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My sister loves stalking vloggers. She relentlessly sends me videos of girls with squeaky voices and bouncy hair showing off either their handmade eco vegan gluten-free lipstick, or their trip to Alaska and the magical adventures they experienced there like: feed a bear from their hand, meet a handsome squared jaw lumberjack who proposed marriage, danced with freaking wolves, drank wine while admiring the aurora lights. UGH! So……….since my sis won’t stop sending me all these videos of perfect people with perfect lives and voices like the door hinge needs greasing, I thought I’d do a rant about them, since I got nothing better to do anyway, at least not until noon when I have to get nourishment or I’ll die.

up with all those perfect people on the internet? I’ve seen perfect
bloggers and vloggers, who’s mere existence makes me feel like I must be
doing something seriously wrong with my life. Their perfection is so in
your face and surreal, you know it’s damn real. You know this person
actually looks like an underwear model behind the camera, and I bet they
never get their elbows stained with barbeque sauce while eating ribs! 

My favorite videos are the night routine ones! Oh boy, where do I start with those! The typical “read a book and made the bed” casual night routines are the thing of the past. A night routine must consist of meditation, candles, preparing a gourmet dish with truffles and duck liver, spa procedures in the jacuzzi, dancing or having a profound talk with the boyfriend, or doing anything other than just vegetate with the boyfriend, and FINALLY bed! Phew! You know what my night routine is?…Give cat food, cover body with blanket, immense TV or Playstation…. Sometimes I’m too tired or lazy to brush my teeth!

Do perfect people own at least one pair of stinky sneakers? ONE PAIR? Do they always smell of lavender and peace? I have two
pairs of cheap sneakers that would stank up your sole existence, it’s
just the way the cookie crumbles! I’m not even gonna pretend that those
sneakers I bought from a suspiciously looking dodgy stall, from an
even more suspiciously looking gentlemen, don’t disintegrate and release a
whiff of cheap fabric aroma. Not gonna happen!

Some of you might say “You’re just jealous!”, well I’m gonna say to them in  return: “You know nothing John Snow, so shut up!”
Perhaps I’m jealous
of their smooth skin and perfect hair, but other than that, I’m just
here to rant and wonder, what are these perfect human beings? How did
they arrive here? Are they aliens? History Channel should
really have a thorough investigation into this matter. How is it possible for a person to have bouncy hair AND perfectly round boobs? It’s unfair I say!

Any who, I hope my sister reads this rant and finally stop spamming me with videos of those impeccable human beings and their impeccable daily routines filled with healthy morning oatmeals, designer brands shopping and Beyonce songs. Stop this madness already!
Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Have you seen perfect vloggers and bloggers? In what exactly does their perfection manifest? Do tell, I’d have more stuff to hate that way!

Now some fashion talk!

I ordered this sexy number with stripes from Choies and it’s the most perfect dress for summer. It’s extremely light and the fabric is one of those delicate fabrics that feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Wondered if I should wear this without a bra, cause there is a 99% chance I might unintentionally wet this dress and considering the fabric, I might join a Miss Wet T-shirt contest after that! I also didn’t like how the bra strap was showing on the shoulder, so I did a lil trick and hid the strap into the sleeve and voila!
The Pac-Man brooches are handmade creations from the awesome Lara! Do check out her store and blog for more awesomeness! 

Another thing I love about this dress is that it doesn’t actually look that much as a dress, but more in the line of a man’s shirt and since I absolutely adore wearing men’s clothes (they have pockets and are comfy) I’m super pumped about this design! ^_^

I thought I’d style it nerdy and added my Pikachu backpack and tried to smile more, because my parents scolded me for not smiling enough in my photos. I usually try to look cool and seductive in my blog photos, but these efforts always result into my boyfriend asking “Why are you making those stupid faces?”, the stupid face being my attempt to look pretty. So, might as well try and smile more!

So that’s about it for today, it’s almost noon so I’m off to eat something totally unperfect like tripe soup! It’s a Bulgarian delicacy, yum!
Cold shoulder dress with stripes – c/o Choies, Pikachu Backpack – Second Hand, Mirror Glasses – H&M, Pac-Man brooches – Handmade by Lara
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26 thoughts on “Thoughts on Perfect People On the Internet and a Cold Shoulder Summer Dress”

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! Lately I've been strolling too much through the surreal perfect world of instagram… until I noticed that's not good for myself. All this perfectionism is such a lie, but that's why apps like instagram or famous vloggers work. And many people are playing this stupid game. πŸ™
    Have a nice weekend and apart from that I love your look (as always πŸ˜€ )!
    xx Caro
    It's Linnae

