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This post will be a shortie, because I have to clean up the house and meet the landlords  to give them cash I could spend on something relevant like pizza or anti-depressants, khue khue! The apartment we live in is falling apart (just like my life), but it still costs a pretty penny. We live in the center of the city though, which I guess is a good thing when you remove the criminally looking people and crazies, which in my opinion are the cream of society, keeping it glued together and in perspective….

Anyways, I have less than a week before I start my new job and I plan on making the best out of those days, meaning, I will nap….a lot! Before my much needed second nap I thought I would share an outfit I wore few days ago with my favorite new teddy coat.

We were taking these photos while I was trying to chase the pigeons away, cause I hate them. Pigeons are the plague of modern cities, some people find them pretty and feed them, I just want to kick one or two at least and my day would be going on very well!

The idea of this outfit was to keep it as simpler as possible accenting on the teddy coat. I wore my brown turtleneck sweater you guys remember from my previous basics post, a leather backpack and denim skirt. 

Everything in this outfit is second hand, which made me think about budget shopping. I am planning on doing a separate post on it later on, let me know if this would be something you would be interested in! 

You guys likey? Do you detest pigeons like me? 
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6 thoughts on “The White Teddy Coat Outfit”

  1. It's a great outfit combo and I love how the sweater and the skirt buttons match ( at least on my computer screen ). I want to wear an inside-out teddy coat right now because I am chilled and want something snuggly. As for pigeons, I don't hate them but my understanding is that they are very dirty and carry more disease than other birds. Don't kiss any pigeons.

  2. You look super bomb in this outfit, no kidding! I really like what you've been doing with the basics and slaying it with this teddy coat. Sadly it's always hot and humid here that I will never get to wear teddy coats unless I go up a tall chilly mountain somewhere. Pigeons are part of Mother Nature and even though I might scream if one ever fly close to my face, I don't plan on being aggressive with the birds! Did you know that crows remember who do them wrong and will inform the whole flock about it? Hehehehhehe….. I hope you will return with a longer, darker and witty post. I hope you are getting ready to slay it at the new job. Be awesome the way you are! <3 xoxo

  3. What a gorgeous outfit! That teddy coat is everything and I like how you colour coordinated everything, the beanie with the skirt and so on. I don't shop second hand shops often, because I don't shop often period, but I like second hand shops because there the stuff is often unique. And one can even find office appropriate clothes there, affordable and all. There are definite benefits to shopping second hand. I personally hate seeing the whole cities dressed in identical outfits from the mall.

    I don't detest pigeons at all, I think they are adorable and I always feed them (much to everyone annoyance). When I was younger I would always bring them home, especially wounded or sick ones. My neighbours hated me for that, they probably though I will spread diseases around that way, always saving pigeons and all that. But I don't have a special preference for pigeons, I love all birds. Anyway, I know lots of people who hate pigeons, a friend of mine calls them flying shit machines, so I can get that…and they damage monuments and so on but I still think they're cute.

  4. Flying rats….ugh gross
    You are not gross though, nor are you a flying rat 😉 Adore this button through denim mini! I have one the same actually but it's far too cod to wear just yet, although now you make me want to. Good luck at your new job, I hope it doesn't take you away from your true calling. That being a sharp, witty & clever writer, naturally xx

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