The inner monologues of a shopaholic sociopath

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   As most of the fashion blogging community, I am morally corrupted when it comes to clothes. Shopping makes me think, that either I’m an idiot or a masochistic bitch.
Every time I go out shopping I have this deep, meaningful conversation with my inner responsible self. It goes down like this: “Do you really need that crap? Of course you don’t! Do you realize your superficial consumerism? Do you realize that when constantly shoving your money down on big brand’s throats, you’re greasing the wheels of the capitalistic machine, helping forced labor and slavery blossom”.  Yeah, my inner responsible self is a bit apocalyptic.
My brain hates it when I indulge in a shopping spree, even if it’s from second hand stores. But having these wholehearted monologues, is as useful, as hanging word of the day calendars on your wall and hoping to learn something. Most of the time you just keep staring at them blankly, without even noticing any fucking words, calculating your late period or how many days have passed since you got laid.
So I decided to make a decision tree, to demonstrate exactly how little thought I invest into buying crap.

And now for the best part… NEW INS:

1. Burgundy top. You may be sick of this color already, but I’m not!

2. Black and red stripe pants

3. Two in one shirt

4. Leather jacket

5. Vintage, rusty old clock

Pour all this in a big bowl, stir into a creamy mixture, add a
dash of thrifted shorts and fluffy socks, and we
have a delicious recipe for a completely thrifted outfit! Man I’m good!!!!

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42 thoughts on “The inner monologues of a shopaholic sociopath”

  1. Oh my gosh, your posts are hilarious… seriously that decision making tree is the BEST (does it make my boobs look bigger?!)–that is just golden! I totally have conversations with myself like that, too… like yesterday I bought this amazing coat for $100 (on sale, mind you! haha) and even though it doesn't get that cold, I still argued that I should buy it since it was so cute and practical and since coats rarely fit me right. Ah, well. Someone has to win… it's just usually not us, but the stores. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Girl, those pants you bought and THAT JACKET OH MY GOODNESS THAT JACKET is the best thing in the world. I wish I could have that jacket. It's so detailed and leathery and simply badass. I'm quite envious.

  2. hahaha… i can tell you that if i could buy a garment that would make my boobs bigger, i would not have buyer's remorse about it. ;D hilarious.

    i'm the same way, though. i feel soooo much guilt after a shopping binge. i bought some things i needed, but a LOT of things i just really wanted. oh well. sometimes, you just have to feed the beast. i'm afraid of the alternative. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    oh and thanks for the tequila!

    – Anna

  3. Dude, I so want to go second hand shopping with you, you are awesome! (And have the best running commentary.) This leather jacket falls into the "oh my god, I so want that" category, those sleeves are awesome. (And of course you styled it in the best way, with horses! And cool footwear.) Your decision tree is the best, sparkles always win.

  4. Awesome haul…Love the leather jacket and the two way shirt…Your winter layering is great as always…I sooo agree with what you've written…In order to try and buy less I have embarked upon a range of DIY plans, lets see how that turns out ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Your decision tree made me laugh out loud… the questions I ask myself are slightly different, but in the end I wind up in pretty much the same place ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the way you put together your pretty new things in this look, especially those tights with the leather and the burgundy tank. I'm definitely not sick of that colour yet!

  6. ahahahaha.. no matter what in the end the final decision is buy it.. but cooool haul.. and ya you dont crazy wine color, just have some.. and lately your look so many wine color.. ๐Ÿ˜› but you look amazing Keit..nice layering..


  7. The flowchart is pretty neat! XD I love that dark red colour, always looks good! I saw the jean jacket and I thought, mhew :/, but you combined it very awesome! Props to you! :]

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