Today’s alchoholic drink- Pina Colada

 I promised I would make alcohol related posts everyday, but I forgot. Not that you’re super, mega, hyper disappointed, bet you hate those boring posts..well I don’t! 😀
You’ve heard the song and drank the cocktail till you puked in some guy’s toilet. It’s time for summery feelings  with some fresh Puerto Rican pina coladas! It’s so fresh, your tongue is having an orgy party itself! Coconut cream, pineapple juice and rum are a bad recipe for staying sober. It’s a sugary delight for which you pay a bloody debt in the end. Whenever I have a pina colada, a second one comes along, then there’s a third, then a fourth, then I’m blabbing away how my boring day was (cause we’re all friends yoooo, even that guy who keep running away!), then I’m having a super important argument about “democracy” and why men suck, (accompanied by a decent amount of spit), then it’s all black. No one can escape the sunny clutch of  Pina Colada.
For this drink I chose my favorite yellow, dress, resembling a tulip. It’s a favorite, cause you don’t have to wear a bra with it…..

And just to make it less boring, I added black sandals from Mango and bracelet. I’m not into accessories that much (as you can tell by my unaccessorized outfits) but I’m making a step by step transition.
Cheers!!!! 🙂 

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45 thoughts on “Today’s alchoholic drink- Pina Colada”

  1. Хаха, страхотен пост! Наистина ми се допи Пина Колада докато го четях! Имаш много добро чувство за хумор и тази снимка с Мел Гибсън направо ме разби… наистина си е "Freedoooooom!" когато не ти се налага да носиш сутиен 🙂
    Напълно разбирам момента със споровете на тема демокрация и политика, а аз започвам дори и теми за задгробния живот и прераждането… странно какво може да направи едно (две, три, четири) питие 🙂
    А роклята е страхотна – лятна и весела, а сигурно и доста удобна. Но сандалите са ми любими. Обожавам такива грамадни обувки върху мънички женски крачета. 🙂
    Отново – чудничък пост! 🙂

  2. Such a cute dress! Love how you find inspiration through pina colada. I like pina colada but I love caesar much much more (yes, I like to drink men's drinks). You have a simple but stylish style which I love very much!I thin k you look awesome even without much accessories 🙂

  3. Mmmmm, pina coladas! Those ARE dangerous! (And I'm such a lightweight it only takes one and then I'm snoring and drooling away in the chair.)

    The black sandels looks so badass against the yellow dress! I always like how you don't pile on the acessories, your style seems so sleek and awesome and your outfits really stand on their own. (But that bracelet is pretty cool, it looks both tough and sparkly!)

  4. Thanks for your comment sweety 🙂 You have a great blog… Cant believe I didnt find it earlier…

    Following you now 🙂 Hope you follow back.

    Have a wonderful day.


  5. I don't know how to put big pictures like the ones in your this post…I want to make mine bigger on the blog and it is the largest I can get them to be…Help me please? xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Роклята на бала ми беше с кройка, позволяваща съвсем спокойно да се носи без сутиен. So I know what you mean!

  7. I'll always love pina coladas, although they do go down far too easily… The trick is to drink them when it's very, very hot out so you sweat away some of the alcohol 😉 Your pina-coloured dress is lovely, too, and that bracelet is really eye-catching. Here's to more accessorising in the future!

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