The ups and downs of the pixie haircut.


No matter what all my friends and family say, pixie haircuts have been a dream of mine since childhood. There is something liberating and fulfilling in the pixie cut. Although I’m pretty sure it won’t suit me and I’ll end up  being a boyfriend-repeller, I don’t fucking care. I just want to feel a boyish hairdo on my melon head. In order to achieve that right now my fringe is being raped from the sides, and he really hates it …  so no photos.

Since ancient times the hair of a woman has been her weapon and her weakness. After all, it’s what makes us different (well that and the pair of tits and vagina). When a woman is making a drastic change in her life you can tell by the drastic change in her hair (we’re predictable that way). When the sadness and hormones kick in it’s usually the hair that takes all the damage. We can break down, cry, drag ourselves across the floor, stay in pajamas whole week, but we’ll do it with a stylish do! My drastic change in life is simply getting fed up with  people who keep telling me what to do and how to do it.  Here’s a pixie cut for ya asshole! Well…not entirely. You really can’t know if the pixie suits you, if you don’t do it. It’s a investment in your beauty future (see what floats and what just drowns in desperate struggle for air). I think of it as a huge, hairy experiment .

So… what are the ups and downs of the pixie cut?

1.Well first and most important, (obviously) is that you’ll be looking like a freakin boy! There are very few women on this planet who have a completely feminine face. That’s why for many, long hair is a must. The pixie cut usually suits a bit more girly looking faces. But if you, like me, have a more boyish face it’s simply a necessity to slap some make up every now and then, and mostly now! Make up (and Photoshop) do miracles with the face. To accent on your feminine side eyeliner, colorful lipstick and rouge should do the trick. That is a problem if you, like me, hate putting on tons and tons of makeup. It’s inevitable with the pixie cut.

2. On the positive side is the liberation thing I mentioned earlier. Imagine taking a shower and never having to blow-dry your long, silky hair. Just use a fungy towel and get on with your life woman! Although waking up in the morning could be bit more difficult, especially if your sleeping position is an embryo suffering from epilepsy (like mine). Combing your hair has never been easier aaaand you can put on some wax to make it even more subtle and boring.

3. No more jeans and t-shirts. If you want a pixie, your wardrobe would drastically change. Try pulling your hair up in a ponytail and doing a fashion cat walk with your clothes, while the staring neighbor is enjoying his morning coffee with the nice view. If it fits with the hair pulled up, well it will pretty much look awesome with the pixie.

4. One of the ups (and I think it really beats the rest), is the sense of uniqueness it brings. Few people can rock the pixie and if you are one of them, well lucky you! There are so many people on this Earth and we are so alike, the pixie is a way of standing outside the crowd.
So with a few words summarized the pixie comes with a price. You have to make some sacrifices. You’ll have to live with the thought that you will never be able to braid it, eat it, while bored in class or at work, to wave it back and forth so you can get that free pizza from the sexy pizza guy. But you will have something, many people are afraid to do- a drastic change, a fashion statement- Look at me I don’t give a crap! So what do you think? Would you try something drastic, like a pixie, or shaved sides like Milla from Resident Evil ? 😛

Update: I did it! I’m a lil boy!

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7 thoughts on “The ups and downs of the pixie haircut.”

  1. Sometimes comes a moment that we cannot look at our faces. And then we cut the hair. I cut my bangs once – depressed on Valentine's Day (it's another topic, not for now). It was a complete disaster, haven't makes anything better.
    And pixie cut saved my hair from continuous dyeing once. It was not that bad. I looked like a sweet ping-pong ball for a while ;))))
    Hold on the line Keit! 🙂

  2. Най-драстичната промяна в прическата ми беше от дължина под раменете да си скъся косата до брадичката преди 18тия си рожден ден. От тогава поддържам тази дължина. Малко е досадно оформянето, понеже косата ми е чуплива, но въпреки това си заслужава.
    А ти всъщност имаш доста момичешко лице! Късата коса много ти отива и наистина ти придава уникалност – не си спомням скоро да съм срещала момичета с толкова къса коса.

  3. I had to do shaved sides pixie do to a bad DIY keratin, and melted my hair. Its liberating, and to be honest, I've tortured my hair for years. I'm kinda happy to start over, but I decided no more chemicals and just letting it grow. I'm taking this day by day, at least I'll have more time to enjoy my summer.

  4. YOU LOOK awesome. And you are so right…that it represents a drastic change. I've been going through so much change in my life this year. Hard change. And I'm finally embracing it. Maybe that's why I keep getting the urge to do it? 🙂

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