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I was feeling under the weather this month, (still looking fabulous though), so I thought I would cheer myself up with some thrift shopping. I wanted to stack up for Fall, but ended up buying tons of crap I don’t need and won’t be able to wear because the weather’s getting colder. That’s practicality for ya! I’ll just pretend I bought them for layering purposes and move on with my life, thank you very much!
Prepare thyselves, a boring haul awaits!

1. I’ve wanted a satin cami dress, since I saw a pink one on Asos. I love Asos, but their clothes cost a liver and a portion of my pinkie, so I had to find a cheaper version, and here it is!

2. This colorful dress is intended for kids. Finally being a 42 kilograms bag of bones pays off!

3. Basic red jeans.

4. A very Summery tank top with cat hairs.

5. Disco pants, or as I like to call them- crotch pants, because they have the ability to ever so subtly outline your crotch.

6. This gorgeous vintage bag! I love it! O_O 

7. Last but not least, the most ugly pants in the world! The brand is Voyage Passion, and I don’t know anything about it, but I’ve seen a lot of interesting clothes with the same brand. Anyone have an idea who they are? I think they’re Italian? 

And now for the main event – the crotch disco pants! I think these pants suit everyone else in the world, except me… I still love them, after all, they’re shiny! 
I styled these beauties with the Summery palm tank top, yellow oversize cardigan and the chunky boots.

The cuff bracelet and rings are the new mouthwatering pieces from Choies. I promised myself I’ll be wearing more jewelry, but this is a hard task for someone who eats with their fingers and is waaaay too expressive with the hand gestures and tends to break everything. Anyway, I’m working on it and the new pretties from Choies are a good start! 

What do you guys think? Do you like disco pants? Or are they too weird and creepy for you? 

Cardigan, tank top and disco pants – thrifted, Bracelet – c/o Choies, Rings – c/o Choies
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31 thoughts on “Thrift Haul & Styling Red Disco Pants”

  1. After I put on my sunglasses and had a proper look at you, I have decided they are fantabulous and they do suit you! Trust me I would not be able to pull those off the way you've styled it but I would try them with one of the dresses over them. Darling bag of bones, you look fabulous just being you and you light up the internet with your wit. Who else would say something cost a liver and a portion of pinky? Just promise me you do actually eat. But if you eat anything you want and don't gain weight do not tell me because then I might not speak to you for a day or two while I punch holes in walls.

  2. I can't survive skinny jeans, let alone disco pants! I'm all hips and thighs and the current fashion rejects me at every visit to H&M. But they look awesome on you. Seriously, you're total embracement (a word!) of colour means you just rock the disco pants like every day is a sassy party.

  3. Red and yellow wins again! I like the red pants, both versions…but I loooove the patterned ones. I would totally wear them! Ugly? What? Great choices once again. Loving your jewellery, and the choker with feathers and skulls from the previous post. Was that made for you or what?! Hope next month is better for you. XO JJ

  4. oh my gosh when I first saw the photo of the disco pants I was thinking that they would be soo hard to style but when I saw your photos my jaw dropped–you look SO good in them! gahh you have talent, girl! You are so beautiful and pull everything off so well!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  5. I can't believe my style inspires you because YOUR STYLE IS AMAZING and definitely inspires me so much! That yellow dress is fire. I feel like I could never wear disco pants unless they were black possibly, you styled your red ones like a boss!

    onacruz blog

  6. Well, now that you mention it…they are rather crotch outline-y, aren't they? Haha, but they're shineyyyyyy *_* So I love. I wouldn't mind getting a pair in black…they'd be so cool for winter and mixing with chunky knit sweaters and everything else! 😀
    Nice haul though, thank goodness for fall layers, right? Haha, that's how I'm transitioning most of my summer buys. Because those purchases are still too recent to set aside just yet.
    And yeah, it's true that I understand my old friend's bitterness, but the fact that he knew right from the start that I wasn't looking for a relationship and said he was fine with just being friends is what hurts me. I valued his friendship, so it sucks to lose that.
    Anyway, shinyyy red disco pants, YES! 😛

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. NOW THOSE ARE SOME SNAZZY PANTS! Oh well. I hope by now the world knows that you have parts down there, even if you can't see them. There's a psychology term for that but it's escaped me. 😀 But anyway, I would love some disco pants. Or maybe disco… shorts? Do you think those exist? Oh, I bet those'd be ballin'.

    PS) ah yes, I'm so glad we can stalk on Facebooks and Instagrandma because it helps os much to keep up with people when I'm too busy to make posts! INTERNET POWERS!

  8. oh wow, amazing finds! I got a similar dress last week in a vintage store. love that style…always reminds me of Kate moss in the 90s! the pants are also pretty great!

  9. My oh my! Only you could pull off those shiny, shiny pants! They look so stinkin' cool though. You make styling them look so easy and effortless! I love the color of your cardigan with the pants, such an interesting combination. Also, I love the dress you said was a kid's dress! It's so cute! Of course, I love anything plaid…so 🙂

  10. These pants look pretty awesome on you, when you were describing them I kept picturing epic levels of camel toe-ness(because that would totally be my problem in these pants) but nope, you just look like some sort of effortlessly amazing model goddess. You look like you had a pretty good thrift haul, those red jeans look brand new and thrift stores are the best place for slips! I wish I'd been the genius who thought up buying 2 dollar thrift slips and selling them online for $50 plus.

  11. the pants look amazing! 🙂 the dress in the 2nd photo is fabulous. i have a similar dress :))
    i also love shopping at thrift shops because i find the pieces there more fabulous especially because i know that someone has worn them before me and i wonder what the story behind that piece.

  12. I don't know why but every time I see that kind of disco pants those remind me of Madonna 😀 Don't ask me why, cus I have no idea 😀 Anyway, you look spectaculary good 🙂 <3

  13. Those disco pants look great on you. Most women choose to wear them a lot tighter fitting–which is fine and more along the lines of how the pants were intended to be worn–but even with the looseness of yours they suit you very well. Just shows how versatile a garment they really are.

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