“WhaT DO YOU DO” question and Granny sweater

You guys already know how much I adore public transportation and the challenges it brings. A lot of the time spent near the public transportation, I contemplate my unenviable fate and curse myself for not being able to fly yet. Alas yesterday was no exception. After meeting the most polite homeless guy in the world, I got off my bus and sat quietly on a cold stone-like bench to wait for a friend. Usually when I travel around town I keep a straight face, maybe even make a bad ass frown, to scare off any individuals that might assume I’m friendly. So, as I was sitting there, with a homicidal stare a girl must have mistaken me for a normal, outgoing person because she started talking to me. I don’t mind getting involved with conversations with strangers, it’s just that I really don’t think you can do that sober…or sane.. So anyway, the conversation was something of the sort:
Strange Girl: Hey may I sit here?
Me: Of course (homocidal look still on)
Strange Girl: I really dig your style, it’s really cool
Me: Oh thank you, that’s really sweet (homocidal stare slightly turned into an awkward smile)
Strange Girl: But really, don’t you have trouble finding a job, looking like that?
Me: Well…uugh..I’m not looking for a job…
Strange Girl starting to talk a lot of things and the conversation slightly takes a turn to how people should protect their civil rights and some other stuff. 

Thankfully my friend arrived on time to save me from my most dreaded question ever: What DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?
I can’t express my hatred, enough toward that question! And it’s as if the sadistic universe knows how much I hate it, because conversations always revolve around that particular question.
For a person not doing anything, this question is confusing. I can’t say I’m blogging, people would want to know what the blog is about, and I have no idea. Can’t say I’m a student, because being a student isn’t a profession, can’t say I’m a photographer either, because no one would buy something of mine, even if their life depended on it. So I usually respond with some sort of weird noises, accompanied by a smile. Maybe I can pretend like most girls and tell them I’m a freelance photographer and model, and an artist, and a writer. So many possibilities!

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47 thoughts on ““WhaT DO YOU DO” question and Granny sweater”

  1. hahaha the homocidal stare was mistaken for a kind of smile… that made me laugh 😉

    && that sounds almost rude of her. I mean, I can understand her curiosity but still, I don't think some people understand how they come off as sometimes, you know?

    I am loving the black and blue here! That sweater looks so cozy and has the neatest print ever. Digging the locket, too! 😀

  2. funny story but weird tho. I dont really like the type of talkative stranger like this hahhaa
    But hadle the situation well. hmm if I meet you, maybe I can be that talkative (not that rude ofcourse)because i really really love your outfit and your pink pixie hair!!
    have a nice day <3

  3. hmm, I don't get it.. why should it be difficult for you to get a job? there's nothing wrong with you, maybe that girl was just crazy 😀 my arms are partly covered with tattoos and I have worked in city government for instance and didn't have problems. some people simply can't understand that being boring is not mandatory and you don't have to be "super normal" to get a decent job.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Aз не мисля, че е странно да кажеш, че си студент… в смисъл, аз съм студентка и едновременно с това работя като системен администратор, но някакси въпреки това обикновено отговарям, че съм просто студентка.

  5. hilarious. at least she didn't try to forcibly take you away. some weird Japanese guy tried to do that to me one day while i was waiting for a friend at a train station in Osaka. he literally grabbed me by the arm and started to pull me away, insisting that we go and have tea (saying this in Japanese, of course). that was REALLY weird.

    however, now you have me curious, but i won't ask the dreaded question. haha 😉

    so in love with that sweater, by the way. the colors are so rich. they just draw you in. <3

    – Anna


  6. you know what…I have a friend have the coolest altitude just like you…I mean a lot of people hate her…like seriously! but we are best friend:)…it's just there's so many different people in these world 🙂 so many not everyone can be compatible with each other:) but I really like your altitude..and I really think you are super funny;) and regardless of the sweater and outfit..you do look very pretty:)


    BTW…love how you say pretend like most girl said they are writer, photographer and model:P…..ahahahhah

  7. Много обичам бабешки пуловери… Преди 100 години майка ми имаше подобен от ангорска вълна и аз обажавах да се гуша в него <3

  8. I'm in love with that post! that text is really amazing, so interesting and funny at the same time! And the question about 'finding a job loking like that' is the best :))
    Anyway, you look really good, I love that sweater 🙂


  9. много готин пуловер, готин блог, също (: а що се отнася до историята с работата, там нещата седят тясно, тясно.. дали биха ме взели на работа е един въпрос (е взеха ме след интервю, на което дойдох случайно с тениска на joy division), дали аз ще заменя стила си за права пола и чорапогащник – друг. тъй че, предполагам и при теб така седят нещата.. ?

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