Vintage gray cap, home cooked meals and chunky, chain necklace

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Wow, I’ve never seen so many men carrying flowers, since…well..I haven’t seen men carrying flowers at all.. It’s so romantic! Better than the whole Valentine crap.  
Do you celebrate women’s day in your country?
Man, it’s good to be home. I always said, home is where the food is. Few days ago I was at my parents, not boring you with details, but let me just tell you what mom cooked: pancakes, fish, grilled chops, chicken soup, cake, meatballs, potato salad, steaks, and a traditional bulgarian breakfast called “mekitsi”.  I think I gained 4 pounds…
There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up at 2 am to the smell of roast beef (mom likes to cook in the middle of the night).
Not only did I gain pounds, but I managed to steal this pretty vintage cap and belt from our long forgotten, old wardrobe.

Fashiony part: chunky chain necklace-, sweater and skirt-second hand. 
In case you’re wondering what the red and white bracelets are doing there, they’re not a fashion statement. Bulgarians have a tradition of wearing a “martenitsa” on 1st of March, which is made of red and white threads. Red means- blood, life and white means- happiness, purity.
Martenitsas are worn until the appearance of the first blooming tree or the first migratory birds, that is, until the coming of spring. After that we place them on a tree or under a rock.

I’ve been trying to steal Keira Knightley’s (well, her character’s “Juliet”) look from the movie “Love Actually”. 


I can’t seem to find a cap like hers, and its tearing me apaaaart!!! Just kidding, I don’t care..

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41 thoughts on “Vintage gray cap, home cooked meals and chunky, chain necklace”

  1. I guess we are supposed to celebrate the women's day but none usually remembers it.. unless I remind, and then it's no fun ;P
    I love old, forgotten wardrobes and you are looking awesome.

  2. Home is where the good food is, indeed! Whenever I go home my mom bakes for weeks before I arrive so there are ten different kinds of cookies and cakes waiting for me – it's bliss 🙂 I think your cap is pretty close to Juliet's, actually, and the style is so cute on you, especially paired with your chunky sweater and gold necklace!

  3. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who wants to completely steal looks from movies. That cap is really cute and so slouchy and I love the way it kind of eats her head in such a loving way… I hope you find yours soon! But for now, the grey cap is totally cute. 😀

  4. Truly vintage but as usual, you made it work. 🙂 I think it's because your frame allows you to fit well into whatever kind of clothing there is. Even baggy sweaters. The cap also reminded my of the movie Oliver twist. And I think I should probably rummage through my mom's old stuff. hehehe

  5. oh yes we do celebrate and men are buying flowers like crazy that day (and the day before). even my work day started with beautiful flowers and delicious cake so that was fun.
    anyway, you're wearing those boots again 😛 gosh how I would love to find something similar! it's such a cool look overall and I really like those photos too.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. Oh whoa. So effortlessly gorgeous here.

    Your smile is the perfect balance between a blatantly toothy grin (me) and a peaceful stoic look. That slight little smirk and the light in your eyes is so beautiful, and it goes wonderfully with the hat and the chunk knit and that gorgeous wool skirt.

    Keira Knightley is my #1 obsession ever. I just wrote about post about how I want to mimic her 24/7, so it's so funny you write this.

    Very cool about the bulgarian bracelets. so unique.


  7. Oh, hey. It's me. 😀 I'm ready to share now. Hehe. Crazy Friday night, let me tell ya.

    Anyway, like I said, I love this for a few reasons. The color matching is great with the black/cream sweater and black shoes/cream socks. The grey skirt is just wonderful. I need a staple grey skirt like that. It adds texture and foundation without being fussy. The best part for me, though, is the tights. The diagonal stripes compliment the horizontal stripes in your sweater in a great way. That's probably just me, I dunno, but I thought that was subtle and brilliant. Well done, once again. 😀

    Oh and you're rockin' that hat! I look stupid in sooo many hats. That's why you'll notice I wear just a select few. :F Big head, you see..

    – Anna

  8. Тъкмо последните дни и аз си мислех "home is where the food is". И по-скоро храната на баба хаха. След няколко дни вкъщи с домашна храна направо ме е страх да си облека дрехите xD
    Иии честит 8ми март, малко на патерици =)

  9. Ooo, I like! That slouchy striped sweater is really fantastic. I have a couple of caps in a similar style to that, but they look quite funny on me. I love the way that one looks on you! Plus, all of that food sounds amazing, wow. haha

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