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Rarely do I find a shop worth stalking every day. But few weeks ago me and my cats found the cutest and cheapest vintage online shop here in Bulgaria. Their name is the, oh so cool (and totally equivalent to my life right now) “THE MESSY store” and you can check them out if you’d like HERE
They were kind enough, to contact me to “model” for their new collection and I wanted EVERYTHING. Next time I’m bringing lots of beer to dampen down my consumerism. These are the first batch of photos, more to come soon.

Psssht, wanna tell you a secret? THIS was  the original photo:

What is this fascination with drawing dicks on the wall, I ask you? Draw some boobs, or nice pink vaginas, otherwise people might assume you’re compensating for something. Seriously, explain it to me, because I don’t get it. Just like I don’t get why men cut off their pant’s pockets from the inside. Is it to scratch their balls or masturbate in public? Yeah, I still don’t know why…

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15 thoughts on “The Messy Store”

  1. Damn girl, this style of clothing looks right down your alley! How awesome that you stumbled across them AND that you got to take some awesome model pics in an awesome grungy-lookin' place. Raaad. I seriously love that one look with the simple white tee and that worn looking belt.

  2. I just went over to check the site. it's cool that you can model for an online shop. I don't get why people like drawing dicks on the walls. boobs are easier to draw. hahaha

  3. They definitely found the right model to wear their clothes =) I like the first picture a lot and also the one with you on white tee and denim shorts.
    Talking about balls scratching, I really have seen the worse. It's like right in-my-face type of ball scratching. Let me share the story with you.

    I was waiting for my flight in some part of China going to another part and at the boarding room, this guy has 1 of his leg up on the chair and the other holding the newspaper and he was wearing shorts. Next, I guess his balls were kind of itchy, he just blardy shoved his hands into his pants and fucking scratch his nuts! WTF?! There you go..why even bother with cutting the pockets? Just shoved the whole hands in! =P

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