  2. You opened and interesting topic today. There's so many things I'd say on this, and don't know where to start… Anyway, I'll try to be short. Blogging (as well as vlogging) today has totally lost the point, whether we're talking about personal style or lifestyle blogs. Instead of showing real everyday style and things from real everyday life, bloggers have become illusionists. They created the perfect image of themselves and their lives, and it's not bad that we believe in that, the more worrisome is that they fake so well that even they believe in their own lies. I kind of feel sorry for those people. They must be deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with themselves, when they need to constantly prove to others how perfect and happy they are. I don't get it… It's pathetic.
    I hate when I see a photo on instagram with hashtag #nomakeup. OK, I see you're not having any lipstick and eyeshadows. No makeup means, no makeup at all, hello? No foundation, no contouring and higlighting, no blush and no PHOTOSHOP! Gooosh… And especially when they woke up like this XD
    I can go on and on with things that annoy me but let's check your outfit πŸ˜€ That's really wonderful dress, really interesting design. An those pac-man brooches are so cool maaaan πŸ™‚

  3. I felt the same way about vloggers/bloggers all the time! I mean, it's horrible but I used to compare myself to them all the time and then I'll get super depressed afterwards. I don't know, I try to think about how they didn't get there in one day, ya know? This sounds super cliche but they had to start at the bottom somewhere like us. And of course it's not always rainbows and sunshine on their end, lol.

    I love this outfit because of the Pikachu backpack, lol. It's super adorbzz and the brooches are amazing too! β™‘

    xx AlexisSplash

  4. Wearing a cold shoulder dress while giving a cold shoulder to perfect vbloggers? or is it just a coincedence? Whatever it is, I really like that dress and I think it looks fantastic on you. Those brooches are really cool….hands down to the girl who makes them. I just love how you styled that dres…adding a Pikachu backpack was a nice touch.

    That's the only thing I regret in my life…Not buying a freaking Pikachu backpack!!!! How cute are those boots btw?

    I haven't seen many vlogs and I do really keep track with vbloggers…I like to pretend I multitask and listen to fancy lectures while I blog or do whatever and youtube doesn't allow for watching a fancy lecture and not a fancy one at the same time…or does it? The voices would probably got mixed in my head so I can't say what annoys me about perfect vbloggers…but maybe, just maybe I'm slightly annoyed by some bloggers whose every outfit post is a freaking editorial…how do they do that? where do they always find the perfect location, lightining, make up…and photographer?????

    Btw speaking of our photographers, my husband totally makes fun of me while I try to pose for my outfit post but I must give him credit for always scaring aways people who just stand there and stare by giving them the dirty look. That's priceless.

  5. Perfection doesn't exist. These bloggers/vloggers might be showing their lives like it's all roses and candies but we all go through tough times, I guess they just decide not to show it. There is a difference though between not wanting to show your weaknesses and actually pretending that everything is perfect in your life, which is what a lot of bloggers do. What is shocking me the most is that there are some bloggers who apparently are so different in real life from the image that they portray, I'm just wondering why you would invest so much time trying to create a persona that is not you.

    Anyways, I really like your dress and your shoes!

    DeeVine Anonyme

  6. Totally get you there but in my case I just see basic bloggers. A lot of bloggers honestly post the same outfits from the same stores and the same type of post that looks the same. Like it's not even me being super hater legit i see the same outfits from the same stores with the same background lol…..I like your dress I like how asymmetrical it is hehe I hella want that print but I can never find something that I like with it in terms of fit

  7. Unfortunately you are too perfect for me. Sorry! Just kidding, although pretty close to perfection, your attitude wins me around πŸ™‚
    That's why I resist trying to do perfect backgrounds and full makeup. At least that's my excuse…or I could just be lazy!
    This dress is perfection and the cold shoulder even more so. Look at you…jewellery!! Go Keit! Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. I was going to be a creeper again and read and gawk at your super cool style, but now you've related to me again so I have to say that YEEEEESSS!! to all that you just said. I can't imagine how amazing some of these bloggers and vloggers lives are! The trips really kill me. And if I see one more fucking macaroon I'm going to scream. My personal pet peeve is the pictures of bloggers from above on a weekend morning with perfectly crisp white sheets, cute little PJs, a perfectly stirred (or designed?) cup of coffee, a style magazine and a laptop (with their blog as the homescreen) with a caption–"Perfect lazy Sunday." And the thing that annoys me beyond the obvious about this is–both their hands are on the cup of coffee and the magazine, etc. so someone else is taking this photo. I would feel like the world's biggest dofus if I asked someone to take an obviously staged photo of me in the morning!!! My photo would be me with ridiculously messy hair (like real messy hair, not "messy hair don't care"), an oversized t-shirt of some kind and probably my husband's track pants with Christmas socks on Walmart sheets with a (most likely broken in some way) thermal mug and some cereal stuck to me somehow.

    By the way, I really am a huge reader of your blog and was overwhelmingly and probably sickeningly psychotically happy that you followed and commented on my blog. Thanks a million! I hope not to disappoint.

