Washing Machine Spite and a Sammydress Review

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Oh man, our washing machine is making some weird noises. We’re pretty low on cash lately, so I figured the stupid washing machine was doing this on purpose, just out of pure, evil spite. I was so angry I even started shouting at her….As if this would have helped, but at least my own voice made the weird clacking noise go away! Why does she have to play the victim! 
I’ve always had this irrational fear where something breaks, or explodes in my face, leaving the apartment flooded or burning and I would be left alone to deal with various cataclysms, which obviously I’m not prepared for! School didn’t prepare me for this, damn it!  
Anywhooooooo, How’r you doin? *makes a Joey Tribbiani face* Do you guys have a similar fear, or are you bad ass at fixing stuff? 

Fashiony stuff: 

I’ve had a very nice experience with Sammydress again! If you remember my last post about them, I made a review of two goodies I bought form their site. They were kind enough to offer me a collaboration and I chose two key pieces from their store, that I wanted to include in my wardrobe, but for various stupid reasons, I didn’t.

First one, are the boyfriend jeans! I wanted a pair of nice funky boyfriend jeans for years, but I look like white trash ass in most of them. I love this particular pair, because of the ripped details and cool pockets on the butt. They’re a perfect denim blue and the fit is comfortable to the extreme!

The second piece is the triangular pendant necklace. I ordered it mainly, because I’ve been trying to wear more boring colors (black, white and gray) and I thought it would be great to spice them up with a fancy jewelry. Turns out, it works great with color too, who would have guessed, lol!

Overall I’m quite happy with the products. The shipping time of my first order was 2 weeks. This order took exactly 2 weeks as well, items were intact and the staff was very nice. Would totally recommend! 

Boyfriend jeans- c/o Sammydress, Triangular pendant necklace- c/o Sammydress, Leather shoulder bag and top- second hand, Cardigan- Topshop (second hand). 
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24 thoughts on “Washing Machine Spite and a Sammydress Review”

  1. washing machines can be super scary, super evil creatures. I don't think they're actually washing machines at all. just evil things that want to thwart us. :O

    aaah, the pink backdrop in these pictures is WAY COOL! I like how it goes with your shirt and hair so well, buwahah. I'm glad you had such a good experience with SammyDress! Those pants are way cool on you > 3<

  2. Wait-you are TRYING to wear more boring colours? Why why why? I am trying NOT to be boring. I love this outfit-all the individual bits AND how you put it together. And can I have your hair? PLEASE!

    YES! to the pink backdrop!

    OH one last request, please come over and yell at my bathroom fans. Two bathrooms, two fans, breaking down as we speak. NEED functioning fans desperately due to heavy smoking downstairs neighbour.

  3. CUTE jeans! Just a q – how tall / short are you and are the jeans tall enuff (I see you rolled them up :))? I want new jeans but not sure if I can find the right (tall) size in web shops.

    My previous washing machine was a meanie – it broke and my laundry was stuck inside and I couldn't open it. I have a new one now and she is an angel (I'm sure that's because she knows that the old one got kicked out). Tell your washing machine that you will sell her for spare parts if she doesn't obey.

    1. I'm pretty short πŸ˜€ 164cm. I rolled the cuffs, because I thought it looked more bad ass! πŸ˜€ Good thing about the site is they actually write the length of the pants in the description. I bought a size M, because size S would have been too short even for me πŸ˜€

  4. huh, that wall behind you is fierce! such an amazing background and it goes perfectly with you and your outfit. your floral cardi, by the way is my biggest favourite from this look. and your new boyfriend jeans are pretty cool as well. very "you" πŸ˜‰
    oh and when something is broken then my fiance has to fix it (HAS TO!! :D).

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. oo i love these! i always used to get teased when i wore distressed denim in high school. haven't worn one in years. hope this and dungarees make a come back so that i can buy me some from local stores.
    by the way, did you ever get your stuff from stylishplus?

    1. Thank youu! ^_^ Why the heck would you get teased for wearing distressed? I thought cool people wore it! πŸ˜€
      Noup, never got my stuff from Stylishplus. Maybe it got sucked into a black hole…

  6. Love the photos, I really admire the way you make even the most trending item completely your own and completely different from others..Umm the washing machine and I have had some issues since it encouraged my phone to take a swim for a couple of hours and ofcourse my phone refused to work since. Also I don't have the moolah to get a new smartphone and that made me completly nutts!

  7. WHAT THOSE JEANS ARE ONLY $11?!? That's amazing. I really like that they're tapered on the bottom, that was a gorgeous pick! Also, i'm so amazed at how flawlessly you mix loud colors and patterns together- it always looks so amazing. And I really hope your washing machine stops misbehaving- those things are so expensive! And, ugh, it snowed again in Chicago this morning so no cheering yet :'(

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Haha, I always yell at my wayward appliances. My husband gets super annoyed at me and confused as to why I am yelling at things like they are sentient beings. I hope your washer shapes up and stays working!
    Also, I love that the pockets of those jeans are a darker wash-such a nice detail!

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