To drool or not to drool

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   A good night’s sleep is essential to the well being of every human, but a perfect sleep leaves you energized as a viking on steroids ready to take on daily challenges and adventures as, grocery shopping, feeding the cat and taking a shower. 
But what is perfect sleep exactly? How do we differentiate it, and most importantly how to achieve it?
And in the end, isn’t perfect sleep just a myth? Aren’t we all doomed to ask ourselves the same dreadful question, every morning when we wake up: “why the fuck am I still alive?” 
As a person who spends 70% of her time in a sleep-like trance, I have the courage to say NO. Perfect sleep is possible! 
But in order to achieve it, we have to understand what it is. My years of study and expertise in this field has led me to believe that perfect sleep measures in drool. The amount of drool on the pillow is directly proportional to the quality of your sleep.
Let me demonstrate. Below is a chart of amounts of drool produced by participants in an experiment. The quality of sleep corresponds to the drools measured in percents.

Drooling while sleeping is essential to your quality of sleep and consequently- quality life. 

You may ask yourself the question: “how can I produce more drool overnight?”. Well, you’re one of the few, luckiest people to be here, because lessons on drooling are soon to come!
And not only this, but another post is dedicated to, why drooling during sleep is sexier than you might think!
Fashiony part: Sweater- Zara, Booties- Deichmann, boyfriend jeans- second hand.

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33 thoughts on “To drool or not to drool”

  1. hahaha you're right–what IS perfect sleep? Because waking up is like the most awful thing EVER. Especially when working out comes right after it… so… difficult. xD

    But ah well! I really adore your outfit and that sweater looks so cozy! The texture of it is just awesomesauce, and that pendant is great, too. Those boots look like they could kick someone's butt if needed (and they're fashionable… kills two birds with one stone!)

  2. Eh, I drool a ridiculous amount. This post just makes me love you more, you have the craziest sense of humor. ๐Ÿ™‚ (And such a cool personal style, but the humor gets me every time.)

    I'm just going to come out and say I love your boots, they're like work boots! I love that you rock practical footwear and make it awesome at the same time.

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