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Since I have trouble sleeping these days, (because I can’t find a mildly
interesting book to put me to sleep, any suggestions?), I’ve recently
been watching “Fine Living” on the telly. And it makes me feel poor and

There was a show called “Super Swank” last night, and it was basically a show about pretentious, overpriced vacations.

The icing of the cake were the
hotels, where one week would cost you about 10,000$ + a kidney. The
owners of these special hotels justified paying all those money, because
of a fungal-looking tiny pool and a “signature chair”.

Do you know what they call a
signature chair? Apprantly I’ve had a signature chair and it didn’t cost
that much at all. My grandpa made it from three branches and we used it
to pile our clothes on top..anyway…
The hotels had “luxurious
balconies” which were like meter per meter large, ugly brown
“luxurious” rugs which cost a few thousand bucks as well, and of course
chocolates on your pillow especially and uniquely made for your
pretentious cellulite, costing at about a few hundred bucks. Why do
people give money for crap like that?

Bulgaria has a gorgeous sea and you
can find a friendly grandma, owning a huge
apartment and giving it for rent, in almost every city.

50 buck a night you can live La Dolce Vita and not feel conflicted
about whether to sit on that ugly signature chair or just stare at it
from a safe distance, questioning your life choices.

Fashiony part: This dress is by far the most comfy and useful piece I’ve ever worn. 
It has a button on top, which can be removed any time you wish, so you can wear the top and skirt separately… Three for the price of one! O_o Damn!
This is like the Megatron of dresses! Whoever thought of that is a genius, not the asshole who thought of heelless shoes!
Also the colors are a nude, pleasing to the eyes shade and can be combined with almost anything. 
If we have another earthquake in here, this dress is gonna go first, my cats and boyfriend second.
Dress- Nowistyle, Floral bag-Mango, Owl and watch- Vintage.

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16 thoughts on “The Megatron of dresses”

  1. hahahah, chocolate for pretentious cellulte… I never quite thought of it like that, but you always bring a new light to things. 😉 I think somewhat nice hotels are grand, but when you're paying for a pool you're never gonna use or fancy breakfast that costs you an arm and a leg, I think it's best to hold off.

    Oh and how cool that dress snaps on and off the skirt! *____* the tulle part is so pretty!!

  2. I love it! I really like that it's seperates so you could easily switch up the tops if you wanted to. I am always visiting dress stores to see if anything catches my eye but I love blogs like yours where I can get inspiration to put together my own outfits.

  3. Hey! I remember that floral bag! I still love it! ^_^ <3 Awesome tulle skirt! I've found myself wanting a tulle skirt and I can't even explain why. It's sooo not me, but I feel like I could do something interesting with it. I love how you dressed it up with florals, but then showed it who is boss with the boots. Totally my style! 😀

    – Anna

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