To alcohol and oversized ugly clothes!

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I have a certain weakness towards ugly jackets. And I mean really ugly, the kind of “Keit from which trash can did you dragged this one out?” ugly.  To demonstrate exactly how ugly they are, here are a two snapshots from my recent purchases from the thrift store.

I’m pretty certain the oversize trend isn’t for me, because I look like a survivor from the zombie apocalypse. And I don’t mean, those bitches on “Walking dead” with sweaty boobs and long silky hair. I mean a real survivor, the kinds they show on  “Discovery channel” (with peed pants and clothes ripped off from the wolves).

Fashiony part: Nonetheless, here are the shots from the daily outfit, sponsored by the one and only oversize hobo jacket, Homer Simpson t-shirt and gray cardi from nowistyle.

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18 thoughts on “To alcohol and oversized ugly clothes!”

  1. Hah, well if anyone can make an oversize ugly jacket look good, it would be you. (These actually look quite nice, I think I was envisioning more embroidery and patches, something a granny would wear in the 80s/90s. I've seen a ton of those jackets lately in the thrift stores!)

  2. I think you are the master of making ordinarily ugly things into works of art. It's like you put them on and immediately a ray of light shines from the heavens upon you. "Look at how fashionable she is," they whisper.

    Hahaha I don't know what that was about. BUT SERIOUSLY. You rock the oversized ugly jackets. It's probably your awesome hair.

  3. I love that denim and shearling jacket, it looks great on you! I couldn't pull it off, but you definitely can with the pop of colour and shorts! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lana, xo

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