Thoughts on being stupid and pastel shorts

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Whenever someone tries to explain
something to me, I immediately shut down (therefore I thing I’m dumber than most people). And it’s not because they are
bad at explaining or boring as watching paint dry, I really try hard to
listen. In fact I try so hard, my thought process consist only of
sentences like: “Okay, you can do this, you can listen to this
person talk about something you are mildly interested in!” 

I’m so concentrated on this thought, that any other activity else seems
irrelevant, including the listening part. So I just end up with this
blank stare pasted on my face and a creepy smile, which I hope
represents, me being understanding and shit.

probably why I had such a hard time at University. Most of the time I
just sat there listening to words like “apostasy” and “simulacrum”,
while I imagined how cool my life would be with one more cat. 

Do you guys have trouble concentrating? Or are you a bad ass listener?  

(a menstrual looking postscript) P.S
 Sorry for not being able to comment on your blogs guys! These past few months were a bit crappy. Gonna make it up to you soon!

Fashiony part.

WEATHER UPDATE: The weather here has been progressively crawling up my ass. It’s cold in the mornings, wet in the afternoons and scorching hot in the evenings…wtf. 
I always wondered how come so many girls are wearing shorts with bare legs and at the same time, coats or sweaters on top, well now I know. 
The coffee stripe sweater is a second hand purchase, pastel shorts- c/o MIIA, leather bag- second hand, boots- Deichmann.

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19 thoughts on “Thoughts on being stupid and pastel shorts”

  1. i am an a-class zone out queen. if i am not 100% interested i will not listen but nod occasionally so that no one gets that i am mentally thinking about walls and trees. i don't go to class for days at end..
    i love your sweater and the boots. i need a pair like that!

  2. Yeah, I feel the same way unfortunately pretty much all the time. It's like you're listening to hard you can't even think of a response sometimes, too. Like, "I heard everything you said and I'm processing it and I'm learning it but wait… let me try… let me respond… I can't" and yadda yaddda.

    Ooooh, sweater and shorts is a cool combo. I can understand that if the weather is weird that you can wear that. I mucho like-o the print on those shorts, Keit!!

  3. when I'm not interested in a topic then I just keep saying "yeees, yes, yeees" while thinking about everything else but the topic itself. and I'm waiting for the talk to end. but when it comes to something I'm interested in I have no problems. I just have to have the right mood to concentrate and listen to someone. sometimes I just don't feel like talking.. nor listening. by the way, your hair and those pastel pink shorts make an awesome duo full of pure cuteness!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Well, it looks like you're handling the weird weather changes very well, because you look fantastic in this outfit. I love the sweater and boots (and you already know how I feel about that bag haha <3). I think I find it harder to concentrate now than I did when I was younger. I think there's a certain level of burnout that just causes the brain to go "fuck it." Haha. I've always had very little patience, but depending on the subject matter, I can absorb things rather intently. πŸ˜›

    – Anna

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  5. Girl your blog just turned my new favourite on! I think I would read all the post through if I wouldn't have to like .. you know, not spend the whole day in blogs πŸ˜€ I love the way you write, the funny style and not to even mention your outfits! Now about the listening part .. I really suck in it! I usually just make a very bright face and say : "mhm, um, ahhaa, mm" .. like a huge teddybear. And everybody will be happy (though I will most likely miss a lot of the storys .. wups :D)


  6. I love this peachy look.
    I actually like listening. I learn new things by doing so, but when someone keeps repeating something on and on, like a particular story I've heard now for a bazzilion time, I listen so hard that I sleep off while still 'looking' at the person from behind closed lids. That bad.

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