Wedge sneakers and the pain of taking photos outside

Hello the coolest readers eveeer! It’s time for the daily brag. As most of the lookbookers here I joined the River Island contest, and sadly I never made it, which didn’t surprise me at all. The thing that surprised me was  that 400 people who are supposed to be my FANS actually don’t give a crap about my outfits and don’t like them (no surprise there actually). Anyway, I decided to use the 30 percent off (with the illusion I was buying something a lot cheaper). So yet again, I was crushed under the tons and tons of fashionable products which have flooded the market and got these.
They cost 40 pounds and are pretty much what it says- BLACK LACE UP WEDGE HIGH TOPS. If anyone is wondering if they’re worth the money I must say YES. They’re uber comfortable, they have a hidden platform which makes me look taller (hotter) and they look so damn pretty! 😀 (that’s a totally professional review you have here). Although I must admit they’re not THAT good, the sole of the shoes isn’t that pretty, it looks like a Chinese cheap imitation (which totally is) but I love them! Here’s some real photos (don’t mind the white hairs, they’re from the kitties) 
Another thing I wanted to tell you about are the creepy stuff that happen to me while taking photographs of outfits outside. Yesterday we went to the park and as usual I raped my boyfriend into taking photos. I’ve had my shares of retarted situations, while photo shooting and sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they’re a pain in the ass. 
One time a girl passed by and said: “Why the hell are you taking photos, she’s not gonna get any prettier“. But of course she didn’t tell me that into my face, (that would be life threatening) she just mumbled it to herself, behind my back (if you’re reading this bitch I know what you said). Okay, got a bit carried away, I’m not that bad of a person…
So yesterday was no surprise either, just as boyfriend was taking THE perfect shot, a granny passing by screamed: “Say cheese“. In Bulgarian that would be “Say cabbage” because our word for cabbage is “zele” … You get the main idea, but that wasn’t the funniest part, the funniest part is she kept sitting there, waiting to see the final result on the display. Kind of a cool granny that one. 

I really don’t like people sometimes, they make me question the whole purpose of human existence… Anyway, I would be very happy if you shared your photographing, creepy story!

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31 thoughts on “Wedge sneakers and the pain of taking photos outside”

  1. honestly, you're hilarious and I just LOVE reading your posts! I can totally imagine all those situations and it's SO funny 😀 though I think I can't remember any cool or creepy stories when it comes to taking outfit shots. I really don't care what other people think because I know they're just strange and live a boring life when they have nothing better to do than comment on some random outfit shots 😀 so, rock on, because your outfits are always brilliant!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Hey! I actually care about your sense of style! I like how you style yourself up. You have the height and you do dress up well =)
    I get what you mean by staring and those comments on people's head like it shows on their face. But I kind of got numb to it. Like heck I care what they think. As long as my pictures turned out fine! =D

  3. Готини обуща! Това със скритите платформи е хитро 😛 *iseewhatyoudidthere*

    Заради подобни странни хора повечето снимки си ги правя вкъщи, на спокойствие. Но светлината не е същата и блаблабла. Вчера пробвах нещо, което не е толкова awkward – някое другарче да те снима в парка (имам предвид големите паркове). Винаги може да се намери място без хора, а и фонът е готин.

    1. О да, има огромна разлика, на вън светлината е страхотна и си е друго. Аз имам чувството, че точно когато намеря празно местенце ще минат сто коча или майки бутащи колички пред камерата, бла!

  4. Скритите платформи са страхотни! И наистина изглеждат много добре.
    Аз съм имала безброй неловки случки докато сме снимали навън. Всеки те гледа въпросително 🙂 Но на мен ми е по-скоро интересно, отколкото неприятно. Толкова са смешни минувачите като се зазяпат. 🙂
    Исках също да ти кажа, че те номинирах за наградата Liebster. Тя се дава на блогари с по-малко от 200 читатели с цел да се спечелят още последователи. Можеш да я видиш в моя блог и да следваш стъпките, за да номинираш и ти 🙂

  5. My creepy photo story is as follows: I was pestered into letting the creators of the prospectus of the uni I was attending to have my photographs taken for a feature on postgraduate study.
    After a while quite a crowd had gathered, including a number of my friends – it was at this point that the photographer told me to roar like a lion – have I lived it down yet? NO!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  6. Your looks are so relatable with your own spin on everything you wear, truly one of a kind…i say fuck the creeps and stay as awesome as you are x

  7. Oooooh, people! It's like, if I want to take pictures of my outfit, then that's what I'm gonna do! (I've had a few creepy encounters, I think the worst was taking photos at a little park back in the woods and a man stopped his car and just sat there, watching. I shrugged it off and just kept going, but after a good ten mins of him just SITTING there, watching, I got worried, grabbed the tripod and raced for the car. Other than that, it's mostly just people walking/driving by and giving me the weirdest look and asking what I'm doing.) This is really horriable what happened to you, some chicks can be such bitches! (Plus, you're so pretty! Must have been jealousy.)
    Everytime I see your photos, I keep wanting to chop off all of my hair and get a cute style like yours!

  8. Oh sweet Jesus on a cracker, I thought I was the only one experiencing utter weirdness from people whenever I venture to take a photo. The creepiest thing I can think of so far was a random homeless guy appearing from among the bushes after he was done peeing (a fact of which the photographer and me were NOT aware), taking a bow and waiting patiently until we were done with taking the photo, because he did not dare walk into the frame. I believe I am actually facepalming hard in one of the pics from that shoot.

  9. OMG don't you just hate those people!! People just can't keep their bitter mouth shut! Same thing happen to me today when I did my photoshoot, a bunch of guys was criticizing me as I heard them call me a skinny asian, such a bunch a bastard!! Anyways don't let them ruin your mood because I think you look beautiful 🙂

  10. Хахa страхотрн пост! И на мен постоянно ми се случват подобни досадни неща. Не стига, че не не съм особено фотогенична и за една свястна снимка преди това се правят 100, ами и разни хора постоянно са около теб и зяпат невъзмутимо.
    Много интересно пишеш и имаш различен (в хубавия смисъл) стил. I like it! Keep up :]

  11. I love every outfit you put together! It's funny how people find it oh so strange when other people take photos. Like, what's really that strange about it? I did a photo shoot at the bar below my school (when I was in design school) and everybody just stared at me for 30 minutes and whispered to each other. Like, okay guys. I *totally* didn't notice.

  12. Хаха в парковете можеш да срещнеш всякакви индивиди. Аз обикновено гледам да съм на място, където няма много минаващи хора, въпреки че не се снимам толкова често.

  13. "if you're reading this bitch I know what you said" Ahaha!
    People are just jerks sometimes!
    I think that the only good reaction is to look at them with a biiiiiig SMILE!
    Anyway I like your photoshoots. I suppose that people who staring at you in the street don't do this kind of things (they prefer take stupid photos of themself in the miror of their bathroom)

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