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Wait………………………………….for…………………………………it……………………………..Awkward smile!!!

I was planning on making a big rant post today, but don’t know what about. I have a very disturbing writer’s block and I’ve never had one of those! I blame my wifi connection and the inhuman amount of onions I ate last night. What do you guys do when you have writer’s block?
There are lots of things going on in my life too and I still have this block. Plus I have a feeling you guys would fall in a comatose state, if I start blabbering about my life all of a sudden. Let’s just get on with the fashiony part!

I found this dress in another second hand store last week. I love dresses like this one: simple, breathable, vivid, complementary shape.

I have issues with the current dresses on the market. I’ve been searching for a NORMAL dress for my upcoming Birthday and I can’t seem to find any. Either it’s a tight, boobs -suffocating bodycon, a weird shapeless blob, a somewhat cool leather one, which costs a fortune + my liver, or a skanky extremely short one, that shows your ass. 
Anywho, I love this shrimp color. I have an urge to eat sushi right now and it’s 11 o’clock in the morning…

I usually don’t put too much effort when taking a dress for a spin, but this one was dying for a little bit attention. So I styled it with some gold jewelry, white socks and my vintage leather bag. You like?

Dress- H&M (second hand), Necklace- c/o Sammydress, Bag from second hand as well.

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24 thoughts on “The Shrimp Dress”

  1. ugh right?! it's so hard to find normal dresses! What's with all these cutouts and super form fitting things and weird fabrics. I just want cute skater dresses in pretty patterns. I feel you, gurl, but ohgosh this dress is LOVELY. I adore the color and you look like a cute little pumpkin. Or a shrimp. 😀 Something orange and cute.

  2. Yes it was my first kiss ever!! It was a panicky, happy moment, hahaha! Pokemon brings people together (sniff)

    haha I can only assume learning japanese from Pokemon didn't go well. I feel like watching subtitled anime has taught me basic phrases like "No!" "Stop!" "What do you mean?" "Are you okay?" "I understand" and such since EVERY anime character says those like 600000 0times in every episode.

    1. Woohoo! Gonna drink for that! If people ask me: "Keit, why are you drunk in the middle of the afternoon?" I'd be like: "Yeah well, my blog buddy got her first kiss so stfu!" 😀

  3. I so agree with this rant on dresses! It's hard to find on that is just comfy and easy for doing daily normal activities, but is also stylish. I think this dress is a winner for sure! As you said, the color is wonderful and I love the sleeve length/shape as well. I love the socks and tights with it toooo! I never thought about layering socks and tights, but why the heck not? It looks really interesting and cool, especially with the boots!
    As for writer's block, I constantly have it, haha. I'm not much of a writer!

  4. Yes! I like! I actually just bought a dress of similar style. Feminine and lovely. Just enough!
    What are your birthday plans?

    1. I'm planning on throwing a big ass party and later fall into depression, because I'm 25 and still haven't achieved anything in life, lol.

  5. I love the shrimp dress, though I'm thinking it's more cooked lobster. I'm so glad I"m not the only one who doesn't want to look skanky in a dress. I'm not sure I could pull this dress off without looking frumpy, though we all know I tend to embrace frumpy anyhow. I love the comfortable drape of the dress and how relaxed you look in it, plus the way you styled it with the tights and socks and boots.
    I definitely don't deal with writer's block by eating a whole bunch of onions, though onions are mighty tasty. When I can't write I paint and when I can't paint I write, so what I suppose that means is I find a different form of creative expression to work with. I think most of us who read your blog would still show up and happily read if you told us about doing the laundry and show us the sweats your wore for it. We just like you.

  6. I am so sick of the bandage bodycon dress thing, they are so uncomfortable and rarely look flattering, when will they die the horrible fiery death that they deserve.
    Well when I get writers block I don't get paid since it what I do for a living haha, so I take a quick break, put my feet up for half an hour with a cup of tea and put something silly on the TV or Ipod and just let my mind go elsewhere for a while. It really brings back my foucs 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  7. I do like, of course I do! and I even thought it's a vintage dress, to be honest. but anyway, the dress looks lovely on you and the shrimp shade totally pops! plus I love the heart pattern tights and your bright photos overall (as always, obviously). haha and that pigeon behind you is pretty brilliant I must say! 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  8. when I have a writer's block I lie down on the floor, stare at the ceiling and pretend that I'm a bag of potato that can't move or do anything. It doesn't help with the block, but it helps to stop stressing about it. Once I stop stressing and stop focusing on writer's block the ideas start coming (usually at night, which results in insomnia)

    The dress is cute, but the color is EVERYTHING! Love it.

  9. I love shrimps and I love this dress. And your smile. But wait, I don't eat shrimps anymore! I always forget that, because it's a kinda new decision. 😀 To sum it up: You and bright colors – that's the real thing!

    Xx, Sara =^.^=

  10. This color is gorgeous on you and I love the comfy shape of this dress. I really like those fun tights too. And it's okay if you have writer's block. I'd still enjoy reading you talk about your life if that's what you wanted to write about!

  11. I was like waaat, shrimp dress? That could be delicious or really awkward…..(Delicious for the first hour with cocktail sauce and awkward after that…I think I'm just really hungry right now and over thinking this.) Totally get you with dresses right now, I'm a shortie and even then,everything is embarrassingly short on me so I can't imagine how awful it is for tall people. Everything I've bought lately has been a maxi so I can offer exactly zero helpful input on this. Except that you do look lovely in this!

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