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Printic App Review
One of the “perks” of living in an almost third world country, is being absolutely ignorant about new technological creations. I had no idea you could just download an app that can print your phone pictures and send them to you from across the world for a ridiculous price! What a time to be alive in! 
In all seriousness though, when Printic contacted me to review their products I was quite happy and a little perplexed. My third world senses were tingling. How? What? Where? Good thing the whole process is so straightforward, even I was able to crack it. 
So, what’s the scoop? 
Printic is a free phone app, which you can download on your phone (duh). You can pick photos from your Instagram, phone gallery, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox. Printic doesn’t just offer Polaroid prints, but a customized photo album, calendars and even a cute orange box for presents.
When you’ve chosen your photos, you can make some cute edits, perhaps add a funny text like I did here:

(I’m so funny I constantly laugh at my own jokes…) 
Packaging and shipping
I ordered 10 prints and what pleased me the most are the constant updates. You get an update on your phone, for when the photos are being prepared and when they’re shipped. Which is a wonderful thing for a customer. I’ve had so many online purchases where everything is, as mysterious as a missing sock drama! I don’t know when it’s shipped, when it’s coming, is it even going to arrive at all, so these updates were quite refreshing! 
But the people from Printic get bonus points for the fast shipping. I got my Polaroids in 4 days! Which is like, the best thing ever! They offer free worldwide shipping, so don’t shy away if you live in a crummy country like mine!
The Polaroids are placed in a beautiful orange envelope with a lovely note inside, which directly adds another massive bonus point for care and detail!  

The icing on the cake
And when I say icing, I mean double frosted, milky chocolate, sugar sprinkled icing! The kind you get diabetes from, just by looking at it! 
The Polaroids are ridiculously beautiful! They have a gloss, luxurious finish and the colors are exactly as the original photos. Every vintage lover, (not to mention the hipsters) would give a squeak of joy when seeing Printic’s Polaroids. 
The prints are 8x10cm and cost 0,49$ a print, which I think is quite a bargain.  
But the best part of these Polaroids are they leave room for creativity. They’re a breath of fresh air for any home. The boyfriend and I don’t have a lot of decorative stuff in our apartment. We keep only practical junk and crap that doesn’t look pretty at all, so I thought it’s high time I do a little makeover. 
I used a laundry rope and colorful clips. Wooden clips would make this a huge vintage explosion and would look even prettier, but I didn’t find any. Still think it’s super cute though!
So what do you guys think? Is this something you would try? If yes, I have a tasty surprise for you!
Printic are giving away 10 free Polaroids with free shipping. All you have to do is like their Facebook and/or Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram and leave a comment under the post with your email. I will select the winner via! Good luck to everyone! ^_^ 
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19 thoughts on “Vintage Polaroids Printic App Review & A Giveaway”

  1. Изглеждат много готини 🙂 Определено се замислям дали да не поръчам някой път

  2. oh I would have loved to participate in this giveaway but I'm more like a stone age person and I don't have internet in my phone. I could since my phone actually allows it but I don't want that stuff.. apps and such I mean. so I have to admire your cool and colourful pics and of course the cats! I'm so so glad to see them! by the way, what are their names? 🙂

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. I love this! And the fact that they ship worldwide is awesome– I hate when I get all excited to order something just to get to checkout and discover they don't ship to me! Anyway, I would definitely use this! Following on Facebook (Alexis Grace).

  4. I was just talking about how crazy the epoch we are living in is (and how modern western european society has evolved for the worst or the best of our species, especialy on the mental part)… but hell yeah these photos look great! I ordered some regular digital photos online and the color wasn't even that good x) I really love the landscape on the bottom of the full package view by the way!
    (ps: I never know if it's needed for the givaway, but in case AudreySseh on fb)

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