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I have to stop going out. I’m thinking of building a fortress of fast food and beer, shutting off sunlight and living in a zombie-like trance from now on. Why? Because there’s an awesome second hand store right next to my block….
Even worse, it’s that it is strategically placed right next to the grocery shop. Every time I go outside to buy some food so I don’t die from skinny, the second hand store beckons me. It just restocked the new Fall collection and I can see from my balcony the hundrets of granny sweaters and slouchy coats calling out for me. The lady that sells there always digs out new stuff for me, because she knows of my addiction. She can see it in my eyes. O_O

This is what I got from there few days ago, I just couldn’t help myself O_O

This is the best granny sweater I ever bought. It’s huge, warm, colorful and at the same time ugly as fuck.
I remember all those sweaters from mom and my sis, which I had to wear, because we didn’t have any money for new ones, and I freakin hated them so much. That’s communism for ya!
My grandma even knitted herself a few, which were the worse kind, because they itched and smelled of old rags and meatballs.

Not that I’m 24, I’m on a constant quest for granny EVERYTHING. It’s so weird.

What is your ultimate granny purchase? 

Bag- Nowistyle, Denim shorts- DIY.

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17 thoughts on “The ultimate granny sweater”

  1. bahahaha Keit, Keit, Keit! I love how you've got it all planned out… yeah, a fortress sounds kind of nice. There's a craft store next to my grocery store and I'm always tempted to stop in whenever I go so I know that feel, girl.

    I love that sweater. That is seriously the perfect granny sweater. GRANNY IT UP! Those are some exotic colors. My most granny piece… I've got an old oversized sweater, but it's not as granny-fied as yours is. Soon.

  2. "and smelled of old rags and meatballs" – haha, that made my day!

    Много добре съчетаваш бабешките дрехи и не изглеждат вече бабешки, а супер-дупер готини 😛

  3. The first and third sweaters are my favorites. The first one reminds me of soft colors in a rock formation and the third one is just so in your face..haha. I can't wait to see the other ways in which you style it! I have as of yet to get the perfect granny sweater. I'm coveting one like woah and really itching to go down to my local vintage shop and rummage. I just haven't been able to find the time.

    – Anna

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  4. That sweater is awesome! I love how your hair and nails coordinate with it perfectly! My most granny item? Tough call, but I'd have to say my purses. I can't really pick one. Just all of them. Most of them are vintage or vintage inspired. They are so straight up granny that my gram had me buy a duplicate of one of my purses for her, one of my purses in a different colour and then she straight up asked if she could have a third. THAT'S how granny my purses are. They are grandma approved!

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