The Ugliest Flats You Will Ever See OOTD

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Imagine my enthusiasm when I found this pair of horrific flats with pink fur accent. The boyfriend was perplexed when he saw them and thought they were slippers for home, after I went out with them in the street he was even more perplexed.

I probably should stop buying ugly clothes since I tend to get a lot of negative feedback regarding the way I dress. It usually doesn’t bother me, because when I wear my weird clothes I become delirious and feel as delicious as yesterday’s microwaved pizza. I notice people stare, but I think it’s because I’m awesome not because they are appalled by my furry flats. Self delusion is my specialty.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I was a fish, cause they can be shiny and colorful without anyone been judgy. I’m halfway there though, I have the prickly eyes and the constant blank stare with the mouth wide open.

Regardless, every cell in my body was screaming of joy when I saw these
furries and I immediately knew these would be a tough cookie to style. I thought if I am going to go over the top, let’s go as high as possible, so I styled them with a slip on dress, sweatshirt underneath and heart printed socks.

This silver slip on dress is from Zara and I bought it last year for a vacation to the Sea. I was planning to be a mermaid, but it seems the dress is for girls with boobs and we all know I have lost this battle long ago. Even so, I still manage to incorporate the dress in the more colder months with sweaters underneath, where having a cleavage is not necessary. Yaaaay?

As you can see the hair situation was getting out of hand when I took these photos. I dyed it blonde by mistake and then dyed the ends pink since I didn’t wanna resemble mother of dragons….. It is blue and pink now and I’m going to show you more from it on my next post.  

I was too lazy to photoshop the dog hairs on my tights, so brace yourselves, unperfection is coming!
Silver slip on dress – Zara, Flats with faux fur – Remix, Sweatshit – Zara
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4 thoughts on “The Ugliest Flats You Will Ever See OOTD”

  1. Hah! Those shoes are awesome! I wish more people wore interesting fashion, life would be so much more exciting! I get plenty of strange looks and comments about my hair color changing every week -_-

  2. Your hair is so cool, seriously love it! And I love that you are just embracing those hot pink fluffy shoes. So many people would be scared to wear them but I adore that you have the balls to just go for it, yasss girl! Loving your combination of colours, it's refreshing. 🙂

    Take care lovely,
    Daniella xox

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