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Well, 14th of February is upon us and I
already feel the pressure people are in, to be romantically involved and
penetrated on this blissful day. I have, for as long as I can remember,
despised this day mainly because in my teenage years I was always alone. At that time, we ddidn’t have Lana Del
Rey, so we had to sulk while listening to crappy rock songs from the
90-ties and munching on everything that has an ingridience table which
might kill you just by looking at it.

I decided to steer away from Valentine’s day today and focus on the more important things in life – moneyzzz, cause who needs love when you’ve got money!
The pay day finally came and with it, my compulsive shopping as well. I am already googling how
much my kidney would cost on the black market. Maybe I should stop
buying crap I don’t need and focus on minimalism. Minimal food, minimal 
clothes, minimal heat, minimal oxygen and after that I can cut my
throat minimalistically with a minimal razor-blade….

Pink sequin skirt – H&M, Red patent boots – Zara

Despite me being broke my whole life, because I buy unicorn sweaters and sequin boots, I am still from the working class and I still spend my day mainly at the office. I even sit close to a window where I can happily see the sun go down, enveloping the room in darkness and screams of angry people shouting at other angry people, who keep turning on and off the artificial lightning!

Since I love wearing sequins and
since I spend my day at the office I couldn’t stay away from them even
on a casual Monday-Friday week, so I decided to show you three outfits I
styled for work with sequins which can be worn without having to
explain to the security guy you shine bright like a diamond because a crazy girl? on her blog told you to.

When wearing sequins at the workplace we need to acknowledge three main things: 
1. Go knee low
2. Keep it clean
3. Use denim

When it comes to sequin dresses or skirts at the office it is best to keep the length below the knee, since showing off too much bare skin with sequins can be often regarded as a bad move. You can however turn this into an advantage if you use thick black tights underneath or even over the knee high boots, just remember to keep those sexy legs covered.
For the first look I opted for my pink sequin skirt I bought from a sale last year from H&M. The idea here was to keep everything else clean and not too overloaded with stuff, so I also wore a black knit sweater and my warm winter boots for coziness and finished the outfit with a light  blue fitted jacket. You can always use a plaid top, a casual crispy white shirt with a cardigan, heavy sweaters and so on, to tone down your sequins.

For the second and third outfits I used my new Zara shoes you probably already saw on Instagram,  and I styled them two very different ways.

For the first look I used denim to tone the shoes down and for the upper part of the body I chose a blue puffer jacket again from Zara, just to make the outfit even more laid back.

Denim Jeans – Second hand, Sequin shoes  and Puffer jacket from Zara
I wore a black nerdy t-shirt underneath with Iron Man and let me tell you, graphic tees are an awesome addition  to any sequin piece, but what gets the job done is actually the denim jeans. They incorporate this chill vibe even if you are wearing shoes dashed with plasters of sequins, so if you want to play it safe, use denim for starters. Denim button down shirts can do magic to any sequin outfit. 

For the last outfit I kept it as businessy as possible and suited up with a blazer. I have a feeling that if you give me a hot dog costume and a blazer, I can still look like a sophisticated hot dog. Think of blazers as toast and all the other pieces as just mere additions to your delicious fundamental bread.

Striped blazer – Zara, Knit turtleneck sweater – Second Hand
I kept it very casual and paired the blazer with a second hand white knit turtleneck and black pants with red tights underneath, because it was freaking cold.

If you are feeling self conscious wearing sequins precisely on that day you were going to have a round table with management, then fear not! Just pair those bad boys with a blazer and move on with your life.
What do you guys think, are sequins okay for work? Would you wear something sparkly in the office?
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6 thoughts on “Wearing Sequins to Work”

  1. Love all of these outfits Keit! But I'm totally offended by your dismissive remark about 90's music. We had prooer rock ballads back then I'll have you know! Perfect self pity parties for one��

  2. I love sequins. They make me think of mermaids, the sea and all those lovely things. I do agree about the length part. A mini sequin skirt, especially with bare legs, is not something very office friendly. But if we combine a mini sequin skirt with leggings, maybe it could work…or not…I will have to try it to see.

    This first outfit with a maxi skirt is adorable. You do look lovely dear. The second and the third outfits with those zara sequins boots are both absolutely perfect.

    Denim does work well with sequins as you have showed in that second outfit….and I do love the combo of those skinny jeans with those gorgeous boots.

    The third outfit is so business like, I love it. That blazer is gorgeous! Great styling.

  3. I have a sequin clutch but it's so far from colorful that it can be worn to work here in the office but it's got some flimsy chain handle that I need to get a handle of my life and purchase some sturdy bags. Since I go to the office in my own home, I am afraid that sequins to the work station might be a tad dressy especially if I am just staring at myself and the screen all day. You look superb in your sequin shoes, I really love the way you toned them down so that people in the office can still pretend they are supposed to be working and not partying HEHEHEH! Thank you for making me laugh as per usual girl. You gots the GIFT 😀 xoxo

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