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I love Saturdays! Not because they’re a time to relax or because I actually meet people, after days of isolation, but because of the Saturday visit to the near thrift store. Saturdays are the days in which I blackmail my sister to come with me to our favorite shop. (because boyfriend is too good to be subjected to this torture). This time I god some pretty cool goodies that are worthy of presentation!
Found this top under tons and tons of crap, just sitting there, waiting for me with bug eyes O.O It’s XXL, and my bra is showing a lot from the sides (not the sexy kind of peeping), but I really don’t fucking care! It was too good, to be left alone.

Military vest, also size L, cut the sleeves, and voila! 

Flower patterned sweater H&M.

 Gray sweater with golden chain detail- H&M.

Leather bolero. 

And yeah, cut my hair, I can’t take it. My head looked like a basket with huge flowers…weeds -_-

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40 thoughts on “Thrifty”

  1. How beautiful can somebody be? I love that you've shortened your hair, looks really great. <3

    Xx, Saritschka.

    P.S. Did you already watch 'Sons of Anarchy'? 😛

  2. Много интересни находки наистина! И аз съм планирала по-късно тази седмица да се поразровя за разни готинки нещица 🙂

  3. You nailed some good finds. I also snag items that are XXL from thrift stores if they look too good to be left alone. Cute top! You could wear a bralet underneath if you're not comfortable with the peeking bra. Love the miltary vest and leather bolero.

  4. I like the multicolour top on you! Definitely great for the summer heat.
    Btw, I totally agree with you that Greece is freaking hot and I'm melting like caramel and more like turning brown! =D

  5. Awesome pieces! I won't care much either for the bra, I mean, the color is bold enough to not see what's under arm. My fave is the leather bolero. I would love to find that definitely!

    I just found your blog via My Blonde Gal. I'm following you now, your style is inspiring. Hope you follow me too, well, if you like:)

    Naty Ponders Style
    Chachamisu Photography

  6. Okay, you're making me take back everything I ever said about the high-heeled sneakers-tread. These just rock. Not only do they look so comfortable, but they just look crazy cool with the shorts and that awesome thrifted top! (And i like how big the top is, it's so fun and laid back looking!)
    I always like seeing what other people find at the thrift stores, all of those little cropped sweaters look so cute and that military vest is AWESOME! (It's not like I seriously have a thing for military inspired-clothing or anything.) ^_^

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