3. You can never go wrong with a million layers and then some. The only (minor) problem is, for some reason people tend to stare when it suddenly gets warmer and you begin to shed the layers. And when they discover that underneath the coat, the cardigan and the two sweaters you have just taken off there are still like, at least TWO longsleeves.

    I love the Plaid Shirt Tied At The Waist trend, I have to try it myself eventually.

  4. Lmfao. <3 It seems like everyone and their fashionista moms are doing posts like that. I, too, am not that cool and I am totally OK with that state of affairs. Haha.

    I don't know how many times I've said this phrase to you, this year, but this is probably one of my favorite outfits of yours. You just keep surprising me so I have to keep changing my mind. Haha. <3 You use of colors and layers is so wonderful. The textures, ripples, folds, sheerness and opacity. You really nailed it! I truly love this!

    – Anna


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  5. I actually don't blame you for not wanting to go to fashion week… it's just a lot of crazy people trying to get noticed by standing in large crowds and blocking the sidewalk 😛 That said, though, I think you would pretty much fit in perfectly at London Fashion Week with this look. The fuzzy cardigan is pretty amazing.

  6. You are a neo punk's wet dream in this outfit! Definitely a good choice for NYFW. I'm only slightly jealous of your hair.. Okay, a lot jealous. 😉 As far as styling technique goes: layer, layer, layers! That's all that matters when it's getting cold.

    xo Ashley

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