Washed out green jacket, ready for Autumn


This is another quicky post to show you the look of the day. Finding jackets that fit, in the thrift store, turned out being a very complicated task. And although I love the looks on girls with oversized jackets, somehow they don’t look that good on me -_-  I came across this one, that fits like a mojito on a summer day ^_^  It’s from Modstrom and you could check them out btw, they have a gorgeous clothing line. Ready for Autumn!
Jacket-modstrom-second hand, cut out dress from H&M, wedge sneakers- River Island.

Sleepy Kate is sleepy…

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47 thoughts on “Washed out green jacket, ready for Autumn”

  1. Роклята колко е хубава… от тазгодишната колекция ли е, щях да я забележа:О
    И якето е страхотно, много обичам такива попадения:))

  2. Phht, I just can't believe that the over-sized jackets don't look amazing on you, everything looks amazing on you. This jacket is fantastic however, if you weren't so far away, I'd have to sneak over and barrow it from you! I really like the contrast of the jacket and the dress with the cutouts and then you just kill me with those shoes! (I hated the sneakers with the built in wedge at first, but seeing these on you can really made me start to love them. You're so fantastic, you could wear those clear, stripper heels that have been going around the blogging world and make them look awesome and badass.)

    Oh, thank you by the way for your advice on the camera, you really helped me out quite a bit! I played with the ISO and the shutter speed today and darn if that didn't help my problem. thank you! 🙂

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