  9. Haha, you never disappoint, Keit. How is it that you get ranty over these perfect vloggers who fell from heaven when you, yourself is quite the picture of perfection? I think there is a bit of the grass is always greener across the digital screen mind set that is very human. I love, love your perfectly-shot photos and I've watched videos of vloggers' elaborate Night/Day routines and I really do take it with chunks of dead sea salt. They're pretty surreal pretty but real life is gritty and as much as I do enjoy watching them sometimes, I'd rather watch cute animals, read and watch criminal stories, and immerse myself in TV shows that depict the real and often times, ugly side of life. Wow, don't I sound like the life of a party? Haha! Thank you for this delicious post my Bulgarian friend. I'd eat tripe soup with you any day! =D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  10. (…) usually try to look cool and seductive in my blog photos, but these efforts always result into my boyfriend asking "Why are you making those stupid faces?"

    ^ Story of my life πŸ˜€ Totally!

  11. but are they really perfect? they are only as perfect as they attempt to portray themselves on the internet…everyone faces their own issues, and that goes the same for bloggers/vloggers/etc…that's what I always tell myself when I start to feel down about myself in *comparison* to others.

    love this dress and the pikachu backpack!! xxx

  12. Some people out there think you are perfect. Have you considered that? As Shanaz pointed out….When I'm feeling insecure or down (it happens rarely these days) other peoples lives seem perfect. It's only my warped perception, nothing more. And if someone is bragging about their perfect life to all & sundry on the internet perhaps they feel the need to prove something?

  13. If u know where to get another one of those pikachu bags, I swear I'll pay shipping to serbia for it xD I know all about the perfect ones. I would also be the perfect internet human if i just had the time and patience to edit every god damn pic i make for like an hour or so… BTW i read the post about comments on blogs the other day but I don't remembered if I commented. Truth is, most blogger do work on ''scratch my back and i'll scratch urs''. But I think it's something necessary in case you ain't a famous blogger so all people are commenting anyway.. Lots of love hun!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST

    XoXo Venoma
    Fashion Blog Serbia

  14. Oh man, that's been on my mind a lot lately…how do these perfect humans exist? How are their lives/bodies/skin/voices/fashion/EVERYTHING so flawless? It's mind boggling…and irritating…and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want Jenn Im's life (have you seen that vlogger? Ugh, she's amazing…)
    But it's really a warped perspective, and one that we all see differently. Personally, I find you one of those flawless beings as you have the height and thinness of a doll that I've always envied. So see? You're flawless too Keit! πŸ˜€
    Haha, but we all are our harshest critics, and I know we knit pick ourselves because we are the ones who look closest at our own supposed faults.
    But yeah…those perfect humans with perfect lives…it has to be a lie I tell you. You just can't have it all together like that…

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  15. Right? I tried taking a snapchat of me this morning to send it to a friend and it was just… smudged mascara and my hair was all sweaty and my eyes were just puffy underneath. I don't know how these ladies do it. This post absolutely made my day, Keit. You're a hoot!

    Your pikachu backpack is amazing… better watch out, some grunts might try to take it.

  16. So! Totally agree about those perfect people – I try staying away from their blogs as much as I can, cause they make me feel crappy about my own life.
    Also! That dress is awesome, and you styled it really cool.
    And! How hard is smiling in pictures? It may be one of the hardest things about blogging πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Keit, your rants make me laugh so much!! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the perfect bloggers… for me it's the ones who are always on a plane/on an exotic beach/having amazing meals out/constantly finding beautiful bouquets of flowers to hold up and photograph the whole time. Though I don't do the comparison thing that some people do – life's too short, I know you'll agree!!!

    Secondly I LOVE this dress. I actually thought you'd adapted a man's shirt till I realised it wasn't buttoned at the back. Very, very cool.

    And lastly, I'm so pleased to tell you that you were nominated as a β€œblogging hero” in my post about inspirational bloggers as voted for by my readers! (Here’s a link to the post: Blogging Heroes as Nominated by YOU – Part Two) I don't know if you saw it – as far as I know you're not on Twitter so I couldn't tag you in to the tweets to tell you about it….! Congrats, it's very well deserved!!!!!!!

    Much love to you my lovely,
    Catherine x

  18. I notice the perfect bloggers. I find them aesthetically pleasing in the same way I appreciate the relate-able imperfectly perfect blogs. I'm not big on comparison. So, it's a pleasure to peruse sites, but yes I also notice the way some bloggers seem to style items in the same way. It gets pretty boring.

    Love your shirt dress. So unique and fresh. I'm still loving to look at your pikachi backpack.

  19. I was checking Collage Vintage blog yesterday…gosh! she is one day in Italy, next day in Spain, next day in Thailand… always well dressed, with Chanel bags, eating in the best restaurants, making perfect pictures … Obviously she's a rich girl with nothing to do and lots of money to invest in her blog: Pro camera, pro photographer, pro picture edition … she sells perfection. But we know that all that glitters is not gold. That's her bussines but not her life, perfection doesn't exist.
    For the first time I feel some envy, so much envy, but then all I could see is SUPERFICIALITY, no more.

    I prefer to see real girls, with real lifes and real style like you.

    Love your dress – and pikachu-

    Keep smiling.


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