Victorian Era Inspired Outfit With A Chiffon Crochet Blouse

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So far it’s been a rough week…First my cat peed on my favorite leather backpack, then she peed on the whole sofa (WHOLE SOFA!), then I found out that she has been consistently peeing on another gorgeous red bag I’ve had since forever, which was sponsored to me by Nowistyle…
Get a cat they said, it will be great they said, you’ll have someone to cuddle they said…No one ever considers telling you a cat’s pee smells like the plague ridden Europe in the year 1347, and that your clothes will be forever riddled with cat hairs, and when you make sudden moves at a restaurant there is a 89% chance some amount of cat hair will be sprinkled on top of someone else’s dinner! Whoever you are, you poor unlucky bastard, I am sorry!
At least I have someone to wake me up every morning with the sounds of horrible meowing screams of hunger, then avoid me for the rest of the day as if I don’t exist…Wait….never mind, these cats are useless! Anyone looking to adopt two? They come with high maintenance and zero gain.
Anywhooooo, let’s talk clothes – my number one superficial love! Number two is jewelry shaped like food and number three are over the knee boots that make you sweat and release weird groans every time you attempt to remove them.
The outfit of the day is my rather misguided interpretation of the Victorian dresses. The only thing that would make the look complete is the staple of the Victorian era – the delightful and kinky granny knickers! But since I already wear an embarrassing amount of comfortable granny underwear on a daily basis, I decided to leave the knickers for better days…
I ordered this chiffon crochet blouse from Choies and gotta admit, not very fond of how it looks on me. I feel kind of broad with them, know what I mean? I’m a 44kg spoon so looking broad is something I do not desire. Maybe my overly self conscious brain is imagining things, what do you guys think? Nonetheless, I love this blouse, the neckline reminds me of an old Victorian dress, so I thought I’d make it more kewl by I layering a thrifted steampunk dress underneath. You may have seen this dress on my previous post, if not, well…here it is again! Talk about originality!

I also included my favorite blue mascara and voila, we have an explosion of navy colors and lace! Yum!

Embrace my retarded posing!
Steampunk Dress – Second Hand, Red Bag – Random Chinese Shop, Lace up ankle boots – Choies, Chiffon Crochet Blouse – c/o Choies, Cuff bracelet – Choies
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19 thoughts on “Victorian Era Inspired Outfit With A Chiffon Crochet Blouse”

  1. OMG Keit this is masterful layering!! All the navys together, the lovely textures, your make-up… It's all perfect. Even the top by itself with something would have been wonderful, but you show how over-the-top is done so well!

    I'm going to include this in my fave links for September on Sunday the 27th, but I've included you before and can't let you know because you're not on Twitter, so do keep an eye out for it :))

    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb

  2. Hahaha clothes are my number one superficial love too! I love that. I definitely get the slight Victorian feel here and can see how you feel broad in this top because of the horizontal lace, but I don't think you look broad. I think I like this top more and more as I continue to look at it. It's a really unique piece.

    Jamie |

  3. I can't stop laughing about the last photo because THAT'S HOW I ALWAYS POSED IN MY OLD POSTS! xD Bahaha, yes, embrace the retarded posing, because we all do them. #fashionbloggerproblems

    Wow, your cat releases a lot of pee! This is why I'm a dog person…albeit they pee too…you just can't win! Albeit I thought cats were automatically potty trained or something! Lol don't they know to go in the litter box?

    Lovely explosion of navy blues here, your lashes are the awesome touch!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  4. OMG I couldn't stop chucking while reading this! I love your sense of humour and your style is very original and fun. I've decided I must follow (stalk) you online now 😉
    Suzy x
    p.s I'm loving the blue mascara – I have one I love too, ever since Tyra Banks suggested every woman should wear it because it makes every eye colour pop!

  5. Are you kidding you don't like this top on you? It's so pretty have you got body dismorphia or whatever that thing is called when people don't see how gorgeous they are? The matching smurf blue mascara & red lips to red bag is stunning! I give it a 10!
    Sorry to hear about the cat wee, I'm having the same problem with our new puppy although on the up side he does give a lotta love so I let him off most of the time x

  6. Oh gosh, how well I know this pee-problem. 😀 My cat destroyed 2 sofas, my favorite scarf and bag! ^^
    But let's come straight to this gorgeous outfit! I LOVE this dark blue on you – and this whole layering-thing is great! <3

    XX, Sara.

  7. Oh my god, what the eff is wrong with the comment box, I wrote a masterpiece of a comment for you and it just vanished! I'm so pissed. Not at you but the Internet. Hi Keit, how are you? Hope you're well. Now what was it I wanted to say? I think that top looks lovely on you and no, your shoulders aren't broad like the gorilla so you mustn't worry about that and your outfit is fabulous really, I do think that the more roomy it looks on top, the more they accentuate such dainty legs you have. Unlike mine, I do have gorilla legs, not to offend the gorillas because they're awesome. But I'm a human and I wish my legs aren't as heavy, LOL. BTW, I love that lost-in-deep-thought pose you do. It makes me think of Monalisa, the painting. 😉


  8. Two Things:

    So sorry about the cats. Cat pee is absolutely awful and I've had to deal with it too. You can get an enzyme spray that neturalizes the odour in many cases but sometimes it's beyond help. A cat peeing where it shouldn't is usually trying to tell you something and that something is usually that they are ill. Unfortunately it could also be stress or depression ( yeah animals get that too) which is a bit harder to address. The cat could have a bladder or urinary tract infection. All of this means vet bills and uncertainty and is absolutely the awful part of having a cat. If it is a medical problem you can get it cured. If it is a behavioural issue it is much less likely. 🙁

    You cannot possibly look wide-or at least if you look wider than normal you just look like a skinny person wearing a wider than usual thing. Like all the models in Vogue whom I envy because basically I just want to wear shapeless things but I look pregnant because of boobs. Damn boobs. I can't believe there was a time when I wished for them. I want them to go away.

    Hope things work out with the cat. xoxoxo

  9. I love the victorian inspired blouse. The details are lovely. Cute blue mascara. I want! I don't have a pet, but I've always thought cats were fun to have. errr, not so sure anymore. lol. But, they are pretty to see.

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