Tie Dye dress and Hologram Cut out Boots

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What is this I see? Veiny white legs? BARE veiny white legs? It must be summer!…Well it was, for the period of 10 hours, now it’s rainy and crappy again! Global warming sucks!
What are your plans for the Weekend ladies?

Tie Dye Dress and Hologram Cut out Boots

Today’s post is dedicated to three brand new items! Yes, you heard me! There’s nothing thrifted in here! Well…technically the bag is thrifted, but it was with the label still intact so I’m gonna call it new, mkay?!
The cold shoulder tie dye dress is from my new sponsor Blackfive. They’re a relatively new online store with great customer service and fast shipping. The dress arrived in 13 days and it was exactly the same as the photos. I’m extremely pleased by the quality and sizing. The sizes correspond to the European ones, so don’t be afraid to order your actual size! 

Tie Dye Dress and Hologram Cut out Boots

Tie Dye Dress and Hologram Cut out Boots

Second new item are these hologram cut out chunky boots. Friends of mine gave me an Amazon voucher for the Birthday and I immediately spent it on the hologram beauties. You can get these from Fashion Thirsty. Their site has a stunning collection of shoes with normal pricing and worldwide shipping.

The sad truth is, these boots give me bruises on 6 different places, so I would have to throw them into the “Satan Shoes” bin. 
You all know bleeding wounds never stopped me from wearing fancy shoes, so I’ll probably wear them every day until I die from blood loss! 

Hologram Cut out Boots

Last, but not least, TEH Bag! I wanted a leather backpack for my Japanese lessons, because all those textbooks weight so much, my normal bags were burrowing into my shoulder like some kind of fashionable torture devices! 
Can’t believe stupid backpacks cost so much! 60$ for a faux leather backpack? I think not! Do you know how many beers this is! I almost gave up looking, until I saw this leather backpack for 13$, yay! 

What do you guys think of the hologram cut out boots? Likey?
Tie Dye Dress and Hologram Cut out Boots

Tie dye cold shoulder dress- c/o Blackfive, Hologram cut out chunky boots- FashionThirsty, Backpack- thrifted. 
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20 thoughts on “Tie Dye dress and Hologram Cut out Boots”

  1. Още като ги видях в Инстаграм ми останаха очите, толкова харесвам такива обувки *____* Естествено, по закона на всеобщата гадост ти стискат, но важното е, че си красива и че са ниски и може да се ходи с тях 😀 Чантата е супер, аз също отдавна си търся такава, ама нъц… Тези тук много ми харесват https://www.etsy.com/search?q=backpack&ship_to=BG&page=2&spelling_accepted=bagpack останаха ми очите по тях :3

  2. um okay THOSE SHOES! KEIT! I NEED THOSE SHOES! This entire freaking outfit is just SUPER GALACTIC and reminds me of an uber cool even more futuristic version of Zenon, lol. I love that dress, too. This whole outfit is just perfectly put together!

  3. Ah you look great and I can't see any leg veins at all. If you want to see pale, veiny legs look at mine! I am envious of that leather backpack. I have wanted one for like evah! But can't justify the cost of a new one. I love those satanic bootie things too. I love that chunky sort of high top sneaker-boot strappy cut out look.

  4. hahaha! those hologram shoes are like nothing I've seen before — in a good way. But I love love love the dress more. it got that hippie vibe, but is girlie too.

  5. yay, just checked your three latest posts and I have to say all three ensembles are pretty awesome.. but the last one has to be the coolest! those fab booties may be bad for you but they do look great so I see why you're going to torture yourself by using those vicious beauties 😉 oh and the bold purple Zara cardi you thrifted is awesome too!! and the chocolate thing is way too brilliant!!! 😀 those commercials are ridiculous.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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