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Hello marshmallows! How is your day going so far? I am on my second coffee and feeling hyped cause Friday is now closer which means payday soon, and we all know what that means – DOMINOS PIZZA! I fully realize that this is something only old and tired people would appreciate, and if there is anyone out there who feels like a snob when ordering Dominos, welcome to my world! It is full of imaginary anime characters and self doubt.

On another note our car broke down, it started smoking and my boyfriend’s grandpa fixed it by shoving a stick in the problematic area. I am still waiting for the car to desintegrate again and to start spewing smoke so we can be one of those people who’s car smokes and everyone on the road be hating on them….Can…. not….. wait!

Today’s outfit is my attempt to reconstruct my style and concentrate
on the basics. I bought this knit dress last month from Bershka and as I didn’t try it on before purchasing, I now look like a damn eggplant with it! I
have to say it is a bit too bulky for me, but it is an extremely versitile dress, super heavy and warm so I have been wearing it almost every day, especially when walking the dog, aka chasing him since he tends to run away from the sounds of a falling leaf or the wind blowing.

I tried to adjust the bulkiness and wore a tight and fitted denim jacket over the dress with knee high ribbed socks for maximum pleasure (insert inappropriate joke).

The white booties are thrifted and they are one of my favorite classic purchases, since they remind me of ice skating shoes. They fit the legs very well which results in a very feminine leg action.

I really like how this outfit turned out, simple, but not plain or tasteless. It still has a dash of salt and looks complete from head to toe which is what I am trying to incorporate into my style – more practical and comfortable basics with weird colorful accents. Do you guys likey?

Gray Knit Turtleneck Dress – Bershka, White Ankle Boots – Second Hand

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5 thoughts on “The Versitile Gray Knit Dress”

  1. You do not look like an eggplant woman! I actually adore this look & am going to copy it today. Although I don't have the cool white boots, so I'll improvise. And by the way, even though I'm old I actually do not like Dominos pizza 😉 YUK….

  2. Dear beauty, I don't know why wear no pops of color in this outfit but you know what, you look just stunning! Always a delight to come here to read you because I will chuckle a lot and it makes me soooo happy. I realize that I like this hair style on you. I don't know what color you did but it's very nice and I think this outfit is winter-approved by me who layers when it rains the whole day. I hope you are feeling well and happy and healthy there Keit. I think it doesn't matter what you wear because you make everything versatile! This is not a pick-up line! I don't date anymore. LOL! Stay amazing superwoman! <3 xoxo

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