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This is Madness! It’s madness I tell you! No! This… is…thriftiiiiing! 
So I got the chance to go to a second hand splurge with my sister and I bought some pretty thingies.
Alongside with everything I bought this granny cardigan as well. It’s probably the granniest piece I own. I love the slight Christmas-y spirit it brings, and of course the oversize fit. 
If anyone is interested on how I styled my second hand purchases, you can check out the new video as well. 

And yes, I dyed my hair. I was getting bored with the pink. I think I look older with my natural tone…What do you guys think?
Sorry for being so short this time, but these past few days sucked ballz. How’s your November so far?

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19 thoughts on “Thrifting madness | Colorful chunky cardigan”

  1. I don't think you look older at all – your hair looks so glossy and chic! I loved the pink but I love this look on you too. Can't wait to see how you style your vampire dress. And I need some video editing tips from you STAT!

  2. i love the whole look..i need a dress like that. i wish i can find something which is big enough to be loose on me! and i like your hair this way don't look old..btw what was the song/music at the start of the video? it sounded so so familiar!

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