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Have you guys ever had moments when you just fucking want to do nothing, but the world just doesn’t let you? 

My life has always been the kind of life you would call uneventful. I don’t mind having an uneventful life, sometimes it gets so uneventful it’s borderline boring, but I like it, and I love and appreciate the little things. I’ve had weeks and months where nothing of importance happens, life just flows by, like some sort of a bored to death melancholy stream.  
This month was not like that! This month was so eventful I was starting to think the Universe is making fun of me! Damn you Universe, for making my life interesting and diverse! Damn you to hell! 
Any who, after a few weeks of “events”, I thought my fried brain deserved some uneventful happy ME time.  

ME time, is not masturbation time (like the name suggests), I know some of you thought that, don’t be shy! ME time is a special chunk of time, for people who have gotten fed up with bullshit. ME time is a time where you stay away from everything and everyone, grow into a vegetative state and just don’t fucking do anything or think anything.
My plans for this week were attaching myself to the sofa with enough food to last me for 6 days, watching Fullmetal Alchemist and occasionally taking a shower if I start stinking up the apartment too much. Ain’t that a good plan? What I like about it is that it doesn’t involve people…or moving… 

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, life started throwing shit again. I haven’t even gotten to the middle of my show and everything started going places, doing stuff, putting me in situations, when I’d rather just not be there! 
I just want to eat spaghetti and watch my stupid show with a content feeling of apathy, is this too much to ask for? So, yes, this week I’m determined to stick with the plan. If this stupid life starts asking me to do shit again it’s going to get a stare of indifference and a middle finger! 

Fahiony Part

Uneventfulness calls for an uneventful outfit! This is probably the most boring and effortless outfit I have ever put together. I would describe it with one word- SLOB! It’s sluggish and unoriginal, but at the same time, comfortable and undemanding, which is just what I was looking for. 
And this here t-shirt, is a genuine oversize t-shirt mind you! I’m left with the impression that people don’t know what oversize means. I’ve looked through so many pseudo-oversize outfits, where a lady wears her boyfriend’s jacket, which is just sliiiiiiiightly slouchier than normal, and it’s called oversize. That’s not oversize woman, that’s normal! And what’s up with those tiny boyfriends?  

Anyway, the t-shirt here was meant to be a pajama, but I still can’t decide whether to wear it outside or at home. It’s such an ugly motherfucker, perhaps it would be better to just sleep in it. I paired the tee with my hologram chunky biker boots and leather backpack.

And now for the juicy part! The winner of the giveaway is Alexis Grace of North On Harper! Congratulations! ^_^

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19 thoughts on “The Real Oversize T-shirt & Printic Giveaway Winner”

  1. Oh my God, I have to comment using my iPad as I fudged my computer this morning and it is taking ages to work, so if you have 50million comments from me I do apologise.
    I totally love Fullmetal Alchemist too, I have a weird inappropriate crush on Edward Elric and how sad is it that Al lost his whole body trying to bring back their mum, it must be so lonely not be able to touch anyone. At least he has that badass armour!

    Gems x

  2. "Me" time is the best time of any day. It calls for relaxation and isolating yourself from the world, which I tend to do a lot, haha. Fullmetal Alchemist is such a good anime! Though I can't keep up with a long series like that because I get so bored, the concept is awesome! I totally get your pet peeve when you see something called "oversize" but it's in fact just slouchy. I think it's almost as bad when there's buttons on the back of a shirt randomly lol. I love the "slob" look! I think there's no better outfit then just being comfortable ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  3. I'm glad you took some me time! We've definitely gotta vegetate every once and a while to keep sane, I think. I always feel so guilty but sometimes it's nice to just lounge around. My me time TOTALLY involves masturbating, so I don't know what you're talking about there *wink wink* hahaha but really, I love to read READ READ! just for hours in me time, or work on my own painting, or even watch FMA just like you. Gotta love the Elric Brothers!!!

    Anywho, I love your REAL oversized top! You tell those girls with their boyfriend's jackets how it is.

  4. Comfortable and undemanding. More outfits should be like that, I think. And more of life, too. Especially during the work week – I can't tell you how much I'd rather be glued to the couch eating spaghetti than dealing with my co-workers Monday to Friday.

  5. AHHAAH you are hilarious! Love how you defined me me time! Ah I envy how you can rock a giant tee so casually and wear it out. I'm also in love with your holographic shoes they are so funky!

  6. haha, that part about oversize clothes (especially in fashion blogs) is so true! 😀 it's ridiculous when a normal ordinary pair of jeans is called (oversize) boyfriend jeans. they're not oversize, they're almost like skinnies :S:D anyway, your outfit indeed is simple! but somehow it still looks like something more than simple (logical, right?). maybe the shoes are sending me those vibes, maybe not. but I have to say it's a great look, Keit!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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