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Hi ya’ll cheerful burritos! Sorry for not commenting on your blogs in a while, but I was on a Vacation (even internet losers deserve a little time off). After a thousand mosquito bites and a cool looking boob sunburn, I’m back and ready to embrace my Wifi! So happy!
Today’s post is going to be a review of TOMTOP. They contacted me with an offer to choose one of their products and share my opinion. Their website has a vast selection of electronics for mouthwatering prices. I was especially impressed by the underwater mp3 players, but I desperately needed a leather case for my tablet. My previous one got eaten by the cats and it looks like something alive that needs to be mercy killed. So I got this one. The shipping took around 12 days to Bulgaria. 
The case has a magnetic clip on the front and a magnetic stand on the back, so it can be easily placed anywhere you need it – this is especially handy if you have a beer belly like my boyfriend! I chose the model with the built-in keyboard, even though it’s not Bluetooth but with a USB cable, it looked more bad ass! 
The case itself is quite sturdy, but not stiff and actually very flexible. I loved that it’s so profi-looking (short for professional) and I took it for a spin at a restaurant, just so I could feel like a cliche movie character writing a novel, or poetry, or some other crap… I was actually writing a “adgjfgjskf” type of message. 
Because I’m an idiot, I ordered the wrong case for my Samsung Galaxy and I had to take an additional adapter to get the keyboard working, but this is actually good news! (Monthy Python taught me to always look on the bright side of life.) For anyone who wants to use this case, but has a different tablet model, just buy an adapter and you’re set to go! 
  • Quality PU material.
  • Compact and easy to handle.
  • Fits in my bag!!!
  • Comfortable QWERTY keyboard.

  • It does have one flaw, it comes with a pen, but the pen doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my case only, or a mass manufacturing issue.  

Overall, I’m very impressed by what Tom Top has to offer. I actually have my eyeball on a few other things, so I’ll be visiting them frequently. Nerdy gadgets for affordable prices? Count me in! 
Have you guys ever bought anything from Top Top? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!
Oh, and almost forgot, fashion wise, the case is a very nice addition to every outfit. I wore this for a bike ride yesterday, and it was super cold that day! So long Summer & thanks for all the tan lines, not gonna miss you at all!

Bitchy business face and all!

Ripped skinny jeans- Choies, Tablet leather case- c/o Tomtop, Choker- Random heavy metal shop, Mustard Beanie- Nowistyle, Leather jacket- Second Hand.
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20 thoughts on ““TOM TOP” Leather Case for Tablet Review”

  1. Oh my God, I love your jacket! I thought of so many other things to write while reading about Tomtop and your awesome tablet case and pretending to look professional, but then I saw that jacket. O.O

  2. You make reviews so fUN! I read every bit and enjoyed it. Also, totally gonna have to insert "profi-looking" into my daily vernacular now. CAN DO WILL DO! I'm glad you like your sweet case, though! It seems ultra handy with the built in keyboard.

  3. You look so professional on top…and then your knees give you away! I need to get a case for my ipad that sits up like yours. Nice review. Very arty writer looking at the cafe! I'm sure you were composing some great critique of society…not just dfhjhjh! :-)XO JJ

  4. First of all I must say it : I love your knees.
    And you're internet nerd 😀 so am I 😀
    This product seems really amazing.
    I don't have tablet but my mom does and she has no case :/ I'm just waiting till she starts screaming that it's broken or something, duuh. I should buy something like that for her, definitely!
    About your look… it's so amazing. I truly love your pants. So so amazing. I would probably look silly wearing those but I can dream about them right? <3333

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