This One Time I Thought I Had A Designer Bag + A Bare Back Top And Denim Pencil Skirt from Choies

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Morning all! Boy, this morning was a roller coaster, first my cat threw up and now I’m writing this post….on the scale of exciting things happening in my life this is a 9! Plus, I figured out a way to store all my bobby pins without loosing all of them in one day. Seriously, where do these little fuckers hide? I had like 50 of them and now I have one, which I found lying helplessly on the ground, while various cats and people stepped on it, and I’m pretty sure a cockroach tried to mount it at one point. But more on that later…….let’s talk some fashion today, I haven’t done that in a while. 

As you probably know by now, I’m not one for trends and designers. I do like to stay informed, since I’ll be selling my soul do Satan and I’ll be getting a job in fashion any time now… yup…, but the whole designer craze is not for me. I always thought designer clothes was another word for overly expensive thing your cat will lick her butt on.

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ 
I do think investing in quality items is guud, so guud even I do it. Spending 200$ on a fluffy coat is somewhat a sane and justified purchase, but 500$ is where my brain starts to shrivel and scream “Do you know this costs as much as an average person’s salary?” It freaking does! So if I splurge on a 500$ dollar flare jeans, I’d be carrying a person’s salary on my ass, which haunts me! This isn’t to say that if I stumble upon a designer item for 5$ I wouldn’t be excited though. On the contrary, I’d be overly excited, deluding myself that I beat the system!

With that said, let me tell you the story of this bag, I thought for a good 4 hours was actually a designer brand. I bought this brown canvas satchel from Remix (my all time favorite second hand store) and on the tag with fancy letters was written: Carolina Herrera….Freaking Carolina Herrera dude! I was surprised, pleased and confused, I’ve never owned a fancy designer anything, and now I had this designer bag, which I stuffed with food and had white cat hairs all over it! AH-MAH-ZING! 

I knew there were reproductions, just like little Prada purses on shady cheap markets, so I consulted with your friendly Google. I literally googled “How to know a bag is a genuine Carolina Herrera”, and not only did Google didn’t tell me I have cancer, which he usually does, but I found some good tips on how to spot a fake from the real deal. The key was to look at the stitching of the logo, the materials and label.

I checked the stitching – so far so good, everything is proportionate, it’s not pasted or painted on; quality – meh, I have no idea…label – yup, it says Carolina Herrera on it…but wait…there’s more – Made in China!…And thus, my enthusiasm was crushed like a virgin’s expectations on a warm, spring evening. 

I later learned many designer items are actually made in China, because it’s cheaper and easier, but I bet this is not the case with my designer bag, life just wouldn’t be life if it was real. But even if it isn’t real, I still love it. I need big bags to place my camera in and a lot of other crap I’d probably won’t need, including another smaller bag I use for carrying smaller items.
I thought I’d celebrate my non-designer bag, being non-designer, by including it in one of my most favorite outfits this summer. 

I love off the shoulder tops and bonus points if they have bare back detailing as well, so this gray gem from Choies is my current favorite summer love. It’s breezy and shows a little bra extra, and I’m thinking of  getting myself tons of fancy bras just to be able to play around with this top. 
The other summer favorite here is my new denim pencil skirt again from Choies. Denim skirts are the 90’s classic jewel, I can’t get pass by one without thinking of old school cheesy sitcoms, so when I spotted this distressed denim beauty I snatched it so fast my shopping basket felt violated. 

Since the look is kind of basic – gray and denim – adding some color was in order. I accessorized with mirror glasses, colorful bracelets made from rubber bands, I bought from a very talented girly, a star necklace and camo boots with white socks. 

And that’s all for now folks! Tell me ladies and gents, what is your opinion on designer clothes? Do you own a designer item? What is it? 

Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt – c/o Choies, Bare Back Off the Shoulder Top – c/o Choies, Canvas Satchel – ???, Camo Boots & Mirror Glasses – H&M
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16 thoughts on “This One Time I Thought I Had A Designer Bag + A Bare Back Top And Denim Pencil Skirt from Choies”

  1. I'm not really into designer clothes, but only because I can't afford them. I did received a few handowns from relatives that were Croatian designer and I wore them until they have become so worn out it was impossable to keep it up:)

    Maybe the bag is real…who knows? real or not, it seems like an awesome bag and that's what matters the most. I do know one fact for sure and that is you look fantastic in that denim skirt…the top is very much to my liking…the shoes are absolutely divine!

    the image of a cockroach trying to mount a bobby pin is stuck in my mind forever!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm so with you about designers and everything, I used to be into it because fashion design was my major but then I got sooo sick of it. Everything was financially out of reach so it was like torture lol, but I think I'll get back into again. Anyway!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES, the colors are awesome and your outfit is the bomb dot com, that skirt is super cute omg.

  3. You're right about the denim skirt being a 90's jewel I also can't get enough of them & this one you wear here is gorgeous! I love the button through combined with distressed & it's a perfect knee length…might have to get one. I like your analogy of wearing someones pay check on your butt but remember if you buy too cheaply you'll inevitably be supporting unfair pay checks & child labour so I guess it's a balancing act? Thanks for the sunday laugh, your writing is brilliant! & p.s. tell the boyf that close up shot is stunning x

  4. Hehe, this bobby pin-issue is totally my thing – I'm also sure about having a hundred but when I really need them, I just can't find one! 😀

    You look gorgeous, girl – this top is casual BUT sexy, which is just the perfect thing. 🙂

    XX, Sara.

  5. oh it totally sucks when they sell fake designer stuff in our favourite thrift stores 🙁 so I'm extra careful when I come across a designer piece while shopping there because to be honest with you I don't want those fakes. I had a fake Burberry bag but I sold it because I felt like I couldn't wear it (oh the drama :D). anyway, I love your denim skirt and it reminded me I have several of them sitting in my wardrobe, not being worn. must change that I guess. and those boots are really cool. I'm not sure if I knew how to wear them but I sure love the way you have done it so great job! haha and this post was especially awesome to read! by the way, what job?? I'm super curious!

    Maiken – Part of me

  6. Hey! I subscribe your blog for a long time! I am really happy you are back.
    This is my favourite outfit.
    Is there any change to get this photos in better quality/resolution?

    Best regards,

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