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Dude, where’s my woolen parka? Yes, indeed where is it! It’s been 14 degrees here and although some people (my bf) are rambling about how this is Autumn, and it always sucks and rains and the wind hates you more than everything, I refuse to believe! I always thought Fall was about mustard cotton dresses with cute chocolate cardigans and buckled boots. Now it’s all about woolen sweaters and two tons of leggings covering vagina and kidneys, oh the pain of it all! And you know what? Chunky, oversize sweaters DO NOT go well with short hair, unless you’re a super model and we all know I have at least 5 more months, until I sell my soul to the devil and become one. Until then, take a look at some desperate attempts to battle nature’s bitchiness.

What’s new from thrifting: 

1. Maxi leather skirt from GAP

2. Pleated black skirt

3. Denim jacket

5. Men’s shirt with a hoodie

Fashiony part:
Favorite sweater from, skirt—> scroll up, duh, awkward smile from- Keit’s attempts to look normal, Burberry backpack- second hand.

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36 thoughts on “Thrifted goodies and some random rants”

  1. Other than being very fashionable..I really really thank you can be a writer!!!!! really and seriously!!! you always ..always crack me up with your oping line!!!! and it's pretty well written:)))) Love it:)..and love your outfit!!! the stocking is the killers!!!!

    kisses and hugs:)


  2. hahaha, your posts make me smile! 😉 ugh, fall does kind of just come all of a sudden–it's like it's nice for two weeks and then it's super cold and yeah, like you said, you've gotta wear all these leggings to cover your vitals hahaha.

    Gosh, your outfit is amazing. Can I just take it from you?? I love that huge sweater and those tights and those wedges and yeah, basically everything. 😀

  3. You always bought some really great thrift finds!!! Love especially the leather skirt!!!!! The sneakers of your outfit are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna get one so bad!!!!!!

  4. I want your bat-wing green sweater and the burgundy stripes sweater too! You are definitely fit to be a model =)
    I am very happy to see that you have more followers now =D Btw, say hello to your cats for me =D

  5. Ooooh, you always have such good finds from the thrift store. That leather maxi skirt is making me swoon. I love how you wore the pleated black skirt, you have such a awesome, wicked sense of style. (That belt! And oooh, that backpack!)

    *sigh* All this talk about mustard dresses and chocolate cardigans is making me sad, soon we'll be rocking the long underwear and the snow pants.

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