Vlog Update

Hello female and male burritos! This is just a quick update on my vlog channel, because I know you’re dying to hear what’s going on with it. I bet you haven’t slept for weeks!
So,  I made two new videos, two weeks ago, but forgot to post them on the bloggy.
First one is a Winter Lookbook.
And the second is a generic video of how I usually style my oversize hoarder purchases. 
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7 thoughts on “Vlog Update”

  1. oh I wish those video windows were bigger! if I clicked on full screen mode the quality went bad but the original size window was so small like a keyhole 😛 but I still love your videos, Keit and you should show your cats in videos a lot more. I would love to see some animals 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    1. You can click on the Youtube icon and watch them on Youtube, they're bigger there. Couldn't find a way to make them with a normal size on blogger.
      Hhaha and yes, I love to traumatize my fat cats with the videos 😀

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